After Will had cleaned himself as good as possible in the freezing river water, he and Alixx split up Will's discarded clothes from the other side of the river. Will took all of his clothes, minus his underwear; he gave Alixx his Ranger's cloak. But Alixx only put it on after they got to the cabin, having traveled there as a tree cat.

Will heard to familiar neighs, not in greeting though but of nervousness like had before when Will was near. He didn't try and comfort them; he knew that it would only make things worse. Tug couldn't stand to be around him anymore and Will just had to face the sad fact that he may have lost a friend. But he was sure he gained one in Alixx, though that didn't really make things any better. And he did wonder how Halt was going to react,; was he going to except the fact that Will wasn't totally human any more, or was he going to shoot Will on sight? With that in mind he opted for Alixx to stay outside until Will deemed it right to introduce him to Halt.

Will was nervous, how could he not be? He hoped to god that when he opened the door, that he wouldn't look down only to find a black shafted arrow sticking out of his chest. Putting his hand flat on the surface Will pushed the door open so slowly that in creaked.

Halt had been first alerted by Tug and Abelard's warning neighs. He was sitting on the chair by the unlit fire place, but was instantly alert. He knew that it had to be Will and if the need arose, there wasn't enough room to shoot an arrow. So instead he griped the hilt of his saxe knife; holding it close to his thigh so that it wouldn't be easily visible from an outside party, but in a more accessible place if he needed to use it. Thirty seconds later, the door to the cabin was slowly pushed open; Halt forced his body to relax. The grizzled Ranger could hear the slight creak of hinges; the whole point of why he didn't grease them well was for that very reason - If an intruder were ever to try and break into a Ranger's cabin, the creaking of the door would alert said Ranger.

Will paused for half a second inside the doorway; surveying the room. He spotted Halt in his usual chair by the fire place; he may have looked relaxed to the untrained eye, but to Will knew better than that. Will let the door swing shut behind him and stood still as he faced his mentor. The room filled with silence.

Will had thought about making up some excuse fro his absence this morning, but he figured that beating around the bush wasn't going to make a difference. He knew from the looked in Halt's brown eyes and from a vague memory, which Halt knew exactly what had happened to Will. And from the walled expression on his face, Will knew that the Ranger would kill him to if he were to suddenly turn into a flesh-eating-giant-wolf.

"Are you going to kill me?" Will asked quietly, his head tilting ever so slightly.

Halt was silent as he looked his apprentice up and down. "No," he said finally.

Will nodded. "I know this is probably weird," he started. "But I can't change it and it's not like I'm a monster or any thing." Will informed Halt.

"Do you remember?" Halt finally asked.

Will slowly shook his head. "I only remember the part in the river when you came after that, no, I don't." Will tried to give Halt a smile but it faltered and he ended up running a hand through his hair.

Halt sunk into his chair at a loss but voiced the most difficult question on his mind so far. "How are we supposed to deal with this?" he asked Will. "We don't even know anything about what's going on."

Halt furrowed his brow as he heard Will sigh in relief; this was something Will had the answer to and he even said so.

"How could you even know that?" Halt asked.

Will chewed his lip and gave himself away when he glanced at the door behind him. Halt fallowed his gaze and gave Will a disapproving stare; Will rocked on his heals and twiddled his thumbs in response. Before Will could blink, Halt was up and out of the chair. He yanked open the door only to stop short. He stared down at Alixx in his tree cat form, Will cloak draped over him. He stared up at Halt with his big disarming emerald green eyes. Halt stared, unblinking into those clear green pool until Will snorted; jerking him from his daze. Halt glared daggers at Will and when he turned back, almost had a heart attack.

While Halt's attention was else where, Alixx transformed back into his human for; Will's cloak covering all but his ankles and feet. Before Halt could throw any punches, Will sidled past Halt and threw an arm around Alixx's cloaked shoulders; pulling him close.

"Halt, this is Alixx. Alixx this is Halt." Will introduced, gesturing to each in turn.

Halt's eyes darted to Will for a second before focusing back on Alixx. "Alex," he repeated.

"Alixx," Alixx corrected.

"Alex," Halt nodded, but Alixx shock his head.

"Alixx," he repeated again.

"Alexx," Halt mimicked like a child.

By now, Will was suppressing the laughter that bubbled up inside him.

But Alixx shock his head again, "Almost. Al-i-xx." he said slowly.

The look on Halt's face was the end for Will and he let the out a snort of laughter; Will could swear that he could see steam coming from Halt nose and ears. Halt ground his teeth together before he turn back to Alixx.

"Alixx," he practically growled.

Alixx gave him a big smile. "Exactly,"

Halt's eye twitched before he turned and basically stomped back to his chair by the fire place like a child. And that was when Will let his hold on his laughter rein free; he doubled over and his eyes water. Halt grumbled something unintelligible. As Will ushered Alixx into the cabin and towards his room, he knew that things, as screwed up as they were at the moment, were going to turn out just fine and dandy.

The end.

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