Hello. I'm sure some of you have already read this first 'chapter' it's called "Shame and Disgrace" and can be read alone or with its loose companion "Youth".

In this story I've decided to group all sections together as they were supposed to form a short story originally. I modified it previously to post them as 100 word drabbles, but now I'll post them here along with a few new ones that are related and have never been posted before.

Review as you see fit. Thank you

It is a shame and a disgrace to feel warmth spread again from old limb to old limb.

A heart speeds up at a sight most would find too young (for him).

A single unintentional caress catches his breath.

A simple look weakens his knees.

It is too late...

He is in too deep...

Soon seconds alone become torture

And eventually it will be so much harder to be in a crowd

Where a rare stutter will be enough for all to see...

What a shame and a disgrace it is for one so old to fall in love again.