He laid there on the floor, sobbing. Denmark stood above him, his huge foot crushing his side.

"D-Den...mark... P-Please stop...!" Norway whimpered as his side began to whine in pain.

Denmark smirked, took his foot off of Norway's side and proceeded to kick Norway square in the chest, making the poor nation fly across the room. Norway's breathing slowed, everything got dark, and the last thing he heard was the pound of heavy boots on the floor and a shut of a door.

Iceland slowly walked up the snow covered sidewalk that lead to his brothers house, his white boots showing invisibly against the snow. When he reached the door, he knocked and then proceeded to stomp off the snow on his boots.

No Answer...

He knocked again...

No Answer...

Iceland began to worry. He rummaged around in a potted plank near the door for Norway's spare key. Once he found the item, he unlocked the door.

It was quiet... No T.V... No soft music playing... Nothing. This worried Iceland. There was always some sound coming from the living room or upstairs where Norway would play his violin. But what also worried him was that there was a slight smell of blood in the air.

He looked in the kitchen, nothing... He looked in Norway's Office, still nothing...

He made his way upstairs to look in his brother's room and what he found was traumatizing to the young nation...

"Nor!" Iceland ran up to his brothers body. Norway's clothing (Or whatever was left) was stained with blood, his face was pale, cut up and bruised, along with the rest of his body.

Iceland took Norway's hand and checked for a pulse, the results not good. Norway was still alive, but barely. Iceland took his cell phone out of his pocket and called the Hospital. Then he called Finland and Sweden. He was going to call Denmark, but he didn't think he could be serious enough to help out.

Finland and Sweden got there a couple minutes after the ambulance did. Neighbors stood outside and watched as the poor Norwegian was taken away. A couple came up to Iceland, asking in Norwegian what happened. He tried his best to explain but his Norwegian wasn't the best to begin with. Somehow they understood.

Once every watcher went back inside, Sweden got into the car and started it up, Finland contacted Norway's boss and Iceland went inside Norway's house. Inside, he grabbed a a new outfit for Norway and some shoes (which they forgot to put on the Norwegian before he was taken off). He also grabbed his brothers toothbrush, toothpaste and hairbrush.

Once Norway was sent to immediate care in the hospital, Iceland, Finland and Sweden waited calmly in the waiting room outside of the Operating room. Well... two out of the three were staying calm. Iceland was on the brother of calm and freaking out. Many questions were running through his head. Who did this to his brother? Is his brother going to be ok? How is he going to find the person who did this to his brother? Who, What, When, and Why ran through his mind. He slowly started to feel tears build in his violet eyes, blurring out the hospital hallway.

Iceland knew little of how long he has been crying. All he knows is that he is being held by a very worried Fin and an overly protective Swede. Iceland dug his head into Finland's shoulder, soaking it with tears that he has been holding in for probably a couple hours now.

Iceland pulled his head from Finland's shoulder as a doctor walked into the room. His white doctors coat was as clean as a baby who just got out of a bathtub, his light green dress shirt matched well with his white tie and white pants. Very professional, that's for sure. Iceland wiped his eyes clear of any left over tears because he want to try to save whatever pride ha had leftover.

"Are you the family who is waiting for the news on Erik?" The doctor asked. Sweden, Finland and Iceland nodded.

"Well, I got some good news... and some bad news..."


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