I sit here, writing these thoughts in hope they will clarify the inner turmoil I suffer. I still amaze me that within several years I have changed; my hopes and dreams are not what I once thought. It seems only yesterday that I was sitting at my school desk, surrounded friends and learning irrelevant facts and figures about life. How foolish I was. Now I am a woman; I must make choices. Not simple ones whether I should do my homework or chores or not. These choices I cannot escape from. What I decided now affects the rest of my life, and subsequently others as well.

Oh, how I hate being an adult! I always thought growing up meant excitement and freedom. Mother made it look so effortless, so uncomplicated. I have no time to myself, no time to think about these decisions, this final decision that looms of me, presses against my chest so hard. What to do? There is no one to talk to, no one who will understand my plight. Where did all my confidents go? When did I become so alone?

A knock resounded from the door. A deep, dull sound. My heart stopped as did my writing. No more time to think or to clarify my mind. My presence is requested in the main hall. My decision is final.

Around a large round table, several men and women sat, watching my entrance. I kept my chin high and face forward, hoping the redness of my eyes wasn't noticeable. There people were ambassadors from other planets and moons, gathered for this important meeting. All eyes were on me; from some I felt sympathy for my situation from those who knew me, others resentment and anger. But none of them were me. How I wish I was anyone but me.

Once I stood in the position allocated to me, I held my breath for a single moment before speaking. This was it. I had to make my decision now, to decide what sacrifices I would make and the ultimate path of my life.

'I would like to thank those present for your attendance and patient. Since the last gathering I have had time to grieve the lost of a beloved queen and mother, as well as consider the offer presented to me. At a difficult time like this I have taken into consideration all your thoughts on the matter at hand. And it is with a happy heart that I accept the earth offer of an alliance and with it the earth prince's proposal of marriage.'

A huge sigh swept across the room. Most announced their congratulations and applauded their pleasure at hearing such news. Now the decision had been made. The Moon Kingdom would be safe because I, Serenity had secured it. Never had I meet this earth prince, but as a lone heir to the moon kingdom none would follow or trust my leadership without a husband. Even though I had no yet had time to live my life, I have to fulfil my duty as the moon princess. It no longer matters what I think, feel or hope. I must now content myself as a wife to a man I have neither laid eyes on before.