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Author's Note


As most of you can imagine, my writing ability has increased dramatically over the three years some of these fics have been updated. As such I've decided to go back and correct my older works to bring them up to my current writing ability.

To reiterate my earlier points the Shinobi Nations do not exist in the W.I.T.C.H. World. The Naruto world existing in any society where the technology is not the same is ridiculous. Some great mystical veil or nonsense I have seen other authors use is nothing more than lazy writing. Such sloppiness is a shortcut to give a well thought out reason for circumstances that take detail and time to explain.

I can believe in worlds like One Piece, possibly Inuyasha, but it's hard to believe advance worlds like in Final Fantasy would have gone on with such technological advances and wouldn't come across the Elemental Nations. The belief of no outside contact within the expected time frames make me laugh at how little thought the authors of such story put into the work.

As before I hope you guys enjoy my rendition of this story. Formerly known as Pyro the Firegod's Naruto is pissed, but with the added bonus of my Late 2013 writing ability instead of early 2011.


Story Start


A thrill of excitement coursed through the blond as the plane began its descent. At long last he would be visiting another country composed of even more cultures he only faintly interacted with. He spent over a year studying the language of customs of the country. "Uzumaki Naruto, Foreign exchange student." The young man mused as he looked out the window. As far as the eyes could see he could see airport workers, vehicles, planes being refueled and the promise of endless evening skies. "Doesn't sound anywhere as cool as Shinobi or warhero." He silently contemplated to himself, but then again considering he took the offer that brought him here he supposed he didn't have much right to complain.

Naruto looked at the paper of his host's name. To think that this time period still had practices like this. Back in his world the closest equivalent to the foreign exchange programs of his world were more like trades or barters made between two promises clans for power and prestige. It was another thing that greatly different like the meaning of names and their importance.

He once more read over the name of the family that would be fostering him. Will. He wondered what kind of person this Will was. What did it stood for? And maybe it was him still adjusting, but isn't Will's a guy name? A flight attendant walked up and asked him if he needed anything and kindly replied no. The plane came to a stop and the shuffling of the other passengers signified their ready to get off the plane after the long flight. Not that he blamed them; being cooped up for over twelve and a half hours he couldn't wait to stretch his legs.

He was not the only person that was rather anxious. Inside the airport the Vandoms were waiting for Naruto. "Why do I have to be here?'' One, extremely bored Wilhelmina Vandom quietly muttered to herself. The question came out more of a whine then she intended too. The redhead tasseled with her bobcut styled hair for the fiftieth time. Waiting at an Airport in general was practically torture for a normal person let alone a teenager. Will couldn't help but wonder why her mother Susan insisted that she come to the airport to meet some guy from the foreign exchange program.

She wasn't even sure if she was pronouncing his name right. She mentally once more tried to pronounce it which was futile for the most part until she met him. This guy was probably some guy that couldn't speak Italian. She held up the sign that said Uzumaki's name.

The plane had landed and the airport workers went to work. The plane was opened up and the luggage was being put on the vehicle. The door was opened as the area was cleared for people to come out. Soon a rush of foreigners came rushing out of the tunnel leading from the plane.

One huge passenger barreled passed them, knocking Will down not so much as offering a sorry. She was about to say something mean but a hand appeared in front of her face. Will looked at its owner.

He was a young man, about her age with dark spiky blond hair that was stylized in tufts and seemed to defy gravity. Her eyes matched his and she couldn't help but liken the cerulean orbs to the sky. She could see the curiosity and friendliness in his eyes. His outfit surprised her as it was well, by her perception, 'normal.' Blue jeans, Black Tennis, and a White sleeveless T-shirt with the exception of some sort of weird energy spiral thing. Though what stood out was the weird cat like marks on his cheeks.

''So are you going to take my hand or do you want to check me out some more?'' the young man teased her with a grin. He cocked his head slightly as his hand was still extended.

Will was snapped from her thoughts by his words. Her cheeks flushed in embarrassment as she took his hand. After he helped her up Will dusted off her jeans. "Thank you," Will remarked as she played with her necklace, a bad habit she had when embarrass.

"No problem," he responded as he bent down to pick up the sign she dropped. He flipped it over and read it. "I'm Uzumaki Naruto, nice to meet you,'' he greeted properly as he held the sign against him.

Will blinked. 'Did he just say his name backwards?' she thought to herself. It took her a moment before she remembered what Hay Lin told her about how some eastern cultures introduced themselves by last name then first name. "I'm Will Vandom and this is my mom Susan." She pointed to the woman who now joined them.

Naruto then turned to greet the older woman. ''Nice to meet you Vandom-san.'' he said with a slight vow.

''Nice to meet you too Naruto.'' the woman greeted as the blond couldn't help but smile. All this morning and last night damn near everyone refered to him as Nay-ruh-toe. There wasn't a drawn out A or y in his name damnit. It was nice to see that someone was able to get his name right. ''I know this nice restaurant we can stop buy as soon as you collect your things will head there.''

Naruto nodded, a grin forming on his face at the prospect of something nice to eat. Anything was better than Airplane food. The car ride was relatively quiet as Naruto enjoyed the sites of the city. It was interesting seeing the infrastructure and the styles of the people of this country. After enjoying lunch Naruto was able to move his things into the guest room as Will was volunteered to give the blond a tour of town. The next day rolled around where Will would show Naruto where Sheffield Institute was at.

''Are we eating again?'' he asked in amusement as they came to a stop in front of the Silver Dragon. ''You can pack it away huh?'' he followed up with as Will's face matched her hair color.

"I told you already were picking up a friend of mine.''

''Oh...ok,'' he responded as someone exited the restaurant. She was surprisingly daintier then Will long dark raven hair. Her skin had a yellowish tint, thin eyes and lithe form. She was of Asian descent and something about this girl felt familiar. She had an air about her that caused a slight heartache in Naruto's chest.

"Who's this?" the girl asked with a hint of curiosity.

"Hay Lin this is Naruto, the guy I told you about from the exchange program. Naruto, this is one of my friends Hay Lin." Will introduced the two of them.

"Nice to meet you." Naruto greeted as he took the girl's hand. In that moment he was able to sense her power.

'These girls have an unusual power. Did you sense it? It grew when they were in the same vicinity.''

'Yeah I noticed.' Naruto responded to Kurama. 'It feels familiar.'

''There's something unusual about the necklace the red haired one has. Something oddly familiar. You be wise to keep an eye on this one.'

Naruto said nothing in response and remained silent for the rest of the walk to school. Soon he was introduced to the rest of Will's friends. There was Irma, a brown haired girl that was quite developed for her age and reminded Naruto of the scent of the ocean for some odd reason.

Then there was the girl who reminded him of some of the denizens of Kumo, Taranee, dark skin and she had glasses which reminded him of his cousin Karin. Though despite the girl's shy nature there was indeed great warmth from her. And then there was the Cornelia Girl, for a moment he almost mistook her for Ino. But something about this girl reminded him of his time with training with the toads then the electric like mind walker who was fierce in tongue and mind.

Anyway that much didn't matter. He was more or less focused on enjoying the food he was served during lunch.

Will sat on one side of him; Irma on the other, next to her was Taranee, then Cornelia, then Hay Lin, and last Caleb. Caleb seemed kind of ticked that he couldn't sit next to Cornelia.

"How much Japanese do you know Naruto-Chan?" Irma asked him in broken Japanese.

Naruto looked at her. "Chan is something you say to someone you find endearing. You use chan for babies, young children, and teenage girls. You can also use it in third person as a childish affect when referring to one self and it should never be used to a superior as it's condescending and rude. But if you want Irma-chan I can teach you quite a bit. Japanese I mean.'' he finished with a playful smirk as the others unsuccessful fought back a snicker at the now red-faced Irma.

Time seemed to fly by. School let out and soon enough it began to get dark. It wasn't all that noticeable as most of the time was soaked in the amusement of Naruto correcting a bit of Irma's grammar. Surprisingly enough she seemed to make quite the progress from his lessons.

"Its getting dark I think we should get going Will." he noted.

"Yeah I think you're right Naruto," Will said reluctantly. She really didn't want to worry her mom by staying out too late, yet again. They got up and got various goodbyes from everybody.

When it got dark in Heatherfield it got dark fast. As they went on distance between the two of them grew. Naruto who was still checking out the neighborhood paid little mind to the slower pace Will was taking. The sound of slithering caught Will's attention resulting in Naruto slowly leaving Will's sight.

"The heart, guardian." The familiar hiss coursed through her ear. Will swore and transformed using the heart. Will had fired electrical like energy at the creature only for him to be grazed by. Cedric's new speed surprised Will immensely. The only time Cedric showed that level of speed was when he was empowered by Phobos during the ceremony the latter tempted to steal his sister's power.

And with this newfound speed he hooked his hands around her neck. Obviously the girl wasn't trained in terms of hand to hand combat. Before Cedric could continue the sound of chirping birds caught his attention. He looked up in time to see a bright flash.


Pain! Burning pain coursed through Cedric's body as a lightning covered hand pierced his shoulder. He quickly yanked at his blood began seeping from the wound. The mysterious attacker caught Will with his other arm. Cedric made the decision to retreat, between his injury and the unknown nature of this of this being the fight suddenly turned from his favor.

Naruto looked down at Will who was now once more in her civilian form. The girl looked like she would lose consciousness at any moment not to mention the deep marks on her neck. What was he going to tell Ms. Vandom if he took Will home like this? Naruto shook his head, decided he would focus on getting her medical treatment first and worry about the rest later.


Chapter End


Well hope you guys are enjoying the rewritten Naruto is Pissed so far. This chapter is so far above the previous rewrite that its ridiculous to think how much my writing style has changed. Anyway with that said hope you guys enjoy the next update.