I am in no way making fun of Autism...It is a very important issue for me and many people I love have it.

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Small towns should be filled with nice people right? People, who know you for your whole life, know everything about you. People, who should understand you? That's what I thought they were like, till I moved to Forks, Washington when I was 8 years old. Maybe this will be the place where I fit in? Where people try to get to know me instead of my like hell?

How wrong was I?

I, Edward Cullen, 17 year old boy, Junior at Forks High School, was the one person who everyone loved to hate. Why?

Because I was Autistic. Something I had no control over, something that was not at all my fault, was the reason everyone at my school, except my brother Emmet, his girlfriend Rosalie Hale, my sister Alice, and her boyfriend and Rose's twin brother Jasper Hale, hated me.

To them I was the boy who talked funny and acted oddly. Who's only friends were those who were kind of forced too. Who would rather draw than listen to the cruel whispers being said behind my back. I was the freak of nature in this small town.

And I was sick of it.

I was mad for not only the people who said bad things about me but for what they said about my family because they stuck up for "the retard boy". They never tried to get to know me or my brother and sister, Jasper and Rose were basically shunned when they started dating Emmet and Alice and were actually nice to me. My father, Carlisle, the Chief of Medicine at Forks Hospital, was talked badly of. My mother, my wonderful mother, Esme, was given dirty looks at the grocery store. I had made my family's life worse all because I couldn't have been normal.

So now here at sat, in my own hell, at school in my geometry class, trying to ignore Mike Newton's pestering behind me and trying very hard to take my notes. All the while Mike and his "crew" are just trying to get me to say something so they can hear my funny voice. I just want the bell to ring so I can go to my history class with Jasper. This class and Biology were the only classes I didn't have with a member of my family, so they for me, were the absolute worst.

Truthfully, I just wanted to get the entire day over with so I could go home and talk to my mother or play my piano or read my poetry books.

I just want to get away from these people. That's not much too much to ask for,right?


My savior! The bell finally rang and I grabbed all my things shoving them in my bag.

"Hey, Cullen, hows it going?" Asked Tyler, one of the many assholes that loved tormenting me. What the hell does he want?


"Ha! So I was wondering, your good at this math shit right? Cause I really would love it if you did it for me."

"Why would I do that?" He started chuckling at my voice, come on you have heard me talk for 9 years now? Get the fuck over it already!

"Well I would pull the whole 'Oh Cause you and I are such great buddies' but I mean come on now! Everyone knows that shit just isn't true so I won't pretend, so how bout cause I won't beat the shit out of you for a couple a days. Hows that deal sound, buddy?"

"How bout you leave him the fuck alone and I won't beat the shit out of you?" Jasper, always coming to the rescue, whether wanted or not. If I couls stand up for myself maybe they would back off a little.

"Ah, Jasper calm the fuck down! I was just having a civil conversation with Eddie here."

"Leave him alone, we got class. Come on Edward. Let's go."

"Thanks Jazz, but I can stand up for myself everyone in awhile ya know." I said with a little bit of edge to my voice.

"I just don't want you getting hurt. Come on we are gonna be late."


I hate moving. The goodbyes were hard but the packing I could definitely do without. Where am I moving too? Well, Forks, Washington of course! Sound happy? Well I am not! At all!

My mom has remarried, to the jerk, Phil, who I just despise! Always saying the crudest things about people he has never met or knows a thing about and it just irks me! Plus my mom and him are acting like total teenagers, sexing it up ever chance they get. Just gross… So I am going to live with my father, Charlie Swan, the Chief of Police of that tiny town. I haven't been there since I was 7 and I was kind of proud of that, but now I am actually willingly going to live there?…Why did I say yes again?

"Ahhhhh OH! Phil!"

Oh mother what perfect timing you have to remind myself of why I am leaving!

As I sighed and rolled my eyes and tried to focus my attention on anything other than my mother's moaning and Phil's grunting, I looked up the weather forecast to make sure my flight won't have any reason to keep me from getting away from all of these sounds that are making me want to puke.

"Oh Bella! Baby, I am going to miss you so much I will go crazy!" My mom came in, thankfully dressed, with her hair in a mess and clothes all messed up, and tears running down her face.

"Mom, you will be fine! You have Phil to take care of you and you two need your time together right now. Plus, mom, I really think dad needs me right now, ya know? Every time I talk to him on the phone he sounds so lonely. It will be good that I am going to Forks, for everyone."

"Oh, my baby girl always is thinking best! Your right I know it, but I can still be sad you're leaving! Who am I going to have my girl talk with, huh?"

I shrugged; I wasn't really in the mood for my mother's hovering right now. She had plenty of other older women who I am sure will much rather listen to her sex stories with both my father and Phil and all those in between, other than me.

"Come on you two, Bella will miss her flight if we wait any longer." Phil yelled from some part of the house. My mom and I grabbed all my bags and through them into her car. I sat in the back, being completely ignored and was dropped off at the airport with a hug from my mom and a little wave from Phil. I boarded the plane an hour later and begun my way to Forks. YAY!

"Bells, over here! Bells!" My dad, Charlie, was shouting and waving his arms about trying to get my attention, all though he easily got it since he was still in his police uniform.

Oh great! Now I get to ride in the cruiser.

"Hey dad!" I said with I genuine smile. I really was happy to see him, he and I were one in the same. Quiet and happy being alone without the bother of many people. I would probably be really happy living with him if it wasn't in Forks.

"How was the flight?"


Oh, that's good."

"Yep. Umm..So..How have you been?"


I nodded, that was the end of our conversation. It was fine, we both didn't really like talking. Neither one of us spoke again until we were in front of his, our, house.

"Welcome home, Bells! I kind of got you a little something."

"Really?" Ahg, I hate presents!

"Yep, it's in the garage."



In answer he opened the garage and there it was an old rusty red/orange pick-up truck. Ahh, how cute!

"I figured you wouldn't want me driving you around everywhere and want your freedom..so I..uhh got it for you."

"Wow, dad! Thanks, this is great." I gave him a hug and he blushed, a trait I inherited from him, and said a mumbled "No problem" and grabbed my bags and led me to my room where he let me be so I could put my things away. I called my mom to tell her I arrived safely and that I would miss her.

I went down stairs to start dinner and talked to my dad a little about my old school and friends and what Forks High would be like. I would be starting tomorrow and I was nervous, being as shy as I was, I am sure that me being the new girl in such a small town I would be the center of attention and that I was really afraid of that. I was really hoping I could meet some half way decent people and it may make this town just a little better.


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