Author's Notes: The prompt: "Lily always gets angry with James for eating during class but then one day she overslept and missed breakfast so she's eating candy in class and James sees."


BLOODY HYPOCRITE, the note says in big capital letters, underlined twice, and in case Lily missed the point, a rather fetching doodle of a chocolate frog included beneath. She doesn't turn back to look at her boyfriend in the desk behind her, but she reckons he's probably glowering, all aghast and scandalized. If she weren't still half asleep, she might actually care.

But really, these circumstances were completely different than his. Yes, she had spent many-a-morning telling James off for bringing remnants of his breakfast in with him to lessons, where he'd then proceed to have a second meal as—usually Binns—lectured. It was rude, it was unnecessary, and really, it was mostly just something to do in History, which was, typically, not the most thrilling of classes. James didn't do it because he'd overslept after finishing up a Transfiguration essay late into the night, effectively missing breakfast and subsequently leaving him starving. He did it because he could, and probably because it annoyed her.

Which is why she takes another large bite of her chocolate frog, knowing he can see. Because she can, and probably because it annoys him.

Though now the sweet is gone, and Lily's still starving.

The next note comes with a small package attached. At first, Lily expects trouble, but then the scent hits her: fresh bread, just like the type she enjoys lathering in marmalade every morning. Sure enough, a peek inside produces two healthily marmalade-doused pieces of toast. The accompanying note is brief, to the point.


There's a skull and bones doodled beneath, but also a heart.