Ok so this is my first one ever and yeah. It's my version of Red Riding hood. O.o Be nice please. There might be some things that are the same but I though this up prior and I'm not meaning to take anything from the new movie that came out but yeah. Enjoy. ^.~

Redd walked down the well worn path of the woods that she knew well. She didn't particularly like to follow it but she had been yelled at enough at school today and she didn't want to get yelled at by Granny. She puffed out a sigh and half unzipped her favourite red hoodie, exposing her jet black tank top to the chilled air. A small smile played at the corner of her lips as goose-bumps rose over her skin. She freed her long brown hair from the strap of her school bag as she made her way deeper into the woods, and away from town. The residents of Elderwood called her and Granny crazy for living way out in the woods alone. Some even called them witches, which seemed rediculous to both Redd and Granny. They knew what they were doing. Redd could out match most of the guys at her school already and she'd only moved away from her parents just a few short years ago. Her phone buzzed in her back pocket and she clicked the answer button.
"Redd, It's Grandma. Are you almost home?"
"Granny, hey. Yeah I should be there soon."
"You stayed on the path , right?" Granny's tone carried an edge to it.
"Yes Granny. But I don't see why. You taught me these woods yourself. You know I know them."
"Not now, sweetie. I'll see you at home. Be careful. That hunter has been around lately."
"Always, Granny. Bye."
"Bye, and don't call me Granny." Click.

Redd sighed and pocketed her phone. "Well, hell..." The hunter gave Redd the creeps. He was fairly new in town. Only been there a year now. He said that he was there because this town has a problem, and none of you folks are safe. At least that what he always said. As far as Redd knew, Elderwood didn't have a problem other than the damned hunter. There was the occasional wolf sighting, but that was it. She rememebred a story Granny had told her once.

I was maybe sixteen and my mother and I lived in the same house you and I do now. I was walking back from an errand I had to run in town. I saw something running off to the side and when I looked, I saw the largest most baeutiful wolf I had ever seen. It had peircing green eyes. I swear to you Redd. If this thing had come up and stood infront of me, it would have been a good few inches taller. He wasn't the only one. There was a pack of them. Oh, Redd. You should have seen it.

Redd's mind was forced back to the present with the sound of a snapping stick somewhere off of the trail. She looked off but saw nothing. Her feet thinking before her brain she took a step closer.
"I wouldn't stray off the path if I were you." A deep husky voice sounded behind her making Redd jump out of her skin.
"JESUS Christ, Sam!" She spun around to glare at the hunter standing behind her with his rifel strapped over his back. "You scared the living crap out of me!"
Redd asumed her anger amused him because he let out a dark chuckle. The thought to cuss him out crossed Redd's mind but she held her tongue.
"Best get home Kaite. S'not safe out 'ere alone." He had a slight southern accent the put Redd on edge almost as much as the fact he called her Kaite. No one called her that since she moved in with Granny. It bugged her how he knew her name. She figured Sam heard granny yell at her once adn call her Kaite. That happened on occasion.
"It's just around the next bend. You can see it from here." Her tone was somewhat sharp as she pointed to a small cottege surrounded by flowers and ferns. You could hear the river flowing not to far off. Redd dropped her arm and Sam nodded. Redd spun on her heel and walked quickly off. She tried ignoring the chills that shivered up her spine. She nearly slammed the door shut as she walked into the house.