By the time Redd was starting to get winded, Hayden, Parker, Malin and Ean had all come to watch Liam and her try to burn out her energy. Liam was starting to get under the impression that short of knocking her out, she wouldn't change back.

Redd bared her teeth and growled at Liam who was now circling her. In a flash he charged at Redd who, just as quickly, dodged and kicked him in the side. She was on top of him now. She had him pinned. Liam's eyes widened then narrowed dangerously and his instincts kicked in. He twisted, getting out from the pin, and jumped at Redd. His jaws clamped around her throat, enough to lessen the air flow but not enough to suffocate her, and he held her down, hard. Liam was never one to play with; he always ended up taking things to seriously. Redd whimpered and struggled to get free, Liam only tightened his grip on her.

"Liam!" The voice was warning and stern. Hayden.

Liam instantly let Redd go. She stayed on the ground panting for a moment before pulling herself up. Trying to kill me? Her ears pinned back.

Liam id the same however his head was lowered slightly. Sorry.

Redd shook her head and flopped back to the ground. Now that she had stopped moving, her body was letting her know exactly how tired she was.

Hayden, now human, walked over and crouched down next to her. "You feel that small amount of energy that's still inside of you?"

Redd nodded.

"Use that to change back."


"Will your body to. The magic will do the rest."

Redd let out a small whine before closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. She pictured her body as a human once again, she saw her fur vanish, her tail recede, her ears return to normal. Her body became upright; her feet becoming flat instead of standing on her toes. Her bones reshape into a human skeletal system.

Pain. That was all she could register for the next, longest, five minutes of her life. Her howls of pain became screams of a human girl. Her body was cracking, reshaping, shrinking, and growing all at the same time. By the time she was back to human, Hayden had pulled off his jacket and put it over a now, naked, curled up Redd. She was covered in a light layer of sweat. Hayden looked up at Ean.

"Raid lost and found. She needs clothes."

Redd groaned in pain as Ean ran off, rather quickly.

"Ow….," was all Redd could mutter but it received a dark chuckle from Hayden and Liam, who seemed to have changed back with less than a quarter of the effort it took Redd and less than an eighth of the time.

"Good fight though, yeah." Liam smiled at Redd.

"Yeah," she coughed and sat up, pulling Hayden's jacket around her. "Where's my hoodie?"

Hayden blinked and frowned. "Uhm… Ripped, possibly shredded."

Redd was stunned. "That… That's my favourite hoodie… "

Parker took off back into the woods.

"Where's he going?" Redd scowled and Hayden looked after Parker.

"To find your jacket." Hayden smiled at Redd and helped her up. "Come on, it's cold."

Redd stood on shaky legs and scoffed. "I don't feel cold. I'm sweating."

Liam walked over and frowned as he helped Hayden help Redd. "Which is exactly why we need to get you inside."

For the first time since she shifted, Granny crossed her mind and she froze. "What am I going to tell Granny?"

Hayden looked at Liam. Neither one knew what to say. Redd looked down at the ground. What was she going to tell Granny? And the principal. There was no doubt in her mind that he saw the two massive wolves follow her out of the school, and if he didn't she knew the entire lunch room did. What a mess. What she didn't know what Hayden was thinking much the same thoughts. He, however, had other problems as well. What was he going to tell his Alpha? And how in the hell was Redd able to shift in the first place? He breathed out a sigh as he opened the doors to the school, just in time for Ean to come back with a pair of jeans and a shirt. Redd went into the bathroom and changed. She gave Hayden his jacket back and frowned. The jeans were a few sizes too big and the shirt was an ugly shade of orange.

"Sorry, it was all they had that was close to your size…" Ean muttered.

Parker showed up a few minutes later holding a red hoodie and Redd smiled.


It was nothing more than a little dirty. She threw her hoodie on and zipped it up. She felt a little better, but she still had to figure out what to tell her grandmother.

The bell rang for class to get out and Redd jumped. It seemed a lot louder and shriller than before. Hayden, Ean, Liam and Parker seemed to move a little closer to her as students began filling the halls. Redd's heart rate picked up as she felt eyes on her.

She started to walk back to the lunch room, expertly weaving and ducking around the students, the guys keeping up. She found her bag right where she left it during lunch, but with a faculty member picking it up.

"That's mine," she called and the man looked at her. It was the principle. Well hell.

"Is it now? Then I'll need to see you in my office. You boys as well." The principal nodded to the group behind her and she heard a string of swear words enter her head causing a short giggle to escape. The group all walked back, into the principal's office.

Redd was called in first. She sat down in the chair, curling her toes against the carpet under her feet. It felt new. Her head snapped up when the principal spoke.

"Do you mind explaining to me, what happened at lunch?"