Genres: Romance

Rating: MA - Sexual Content

Pairings: Inuyasha x Kagome

Warnings: Lemon~ness. Detailed sexual content. Don't read if you don't like.

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha or any of the characters.

Author's Note: After a long few years in hibernation, I have awoke. I noticed that my Lemon Chapters for Rin and Sesshy was quite popular while I was away. So I decided to continue my promise and make my Inuyasha and Kagome Lemon chapter. Enjoy and Review!

Lemon Chapters I&K

Chapter One: When They Are Ripe

Part One

Oh, there would be sweat, she thought, and screams - of pleasure of course. She was nervous at the idea of losing her virginity, but the fantasy of making Inuyasha surrender to his desire for her certainly got her juices flowing.

Kagome felt a pounding heat spread across her cheeks like wild fire. She was just a young teenage girl, she should not be having such thoughts! But the ache inbetween her legs was a feeling she was familiar with since the day she laid eyes on her silver haired hanyou. Usually she had her other friends to distract her from such embarrassing thoughts while she was around Inuyasha, but it was once again just her and him alone. That surprisingly was becoming a problem, for she preferred to be in the safety of her own bedroom just in case she felt the urge to let her hand wander...

"What are you staring at?" Inuyasha barked from his perch in the tree. He had been noticing her stare in increasing amounts as their nights alone continued. He often caught wind of an unfamiliar scent coming from her, which gave his body an uncomfortable and involuntary reaction.

Jolting back from the surprise of the sudden sound of his voice, Kagome turned her head quickly in another direction. She forced a cough to clear her throat as the blush she had began to burn even brighter. The canopy of the trees sheilded his face from her view, causing her to believe his stillness meant he was asleep.

When he received no answer, Inuyasha leaped from his perch in the tree and landed in a crouched position in front of Kagome, his fists on the forest's floor. He leaned in slightly to try and catch a deeper whiff of her smell, his eyes furrowed and locked on her face to distract her from his actions.

"Well, what're you doing in my space?" Kagome snapped, anger her only defense to her embarrassment. She moved her face in closer to his and sat up on her knees in a more aggressive posture to try and get the upper hand.

"I am trying to figure out why you stink so bad!" Inuyasha yelled, standing to his feet to posture over the priestess.

Kagome gasped in shock, but quickly stood, placing her hands back on her hips and yelling back, "If I stank so bad, then why get so close?" This would be the part in her fantasy where the hanyou would grab her and pull her to his warm body and told her he liked the scent of her body before crushing his lips to hers in desire.

"I figured with all that junk you haul around, you would have something to make you smell better," Inuyasha's tone was light and smug. He turned away from her while he had spoke, crossing his arms and closing his eyes, bringing his chin up ever so slightly in arrogance. He waited for a retort, but when he heard none he peaked one eye open and glanced over his shoulder to see the girl walking away. He quickly turned completely around and yelled, "Hey! Just where do you think you're going?"

Kagome stopped for a second and yelled back, "Down wind!" and stomped off toward the hot spring she had visited earlier that day.

"If it didn't work before, what makes you think bathing is going to work now?" Inuyasha hollared in the distance as he watched her walk farther away.

Once again, the priestess stopped and yelled without turning her head in his direction, "Sit boy!" She waited for the satisfying yelp of pain before continuing on her way.

Part Two

How embarrassing, Kagome thought as she sank into the steaming water. She should have stayed longer to bathe and not let Inuyasha's insufferable whinning keep her from cutting it short. She grumbled when he came across her mind, closing her eyes and leaning against a rock in the water. She did not understand how someone that drove her so crazy could be the object of her fantasies.


His body, warm and naked, crashing against hers in the heat of passion. Their lips locking and tongues dancing. Hands roaming and pleasure exploding.

Kagome let a drawled sigh leave her throat before she bit her bottom lip. She let her hands roam over her breasts and down her stomach, teasing her womanhood with the tips of her fingers. She moaned in pleasure as she allowed her middle finger to enter her tight vaginal canal while her index finger rubbed her swollen nub at the top of her pussy. While one hand pleasured her throbbing aches inbetween her legs, she teased her own nipples with the other, letting her mouth open in ecstasy.

Her heart raced as thoughts of her silver-haired hanyou spread through her mind. She fantasied of him gasping as he entered her virgin holes and hearing him moan her name. His hand and mouth would find her breasts and he nipped playfully at the sensitive skin as his thrusts deepened inside her...

"Inuyasha!" She moaned in deep pleasure as her fingers rubbed her clitoris aggressively. She finally felt herself reach climax, her vaginal muscles tensing and releasing again and again in orgasmic pleasure. She allowed her fingers to slow and gently stroked herself as she waited for her heavy breathing to calm, a small smile tugging at the side of her lips.

Near the edge of the hot springs, enveloped in the darkness of the night and trees, a certain hanyou had a large blush burning across his cheeks. He watched in awe as he saw the priestess pleasure herself, unsure if his eyes were simply playing a trick on him at first.

His body reacted again, like it had done to the delicious scent Kagome eminated which he had previously mocked. He adjusted his throbbing member to a more comfortable position, relishing in the pleasure he gave himself when he squeeze it in his hand. He contemplated allowing himself to release the pressure that was building below belt, but stopped when he heard his name.

Inuyasha had froze, staring intently at the girl as she smiled and panted. Had she seen him? he wondered. After a moment, he released the breath he had held upon hearing his name and allowed his muscles to relax. Had she been thinking about him?