Starting something... new, I guess? This was just an excuse to write some more smut, really. Multiple pairings, but mostly USUK centric, since this is Alfred's life pre-Kiku. These are all the secrets he refused to tell, and there are quite a few (which Kiku will find out in the sequel).

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Until he met Kiku, Alfred had always believed he could not acquire love. He craved it, longed for it, came close to it, but he never had it in his grasp until now. Kiku had bonded to him, and Alfred knew he was destined to keep this love. He could tell Kiku anything and everything, because he felt so comfortable around his new bondmate.

But Alfred didn't tell Kiku everything. He didn't discuss Natalia, the psycho vampyre he was still getting over, even after fifteen years, or how Arthur, his creator, had not only taken his life but his innocence as well. He didn't tell Kiku about his distant infatuation with the already-bonded Ivan, or about the sexy one-night stand he had with Elizaveta while she was still getting over Roderich's bonding to another man.

Alfred glared at Kiku's lithe, sleeping body beside him. Morning was coming fast. The curtains in Kiku's room were drawn; here, Alfred knew he would be safe. He pulled the thick blankets of Kiku's bed over his head and began to doze off, comforted by the warmth of Kiku's body. He hadn't felt the presence of another in his bed in fifteen years, since he was last with Natalia.

One day he'd tell Kiku everything, he vowed as he felt himself falling asleep.

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