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These are the first ten and each one is 100 words. This is reasons why Jessie loves Buzz. The next ten will be why Buzz loves Jessie and such and such. One chapter down, nine more to go.

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Chapter One

1) Tell you anything

Buzz and Jessie sat on the windowsill with the sun on their backs and a cool breeze entering through the open window. It's only the two in the room. Despite the beautiful weather, grey clouds hung over Jessie's head. Buzz asks her what's wrong and she turns her head to stare into his concerned sky blue eyes. Jessie's honest and she tells him that it was this day, many years ago, when her old owner placed her in the charity box. Jessie finishes speaking and then Buzz enfolds Jessie in a hug and she realises, she can tell him anything.

2) Tell me everything

Buzz was embarrassed when he started to tell her the story what happened to him when he first arrived at Andy's room. He explained about how he thought he was a human, broke his arm trying to fly, becoming Mrs Nesbit and ending up in a depressed state before Woody made him see sense. When he finished telling her his deepest shame, Jessie stared at him, and he started to get nervous but she wrapped her arms around his neck. He breathed a sigh of relief and Jessie whispers in his ear 'I'm so glad you can tell me everything.'

3) Make me laugh

In Bonnie's bedroom the laughter from Buzz and Jessie echoed out around the house. The toys downstairs froze as they listened to the cowgirl and space ranger giggling wildly. They laughed until their sides hurt and their legs went weak and they bent over still chuckling. After a couple of minutes they caught their breaths back but when their eyes made contact they were roaring with laughter again and collapsed on the floor.

"What were we even laughing about?" Buzz asks when they stop chuckling.

"I have no idea," replied Jessie. It wasn't long until they were both laughing again.

4) Butterflies

Jessie had always been familiar with the human saying of getting butterflies in your stomach when you're around someone you like. She remembered Emily describing that's how she felt about her boyfriend. Before Jessie had met Buzz she had never experienced that type of nervous feeling before. Sure, she had got nervous, but never had she felt the cotton in her stomach constrict and knot and feel like it would never settle. When Buzz entered Al's apartment, trying to persuade Woody to come back with them to Andy's, his eye's briefly glanced at Jessie and she felt nothing but butterflies.

5) Your smile

It's contagious, brightens the room, and cheers her up when she's blue. It's his natural grin, showing his pearly white plastic teeth and dimples crease his cheeks, but each time he smiles at Jessie, she can't help but think it's only for her. It's often partnered with a sparkle in his eye. The gesture is always uplifting in its simplest form. He smiles at her when they share a secret, nobody else knows and he can tell her with a beam that she's the only one for him. Each day Jessie does something for Buzz, just to see his smile.

6) The way you look at me

The raging inferno edges closer. It spits out flames and the heat is unbearable. Jessie glances to her right at Buzz.

"Buzz! What do we do?" He glances up at her and his look breaks her heart. He's looking at her with anxious eyes, something she has never seen. None of them wanted it to end like this. Jessie watched him reach for her hand and grasp it. She looks back up at him to see that he's not anxious to die, he's anxious because he's about to die without telling her how's he's felt about her all these years.

7) Hugs from behind

Jessie was having a conversation with Dolly on a grim Monday morning in November when she felt a pair of strong plastic arms wrap around her waist. In Jessie's view she saw Chuckles walking by and grabbed Dolly by the arm and dragged her off with him. Jessie turned her head to the left and looked down slightly to see Buzz resting his head on her back. He didn't have the height to rest his chin on her shoulder. She placed her hands over his that rested on her stomach and felt Buzz kiss the ring on her pull string.

8) Sing to me

Not that he would let anyone know intentionally, but Buzz was a pretty damn good singer. Jessie was the only one fortunate to know that fact because, he only sang for her. The first time he sang to her it was inside Bonnie's mother's car. Jessie sat herself on top of the passenger headrest, keeping a look out for Bonnie and her mother while Buzz sat in the back on the middle seat. Then out of nowhere Buzz started to sing When Did You Fall by Chris Rice, causing Jessie to stare at him with a surprised yet astonished look.

9) Space

Buzz could talk for weeks to the other toys about the solar system, what elements made up each planet and moons, the big bang, how there were still planets yet to be discovered, the life cycle of a star, what a shooting star was and how to explain what a nebula is. Buzz found the information just as important as humans needed breakfast every morning but for most of the toys in Bonnie's room, they didn't listen to him as he tried to explain. Jessie always listened however, because if it was important to Buzz, it was important to her.

10) Wrestle

On a boring Thursday afternoon at Andy's, Jessie prowled the house, searching for someone to wrestle with. Bullseye or Woody would be the first she'd go after but Andy had taken them to school that morning for show and tell. She had first tried Mr Potato Head but the force of her impact just sent his parts flying in different directions. She had quickly fled the scene before his eyes could notice it was her. Up ahead Buzz caught her attention and she grinned. Her legs picked up the pace and before she pounced she let out a mighty...


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