Title: Submission

Author: BoundIrishAngel

Pairing: Harry/Draco

Rating: M - MA

Disclaimer: Does anybody actually need an explanation on these still? If I were JKR I would hardly be on here... if I were making money with my writings I probably wouldn't be either... get it? I'm just playing with these folks, unfortunately I've to give them back – though I can make no guarantees on their physical or mental states after they are returned! I'm just having a bit of fun...

Warning: m/m, yaoi, there will eventually be kink, BDSM, D/s, some swearing, maybe dubious consent, definitely sexual content, OOC-(over)confident!Harry, Dominant!Harry, submissive!Draco

Summary: Draco is still fighting with Harry but under the cover of hostility something has changed. Harry will get what he wants, it's just a matter of time.

Chapter 1

"What do you think you're doing, Malfoy?" Harry asked after having just cast a Protego to fend off the hex thrown his way.

"I thought it was obvious that I was trying to hex you." Draco replied scathingly, his wand still pointed at Harry.

"In a corridor full of people that can see you losing against me, yet again? Why either you've found your inner Gryffindor bravery or you're just more foolish than I thought." Harry retorted calmly, his wand lowered slightly. This had become a regular occurrence between them and Harry no longer found the need to be overly cautious as he'd quickly found out he was faster and stronger than Draco. When the blond Slytherin threw a few more predictable hexes his way, he found them easy enough to fend off. "Really Draco, I'm disappointed." Harry sighed and started walking towards his attacker.

Draco backed off but kept throwing hexes and jinxes that Harry all fended off as though it was second nature. When he came up against the wall, he started to panic slightly and started throwing more and harsher curses, furious when Harry still fended them off as though it was nothing.

"Muffliato!" Harry cast once he was stood only a few feet from Draco, still slowly approaching. "When will you learn, Draco. You cannot win against me." He said patiently with only the tiniest hint of pity in his voice. Seeing Draco's wand arm shaking, Harry reached out and took a gentle hold of his hand, guiding it away from where it was still pointing at his chest. "I know what it is you really want though and you know I can give it to you. All you have to do is ask me."

"You have nothing I could possibly want!" Draco said harshly, trying to free his hand but unable to do so when Harry tightened his hold on it.

"You know yourself what a lie that is." Harry said gently, smiling at Draco even while his hands pinned Draco's to the wall either side of them and their bodies were almost touching.

"Get off me!" Draco snapped, wriggling to try and get free but only making Harry tighten his hold until his wrists were hurting.

"If you stopped fighting me I could make you feel pleasure rather than pain." Harry whispered, leaning in until his breath was caressing Draco's ear.

"I would never submit to you!" Draco snubbed, increasing his efforts to try and get free.

Harry merely tightened his hold a little more and pressed his legs closer to Draco's to stop him moving them. "I think I can make you submit to me."

"You think wrong!"

"We shall see about that. You smell delicious, did you know that?" Harry asked and inhaled deeply. "Hmm I guess you do know as it's probably purpose, spending hours getting ready in the mornings, aren't you?"

"What is going on here?" A familiar voice stopped Harry from having any further conversation with Draco. "Mr. Potter, Mr. Malfoy!"

Harry took a few steps backwards, grinning at Draco before he turned to face Professor McGonagal, looking apologetic. "Professor, Malfoy and myself were... just talking." He then explained, throwing a look in Draco's direction.

"Malfoy attacked him!" One of the onlookers still gathered called, causing a few others to agree and elaborate. "Harry just defended himself! He didn't throw a single curse!"

"Silence!" The Professor called. "Return to your houses everyone. And you two will be serving detention with me tonight."

"Yes, Professor." Harry agreed, turning to look at Draco and winking at him. He only received a sneer in response.