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Chapter 4: Invasion

A blue light flashed throughout the underground training room, and when it vanished, Urahara was standing behind a cracked red shield, hatless. He walked over to the damaged hat with a sighed, "You killed my hat. You are one scary kid Kurosaki."

Ichigo was kneeling on the ground sleeping against Zangetsu, a peaceful expression on his face.

/seventeen days later/

The orange haired teen stared out the window of his bedroom, the glass pulled open as Urahara instructed. He closed his eyes when a nice breeze began blowing in, only for them to snap open when something flew by his head. He looked to see a blood colored liquid spell out a message. 'Meet in front of Urahara Shoten immediately.'

'This looks like a murder victim's last message written in his own blood! It better wash out!' Ichigo thought with wide eyes, before noticing that more words where being written out.

'Anyone that thinks that this looks like a murder victim's last message in his own blood… Has no sense of humor at all.'

'That bastard.' he thought angrily, standing up. He stared changing out of his night gown, having only gotten up ten minutes before the message arrived. He changed into a light blue, knee-length dress, and white tennis shoes. He tied his waist-length orange hair up with a purple ribbon, and left his room with a small frown. He quickly made his way to Urahara's, only for his father jumping from the roof distracting him.

Isshin gave him a good luck charm that once belonged to his mother, though he had to return it when he got back. After that he quickly ran to the shop, finding Orihime heading in the same direction. "Orihime?" he asked in shock.

"Hello Kurosaki-chan." the busty girl greeted sounding slightly upset.

"Is something wrong?" he questioned.

"Well…" she sighed, "I was told I had no sense of humor."

'You too?' he mentally gaped, before shaking his head. They soon reached the building to see Chad already there.

"You're going too?" Ichigo asked, tilting his head to the side.

"That's right." the large half-Mexican replied.

"Where's Uryu?" Orihime asked, looking around.

"I don't think he's coming." the large teen said.

"Who's not coming?" a familiar male voice asked. They all turned to see Uryu standing there in a strange white outfit.

"You made it." the crossdresser smirked, "Though why did you come in those weird clothes?"

"These are traditional Quincy garb! Besides, why do you even wear women's clothing when you're not a woman?"

"Kurosaki –chan's not a woman?" the red headed girl exclaimed with wide eyes.

"Yeah, I like wearing women's clothing, big deal." the orange haired teen shrugged.

"I see everyone's here." Urahara said, standing in the door of the shore with his fan covering his face. He led them all down to the underground training room, Orihime, of course, was amazed, causing Tessai to cry from happiness that someone was impressed.

"Ok everybody, please turn your attention over here." The shop keeper ordered, snapping his fingers as a stone archway covered in seals appeared, "This is the door to the soul society. Please listen carefully, I'm about to tell you how to get through without dying."

Suddenly he used his cane to force Ichigo out of his body, the empty shell slumping onto the ground. "Wow, your soul came out so easily!" Orihime exclaimed, eyes wide.

"Yes I know. And please refrain from touching my body." The orange haired teen ordered, thinking back to how he locked Kon in his sisters' room.

"Everyone I said pay attention." Urahara sighed, as they turned back to him, "I made sure that you three can enter the soul society, without needing for you to be spirits. I modified the gate to have a reishi conversion mechanism so that your bodies will be converted to be made of the same thing as spirits. The only problem is time, I can only hold the gate open for four minutes."

The four's eyes widened in shock at the words, not expecting such a short time limit. "Once the gates close, you will be trapped in the Dangai forever. Not only that but there is a current called the Kouryuu that can prevent souls from moving, just one limb caught by it lowers all chances of leaving the Dangai to zero." he finished.

"Then what should we do?" Orihime whispered.

"Just move forward." A male voice answered. They looked to see a cat approaching them, with serious eyes.


"I told you that the heart and soul are connected. What's important is what your heart thinks." The feline continued, "Only those who are willing to do that can follow me."

"What are you talking about?" Ichigo said, stepping forward, "Everyone that came here have made that decision and will follow it."

"If you lose then you will never return here." Yoruichi stated.

"We won't give them the chance to beat us." He replied, feeling his zanpakuto's approval of his statement.

"Well said."

The gate began preparing to open as Tessai and Urahara began charging it with reishi. "The moment the gate opens, you guys will run in." the shopkeeper ordered, "And do not stop for anything."

"Understood." Uryu nodded, focusing on the gate. The gate opened and they ran through, finding themselves in a pathway surrounded on both sides with a moving purple wall, and the ground covered in bones. They five sprinted forward as the walls closed in behind them, trying to capture them.

Suddenly a part of the wall shot out and grabbed the Quincy's cape, Ichigo turning to help. "Uryu!"

"Don't, if your zanpakuto touches it, you'll be caught as well!" the cat warned. Chad turned and ripped the cloth free, tossing the archer over his shoulder and continued running.

"Pit me…" the black haired teen began, stopping when he saw a light within the Kouryuu, "What is that?"

"It's the seimichio!" Yoruichi shouted, as a large grey stone with a light at the top appeared from the current chasing them, "It only appears every seven days!"

"Keep running!" Ichigo ordered, increasing his speed, "We have to get away from it!"

The rest sped up, trying to outrun the seimichio, yet it was catching up quickly. Orihime turned around, and summoned her powers, "Santen Kesshun! I reject!"

A shield formed between them and the stone, the energy making up the shield the only part that was in contact with it. The sudden force sent them all flying out of the Dangai and into the soul society. Ichigo landed on his back, legs thrown over his head, giving everyone a good of his ass.

"I never thought that I would need to use my backup cape so soon." Uryu said to himself, pulling the cape out.

'He brought backups?' the orange head thought as he sat right up.

"I'm glad no one's hurt." The red headed girl sighed before the cat head butted her.

"You nearly got yourself killed!" the feline shouted, "If the seimichio hadn't have only been in contact with the energy you would have been torn apart by the sudden release of power!"

"But that didn't happen." the shinigami snapped, "Instead she saved us from that thing."

The black furred member of the group sighed, knowing that arguing with him would be futile. "The smoke's clearing." Chad said, catching the rest's attention.

They saw that the area resembled an old feudal Japanese village, yet there were no people around. "So this is the soul society." The crossdresser said to himself, looking at the area.

"Yes, we are currently in the Rukongai, where the normal spirits dwell. It surrounds the Seireitei, where the shinigami reside, and where Rukia is being held." Yoruichi explained, nodding to the area that looked richer to indicate the Seireitei.

"Then that's where we need to go!" the orange haired said, already running over.

/end of chapter/