Hayden heard the door shut and set his glass in the sink. He turned in time to see Redd walk into the room with a huff.

"What an ass…" she muttered as she leaned against the door from to the kitchen. She looked down at the floor in thought, Hayden walking past her.

"It'll be fine. Stay here. I have to go see what's taking the guys so long. They should have been back by now."

Redd started to follow Hayden out. "I'm going too." There was no question in her tone but that didn't stop Hayden from rounding on her with a stern no. She frowned and crossed her arms.

"Why not?"

Hayden frowned back at her. "Because you're not ready yet and besides…" his expression softened. "You don't want James finding you again, do you?"

Redd blinked and stared up at Hayden for a moment before looking down and nodding.

Hayden sighed. "Just stay here, and try not getting into any trouble…"

Redd half growled as Hayden walked out of the house, shifted and took off running. What was she supposed to do? She had no idea where she was. For all she knew she was in another state. She dared a look out of the kitchen window and frowned. None of these trees looked familiar. The ground, the trees, the energy in the air. It was all different.

She huffed an annoyed sigh and walked back into the room she woke up in. She dropped onto the bed and stared at the ceiling. She closed her eyes and thought about everything that had happened to her. She thought about the first day she met Hayden. Pleasant enough however cocky he came off as. His Pack. She wasn't that far off when she said Liam and Parker were acting like pups. Now that she thought about it, they were pups.

Her thoughts jumped to when Hayden stopped the grey wolves from killing her. She owed him there too. Then to when she met his whole pack. His alpha, alphess. The pups. His friends. The few females.

Then her thoughts trailed to when she was going to tell Granny and instead, meeting James. Loki. Sam…

Sam. Who was Sam? He had been around for the past year and only just now did everything start happening. Why did Sam care? He was one of James'.

Redd rolled over and groaned. Her head was pounding. She rolled out of the bed and searched for the bathroom.

For the first time since she had shifted she looked at herself in the mirror. She looked the same, but different. Her hair was a slight mess and she looked worn. Her honey brown eyes held flecks of gold that gleamed. Her expression saddened slightly as she looked down. She looked intimidating to say the least now.

Redd pulled open the cabinet behind the mirror and searched for aspirin, slamming it shut when she failed. She looked to her left and saw the shower. She flipped it on turning the water hot and started to change. She wrapped a towel around herself and tossed the oversized 'Lost N' Found' clothes in the trash before getting into the shower and letting the hot water run over her body. She stood there for a while and let the water relax her.

After she washed up she climbed out. She wrapped the towel around her again and walked out of the bathroom and started towards the room.

Hayden froze as Redd walked out. She was in nothing but a towel. He coughed and Redd looked back at him with a brow arched.

"What?" She practically demanded.

"N-Nothing. Just uhm… Th-there's clothes that should fit you in the dresser." He felt his cheeks warm slightly.

Redd nodded and closed the door behind her. "Redd…" she heard him call beyond the door.


"I don't know where they are…"

The door flew open and Redd walked out in a fitted pair of jeans that she was finishing buttoning up and a slender red tank top.

"What do you mean you don't know where they are?"

Hayden frowned. "I can't find them."

Redd marched past him and out the door.

"Where are you going?"

"To find your pack because obviously you can't. Did you go to the den or ask your Alpha?"

Hayden blinked and started following her. "No."

"Why not?" She half glared back at him.

"I don't know. They know how dangerous it is to vanish right now. They should have been close." His tone started to carry an edge to it.

"Well then I suppose that's where you start."

"Me? Where are you going?" It was his turn to demand.

"Me. I'm going somewhere else." She picked up her pace slightly.

Hayden tensed, grabbed Redd's arm and spun her to face him. "Where?"

Redd hesitated for a moment.