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Story Start


"Alright Nanako-chan we'll start with a warm-up," Naruto began. "Sit," he commanded. The girl in front of him blinked owlishly, confused. Exhaling a breath, Naruto closed the distance between them. He placed a hand on her shoulder and one at her abdomen. His foot came around and swept her legs from under her. With a yelp, Nanako landed straight on her rear end in the grass.

"What the hell Ero-Oji?" the girl vocally grumbled.

"Be a bit quicker on the uptake girl. We're going to make the most of the time to improve most of your flaws as we can. Every morning you're going to do some warm-up exercises and stretches to prevent muscle tearing and such.

Before Nanako could say anything the kitsune used two his tails to spread her legs were open as wide as they could go. He instructed her to ben and reach forward as far as possible with her arms. Naruto placed his hands his hands on her shoulders to make sure she kept her position. She couldn't help but notice the pain from her thighs as a result of the muscles being stretched in such a way.

"One of the key things you need to work on is your flexibility. You have the speed already, but you burn your stamina in such a waste less manner. Tanking hits should only be a back-up to your ability to dodge. Tricking your enemies into thinking you're a fragile fighter who can't take a hit gives you an advantage in not only fallback strategies, but gives you a small insight into their battle strategy."

"What if my opponent is faster than me? Nanako asked when Naruto directed her body to stand up then bend backwards.

"You just have to be quicker." He simply replied. He noted her confused look.

"The two terms often result in a common misconception. Speed and Quickness are two different things. Speed has more to do with endurance, traveling from one place to another in a set time or matters like that. Quickness can be obtained by those who aren't all that fast, but are gifted with sharp reflexes. Being able to dodge and twist out of attacks in a moment's notice can often mean the difference between winning and losing a bout." Naruto explained. "The Hyuuga's rely too much on their Taijutsu style. Rob your opponent of his ability to touch you and victory is almost assured."

"Almost? If he can't touch me then how is he supposed to beat?"

Naruto exasperatedly sigh. It wasn't the child's fault she was this uneducated but still. "There are still two matters. Piercing the Hyuuga's impenetrable defense the Kaiten and landing a solid blow, rendering him unconscious. For the former its better your father instructs in that, his technique, the Rasengan could aid you in his endeavor." True, he could have easily thought Nanako the Rasengan, but he didn't want to deal with said man's sulking from the fact he robbed him of a moment to bond with his daughter. "The latter you can learn from your mother. After all, you fight a lot like her. After all, dear Kushina-chan is the reason why the men of the previous generation are so weary of red-heads." He remarked with a chuckle.

"Is that all you're going to teach me Ero-Oji?" she asked as the stretches came to an end. Next thing she knew she was thwaped on the on the head by one of the Kitsune's tell. "Hey! What was that for?"

"For now on I wish to be known as The Magnificently Handsome, Wise, and Inspirational Naruto-sama while I am training." Naruto said with a pose of grandeur, one could practically see his head swell.

"How am I supposed to remember all that?" the blond practically bristled. "Can't I just call you sensei or something?"

"I will accept The Most Awesome Senseis of Sensei Naruto-sama!"

"Well if you're going to be pig-headed I'll call you Pighead sensei!"

"Fine, Naruto-sensei will do." He said, grumbling about ungrateful brat and no respect. "Now we move on to the next stage of your training. Water-Walking, but first, we need to be sure of your element. " he said as he picked up a leaf off the ground. He placed it in Nanako's hand. "Now I want you to focus your chakra into this leaf. Not too much and I want you to visualize cutting it." If she was like most of the counterparts her affinity was going to be wind. And as expected the leaf cut a quarter of the way. "As I thought, your element Is wind."

"Wind? Is that good?" Nanako asked curiously.

"Aah yes, offensively and defensively the wind is the most balanced of the elements. Particularly is offensive game can be quite brutal and unlike the other elements, it's not so difficult to fight against it. Though because of its very nature it doesn't have as many techniques as the other elements and is among the most difficult to master. After your stretches you will focus on training your wind element for about an hour by cutting leaves as well as stripping bark from trees." He said as he went over a tree to demonstrate. Placing his hand over the tree he was able to strip a solid slab of chipped bark from it. "And now we go on to…" Nanako groaned, who knew the Kyuubi no Kitsune could be quiet schizophrenic.

"Sign here in blood," Jiraiya passed him the scroll the Toad had given her. Said man, who had just gotten out of the hospital, courtesy a beating from Kushina from not raising Nanako was making amends by training her.

Nanako briefly noted the names on the list. One was her father and another was Arashi Kazuma. She quietly lamented the fact she couldn't summon cooler like Dragons or Tigers. It seemed like her schedule was shaping up. Morning was training her element, stretches, strategy, chakra control, and recognizing along with dispelling illusions. The early afternoon was summoning training and learning about the toads.

Water balloons? How were water balloons supposed to help her learn this technique. It didn't help that her senseis were deploying the whole, try and fail at this first before I give you more advice technique. "Remember Nanako-chan, the most important thing in combat is to always have a clear mind and plan. Even the worst plan is better than no plan at all, because at least you'll have guide lines of sort you can amend." Her father instructed her as he tried to combine the two Rasengans in his hand to form a bigger Rasengan. He had seen the other blond form a larger Rasengan and used it as a projectile of all things to smack a random visitor in the back of the head for insulting ramen. Political ramifications aside and all, it seemed like an interesting technique.

"So say if my plan was to go up and punch someone in the face? Would that count as a plan?" she asked.

Minato blinked and looked at his daughter with an unreadable look. "Well with you targeting the enemy's head, I suppose that is a plan of sorts." Nanako was so much like her mother. Which was essentially the whole beating someone's ass as Plan A part.

"Yeah, sure, let's go with that." He said as he ceased the jutsu upon seeing how his daughter was struggling. "Now let's go with this scenario. Against an opponent who primarily relies on Taijutsu, what would be the appropriate course of action?"

"Well I can only really use taijustu and Kagebunshin , with the exception of Wind Jutsu that Ero-sensei promised to teach me I don't have much of a strategy."

Minato had to suppress his urge to do an ecstatic fist pump. His daughter was a wind elemental. Though there was time to feel glee about that later. Right now he needed to correct her misconception. "There's no shame in admitting to witnessing. Quite a few shinobi would usually try to overwhelm their opponents and that's a rather dangerous thought process. Just because your opponent specializes in one shinobi art, doesn't mean they don't have a secondary art they can fall back on. Like for instance, if your opponent's element is Fire they can neutralize your wind jutsu. Becoming lax or even arrogant can get you killed, no matter who you are. That is the reason why the four of us are teaching you different aspects."

"I see, but it can be a bit taxing though." Not to mention the training areas were monotonous. One forest with a stream was just as good as another forest area with a body of water. Not to mention everyone seemed rather enthusiastic in imparting their wisdom and she was starting to feel pressured.

"Don't worry Nanako-chan, its already been agreed you'll be trained in rotations of three senseis so you won't be overwhelmed. Kyuubi, er Naruto has already informed us of a few of his routines that the used for his past disciples and we adopted it for our own use." Speaking of which, I wonder what he and Kushina are up to. Though the man did not know exactly what was going on, he was right in the surmission that the Kitsune planned on yet again coming on to Kushina. And not the bad kind either.


Chapter End


I'm cutting this chapter in half. All the romancing, sexy time, and hilarity is going to be in the next chapter? Why? I'm Kyuubi16. I do cliffhangers and I'm a bit of a dick. But yeah, all my reviews for my update of Dark Heroes was centered around the last line I had in that chapter. So I'm wondering how many I'll get with the hilariously bad one I used for this chapter. The fact that I'm lampshading will also allow me to see who doesn't read my author notes because they'll make the very obvious and unneeded reference to the line. Anyway, I just wanted to get the general training chapter out of the way, so I can have a lot of humor and development scenes without having to deal with the outcries of, shouldn't Nanako be training and all that stuff.

Don't worry folks. With the boring training out of the way, the next chapter will be arriving soon.