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Chapter 1: Death and Strawberry

"What the-!" a skater growled, "You suddenly appear and kick down Yama-bro, girlie! And now you want us to get out of here!"

A girl with long orange hair in the local high school's uniform stared at them with a bored expression on her face. "You gotta death wish?" another shouted.

"Say something!" the first growled rushing her, only to get kicked in the gut. She stomped down on his head multiple times, ignoring the other three.

"Shut up!" Ichigo growled, voice slightly masculine, and pointed to a fallen vase, "Look over there!"

"Question 1! What the hell is that?" she snarled, pointing to the center thug, "You, dumbass!"

"M-me?" the skater whimpered, "A-an offering to a k-kid who died here."

"Correct!" she shouted, kneeing the poor guy in the gut.

"Mit-bro!" one of the remaining two shouted.

"Question two." she said, "Why is that vase lying on its side?"

"We knocked it over skateboarding." the third whimpered pitifully.

"I see." she growled, "THEN APOLOGIZE TO HER!"

The teens ran off, screaming, dragging the three unconscious boys with them. She turned to the spirit of a small girl, a sad smile on her face, "Sorry about using you to scare them."

"It's OK, I was glad to help." the child replied.

"I'll bring you some new flowers tomorrow." the teenage girl said, turning.

/My names Ichigo Kurosaki, I've been able to see ghosts for as long as I can remember. I guess it's because my father owns a clinic, and we're entrusted with the lives of the living./

"I'm home." Ichigo called, preparing to remove her high heels.

"You're late!" her father, Isshin, shouted, kicking her in the head. She quickly stood up and slammed one of her foot into his face, heel leaving a small gash on his forehead.

"My face is ruined!" he shouted, running over to the poster of his wife, "Ichigo is so cruel to me!"

"I'm gonna eat later!" she growled, kicking off her heels and watching as they hit her father. She quickly ran up the stairs, and into her room. She collapsed into her bed with a happy sigh, eyes slipping closed.

'Spirits have been bugging me more than ever.' she thought with a slight pout, 'Ahh who cares! Hmm, what should I change into?'

/I've seen spirits for as long as I remember, just as well as normal people. So that's why I've never even thought about the existence of a "Shinigami". /

Her eyes opened to see a black butterfly flying over her head, "How pretty."

Her attention was caught by the sight of a short black haired woman stepping out onto her desk, and brown eyes widened. The strange woman jumped down and looked around, completely ignoring the orange haired woman, "It's close."

"Close my ass!" Ichigo shouted, kicking the girl in the back, "What kind of thief are you?"

"Y-you can SEE me!" the strange girl gaped, "Err, I mean, you kicked me!"

"Of course I can." the orange haired teen smirked, "I'm guessing you're some kind of spirit, if your shack is anything to go by."

"That's correct." the raven haired woman explained, "I am a type of spirit called a shinigami."

"OK." the living of the two nodded, not really shocked that a shinigami existed. She was well aware that spirits needed some kind of guide if they were trapped in the living world.

"By the way, have you seen any masked monsters that no one seems to notice?" the shinigami asked, "They have holes in their chests and attack spirits."

"No I haven't." the living girl replied, "Sorry I can't help."

"I can't seem to sense it anymore." the black clad woman sighed, "By the way my name's Rukia Kuchiki."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Ichigo Kurosaki."

"Which meaning? Strawberry or One Guardian?"

"Mom chose One Guardian, but I prefer Strawberry."

"Well that is a cuter meaning." Rukia nodded, understanding her new living ally's preference.

Before Ichigo could continue their conversation, she heard a haunting howl that caused a shiver to go down her spine, "Wh-what was that howl?"

"Howl?" the shinigami questioned before a second howl was heard, causing her eyes to widen, "It's a hollow!"


"They are soul devouring monsters." the spirit explained. They both froze at the sound of a crash from the first floor.

"Yuzu, Karin!" the orange haired teen shouted, "Come one, I'll get my family out of the way and you take out the hollow!"

"Got it."

The two sprinted down the stairs and the teen gasped at the sight of her father lying on the ground with blood leaking from a gaping wound on his back. She heard two screams and turned to see a fish-like masked monster lifting up both of her sisters. She grabbed a nearby projectile and threw it at the hollow's eye. It hit true and the beast released the twins in time for both Ichigo and Rukia to catch them. "Get them back inside." the shinigami ordered, drawing her sword.

The orange haired one nodded and took her other sibling and carried them both inside. After making sure that both of her siblings were ok, and checking on her father, she looked out to see that the shinigami was being beaten while trying to keep the hollow out of the house. 'No! She's going to be killed protecting us!' she mentally gasped, 'I have to help somehow!'

The raven haired spirit cried out as sharp claws dug into her stomach, and gasped as they were brutally ripped out. Before the hollow could finish her a red object smacked into its eye and it reeled back long enough to shallowly slice its mouth. The creature backed up and Ichigo ran over to the injured woman, "Are you OK?"

"Not really, thank you for the distraction." Rukia coughed, "Do you want to save your family?"

"Yes." the orange haired one nodded, eyes hard. The shinigami held her blade in front of her, blood dripping from her mouth.

"You must become a shinigami yourself." the raven haired woman coughed, "If you pierce your chest with my zanpakuto I can give some of my powers to you. It's only temporary, but it will allow you to fight."

"All right, I'll do it." the teen smirked, grabbing the blade. She grit her teeth against the feeling of a blade sliding through her chest, and then a rush of power hit her. She felt herself leave her body and her arm automatically grabbed a blade strapped to her back to cut off the hollow's approaching arm.

"She took all of my power." Rukia gaped, before noticing that in spirit form Ichigo's large chest was missing, "What theā€¦?

With one look at the collapsed body of the orange haired teen, she noticed that the shirt was ripped to reveal that the teen had fake breasts on. "You're a guy?" she exclaimed after the teen had finished the hollow off.

"Yeah, so?" he replied, grinning.

"Wait, I've been thinking you were a woman this entire time and you didn't bother telling me!" she exclaimed.

"I thought you'd figure it out eventually." Ichigo shrugged, "I crossdress all the time."

Before the weakened shinigami could reply the teen passed out from spiritual exhaustion. Hearing footsteps behind her, the raven haired woman turned and saw a strange sight.

/end of chapter/

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