Note From The Author

Hello, ok then. This story is based on the PS2 game because the series is too creepy for me haha. It's been getting on my nerves recently that Gregory Hotel is full of gore, and evilness, I don't even want to think about those poor dogs with axes in their heads! Poor Papa and Dog! So, I made this story (Just a one shot) to show that Gregory Hotel doesn't have to be so evil! Don't worry, I will be making more of these GHS (Gregory Horror Show) stories, some may be evil, some may not.

So, after that long and boring message, I give you, "What If Gregory Hotel Wasn't Evil?"


Gregory Horror Show: What If Gregory Hotel Wasn't Evil?

It was summer time in Gregory Hotel and they got more guests than ever.

Angel/Devil Dog stood at the big doors that were painted light brown which made it look cheerful, and greeted the many guests as they went inside to check in.

There were long queues to the desk at the entrance.

Gregory greeted them and signed them in while James showed them to their rooms.

Neko was no longer called 'Neko Zombie'. He was called just 'Neko'.

He didn't ever have an accident with Gregory, and he had fine, purple glossy fur with a white patch on his eye. Neko sat just outside the garden watching all the children play in the sunlight, while Catherine sat on a deck chair reading her favourite weekly magazine, 'Life Of A Nurse'.

Catherine was no longer a 'Blood obsessed scary nurse who nearly kills everyone', she is now an ordinary nurse who likes to help people in the hotel when they are down or stuck with something.

Mummy Papa was in the kitchen making ice pops with Hell's Chef.

Mummy Papa was no longer a 'germ freak, or a maniac with an axe stuck in his head', he was now simply just an ordinary chocolate furred Labrador that had fallen over and hit his head and bandaged it up. Hell's Chef had changed too. He wasn't an 'evil spirit with a huge butcher's knife which makes him look like he's in a horror film' anymore, he was now just an ordinary chef with a small knife that is used everyday to cut bread and food. He still had the white uniform on, but didn't have a candle wick stuck to his head.

Judgment Boy was holding a class in his 'Judgment Room' for he believed children should still have a good education. While Judgment Boy Gold was training all the 'Judgment Boy's' so they could all have the opportunity to be as good as he is.

'Lost Doll' girl was in the garden holding a gardening club for she knew that a lot of guests would be fascinated by plants like she is. She is no longer a 'half Chucky, half girl', she is now just an ordinary girl and everyone calls her 'Sarah'.

Everyday, the guests and managers try their best's to make sure everything is ship-shape for the new arrivals.

So this just proves that Gregory and his friends don't have to be so evil and strange, and it can be a normal place just to relax, and rest your tired soul.

Note From The Author

Hopefully, I will be making more stories or chapters about these. What do you think? Leave the answer in your reviews please and thanks for reading.