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Outtake 3

Is He Nervous?


"Happy birthday day, my queen." My Edward said as he gave me a kiss. He was picking me up for lunch and to take me over to his house I could get ready for my birthday dinner.

Today was a beautiful day, there were hardly any clouds and the sun was shining through the trees, casting shadows on the street, and the air was wonderfully warm.

And I had my beautiful boy with me and that made this day, this birthday, the best in the world.

"Thanks! It should be a good day." I said when our lips parted from each other and we walked over to his car he opened the door for me.

"So, do you know what kind of Bella Barbie Alice is going to unleash on me?" I asked as we pulled out of my driveway and headed towards the diner.

"No, sorry. No one gets a say when Alice goes in Barbie mode. We just do as we are told." He said.

"Yes, she seems like she could be scary." Alice can be scary when she broke a nail, so I did not want to know what she was like when someone crossed her knowledge of fashion. I giggled thinking about how her face turned all red when she get upset. She looks like an aggravated Tinker Bell.

"You have no idea…" He replied with a shudder. So he had obviously crossed her once or twice. Silly boy.

When we got to the diner, I did a lot of talking, something that I normally don't do. I was just thinking all last night as I lay in bed, thinking about my life and what I wanted. The thought of Edward not living it with me never came to mind. Everything I thought about involved him. Every time I thought about Alice and Rosalie's weddings, thought about mine and Edward's. Every time I thought of everyone having kids, I thought about how lovely mine and Edward's were.

I told him with my looks and touches while we ate.

I wanted those things with him.

I thought about those things with him, all the time.

I just could not wait to get start with him.

"Oh, purple is so your color!" Alice said as she zipped up the light purple dress that she, Rose, and I all decided would knock Edward flat.

I didn't really like dressing up but I loved to look nice for him.

"No, no. Edward loves me in blue the most. So blue is my color." I said and gave her a pointed look, but had a smile on my face to let know I was teasing.

Rose just had a big old smile on her face that she got whenever I said Edward's name. She looked like she wanted to say something, something good by the look in her eyes, to me, but she didn't. She just gathered all my hair and pulled it back behind my head and brushed it so it was smooth and pulled it into a ponytail and curled the ends. All while telling me that she was happy for me and that I was a great friend to her. She looked like she was going to cry and Alice and I both looked at her with a weird look. She wiped her eyes and the smile that was still on her face grew a little more as she said: "I am sorry, I am just so happy for you today Bella. Eighteenth birthdays are always special, especially your tonight."

"Well thanks Rose. I am sure tonight will be great. Always is when I am with you guys!" I was a little awkward after that, I don't handle people crying very well, especially when they are people I love.

When the awkwardness was done with and we were all ready, we started down the stairs. I heard the boys all talking about something as we walked but it stopped as soon as we were in the hallway.

I saw Edward standing in the entry way, and he looked yummy. He was dressed in grey slacks and a black button down with the sleeves rolled up.

He and I walked towards each other, Alice and Rose passed us and went to the kitchen, I don't even think Edward noticed them as they squeezed past us. I smiled at him and he took my face and pressed a kiss to my lips. "Happy Birthday, Bella. I love you"

"Thank you, I love you." I relied to him and he took my hand and led me over to the table and pulled my chair out before he took his own. Esme, Alice, and Rose all came out with big platters with all of the food I had asked for when Esme told me she would be making my birthday dinner.

We all ate and talked and joked and laughed together. Edward and I kept our hands together on the table and every now and then one of us would lift our interlaced hands and kiss the others hand before setting them back on the table top, smiling at each other every time we did.

When dinner was done, Edward, Emmet, and Jasper cleared the table while everyone else moved to the living room to gather all the presents. And, boy oh boy, were there a lot.

Alice pulled me over to sit on the couch while Carlisle and my dad piled the mountain of presents in front of me.

I was a little confused seeing that Edward was usually the one to go overboard with the presents, but he had told me that he would give me my presents in private…

They all love spoiling me, I swear.

"Thank you so everyone! You really didn't have to do all of this." I said gesturing to the pile of gifts.

"Don't thank us just yet; you have not even see what we got you!" Alice said as she went to sit by Rose.

"You are going to like mine the best, Bella. I just know it!" Said Rose with a wink.

If she got me new panties and I open them out with my dad five feet away from me, I will strangle her with them…

Edward came to sit next me then and kissed my cheek. Now that he and the boys were here I started to open my present.

My dad got me a new camera and that meant so many more photos for me to take of Edward and I so I could continue my stalker shrine to he and I.

I got a little choked up when I opened Carlisle and Esme's gift, all of the girls wear these chain bracelets with the Cullen crest hanging from it, I always admired it whenever I saw one of them wearing it and I felt so honored and welcome that they had given me one as well. Alice, being Alice gave me the gift of clothes. Jasper was awesome enough to get me several books that I had told him I really wanted to read. Emmet and I had many talks discussing music and in his opinion, my taste was poor, so he got me a bunch of music Cd's to help 'educate' me.

And then Rosalie's gift.

$150 to Victoria Secrets

$250 to La Perla

And Rose of course winked and Edward.

Oh this is worse than panties…

I looked over at my dad, as I felt the warm blood rise up to my cheeks, and he looked a little flabbergasted. I don't think he knew what those places ever were…

Esme coughed a little awkwardly and said she would go get the cake, I saw Edward smirking at the gift cards I still had in my hands.

Esme had made me the best chocolate cake ever, like in existence…

I was happily trying to be discreet about me scraping off every last bit of my cake off of the plate when Carlisle suggest to everyone that they all finish their cakes, cause I had apparently scarfed my down, in the living room and watch a movie.

I got up along with everyone else, but then I felt Edward pulling me away. I looked up at him and was about to ask what he was doing when he asked, "May I give you my present now?"

I felt my eyes go wide as I nodded my head and let him walk me up the stairs. We didn't really talk on our way up but I knew what he was planning as soon as we stopped in front of his music room.

We walked and he led to his piano bench and sat me down beside him.

"I wrote you something new, Bella. I hope you like it."

"I know I will Edward. Just play." I rested my head against his strong shoulder as he started to play.

The small room was filled with the passionate powerful sounds and I played Bella her song. The sweetness of the lighter keys blended in with the louder more joyful keys. It all sounded happy and full of love. I could feel it all, everything that he was saying with his song I felt. His passion for me, his love, his happiness.

It was absolutely gorgeous and I could feel my heart beating fast as the song came to end. I pushed my head further into Edward's neck and I felt the smile growing on my face.

"Thank you, that was lovely. Best present of the night by far." I said and placed a light kiss on the small freckle he had on his neck.

"That wasn't all of your present." He said and even though I could not see his face, I could tell he was smiling.

"More?" I asked as I looked up at him, and yes, there was that smile gracing his lips.

"Would you like to see the meadow and waterfall, Bella?"


"Yes, I have wanted to see that place since you told me about it." There was not a time when I didn't see the pathway that led to Edward's place where I did not wish he would bring me up there and share with me.

I was so thrilled that he finally was.

He led us back down the stairs and out of the door; I was surprised that no one had come to look for us to ask where we were.

He took us over to the pathways, the trees that enclosed it were wrapped with white lights, making the whole night glow around Edward and I. "Wow, this is so beautiful, are these lights always here?"

"No, just for tonight." He said and squeezed my hand once before he looked at me and I smiled at him. He turned his face back a head of us, looking like he was thinking hard on something. I saw a few flowers here and there, the glow of the lights showing off the bright spring yellow color. I felt his gaze on me and I turned my head to look back at him, his face was illuminated by the lights, his green eyes staring at me intently and his entire face showed off his love for me, I could not help myself but to smile at him, hoping my expression showed my love for him.

When we reached the clearing our hands disconnected and I walked a few feet ahead of him, still feeling his loving gaze on me as I looked around. There were lanterns hanging from the trees that encircled the meadow filled with long stemmed wild flowers in all different colors, the small pond was a dark blue and the stars and moon were reflected in the water and the waterfall was going lightly, the sound of the water flowing was filling the nights silence.

"Wow, this is so beautiful…I can see why you like coming up here." I said in a low whisper as I looked from place to place, tree to tree, flower to flower.
"I am glad you like it, it's still not all of your present though." He said, his voice shaking slightly.

I turned towards him and walked over to my beautiful boy, the moonlight shining in his eyes, I wrapped my arms around his neck, "Oh? What is it then?" I said teasingly.

He took my hands in his neck and unwrapped them from his neck, his breathing picked up.

Is he nervous…?


Looking at her, feeling her in my arms made my nerves settle a little.

Didn't not stop them completely but it helped them a little…

I kept my hold on her hands as I sank to my knee, a look of surprise and understanding flashed across Bella's face as her eye filled with happiness and excitement.

That look made all of my nerves disappear completely.

"I love you, Bella. With all my heart I love you. I was sad before I met you, I hated this town and was a no body that people liked to tease, but then you came into my life and it all changed. You changed me and made me happy and for that you are the greatest person to ever live. And I want you in my life forever. So, Isabella Marie Swan, will you marry me?"

Bella breathed in a deep breath and a smile spread across her face as she dropped to her knees. She dropped my hands and took my face in her small, soft hands, so our eyes were connected.

I could see her answer.

"Yes, Edward. Yes!" She said, I smiled so big I am sure I showered her all my teeth.

She pulled my face to hers and kissed me deeply, I could feel every emotion she was feeling, all the happiness and love.

"I love you, thank you." I said as I reached into my pants pocket and pulled out the ring box, opening it for her to see, she seemed like she liked enough, her eyes went wide and bright as she looked at it.

"May I put it on your finger, my queen?" She nodded her head quickly, not even looking up from the ring, I chuckled at her but I don't think she heard me.

I guess I am just that great at picking engagement rings.

I took her left hand and kissed her ring finger before sliding the ring on to her finger. I was unprepared for what the sight of seeing proof that she would be mine forever. It awoke feeling of pride, joyfulness, and the feeling of absolute love.

"I love you my Edward. Thank you so much; you have made me so happy right now." I saw tears watering in her eyes but I knew that they were happy ones.

"I love you too, my Bella," I raised my hand up and cupped her cheek, "you made me happy, I was so nervous." She laughed, I guess not understanding why I was nervous.

I then knew no matter when I asked her to marry me, she would have said yes.

"I love you"

"I love you"



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