A/N: Hi guys! Simplywoven is back from the dead...at least for the time being! This is the first installment in what is eventually going to be a collection of 100 prompted fics. There is more information about the project on my page! Basically, this takes place at the beginning of the plot that will make up all of the installments I write for this story, and it kind of lays out how Kerry and Kim got back together, which is how they'll remain for the other 99 installments. I've only got a few others written, and I'm not sure how frequently this will be updated (what's new, right?), but I'm excited about this little project! Let me know what you think!

001: Beginnings

Kerry's pale fingers wove in and out of her lover's soft tresses. The curls were looser than she remembered, and the blonde had allowed them to grow out so they fell to the middle of her pale back. Kerry worked calmly, her hands gentle and her breathing slow.

Kim sighed softly and pushed herself further into the nook that was created by the redhead's body. The scent of lust and love and new beginnings filled the room, and they were coated with a light layer of perspiration that made their skin feel as if it were melded into one, thin suit.

The pair had spent the previous evening renewing their relationship: so much had changed in the past few years, and so much needed to be resolved from the previous life they shared. They began covering the bases of their lives over dinner and dessert, at the restaurant and in bed, but even after that they were only just beginning; there were so many small details and facts and anecdotes that they'd yet to touch on, and so many life events had yet to be covered.

Still, they'd already learned that either person was almost completely different, completely new; they'd each been reborn, in a way. Kim, for instance, had in fact fled to California after the Wallace incident, and she had quickly acquired a position at Langley Porter Psychiatric Hospital, which is where she remained for the following six years. Within her first six months in the Golden State, she met Emily.

Emily was an artist, gallery owner, and a free spirit, and the pair had met at a mutual friend's photography show. They toured the gallery together and, by the end of the night, had exchanged numbers. After a couple of dates they were a couple and, four months after they first met, were living together, in typical lesbian fashion.

Kim continued to explain that, three years after first meeting Emily, she gave birth to her now-three year old twins, Eli and Max.

"Wow, two boys?" Kerry had asked as they sipped their glasses of wine back at Kerry's house.

Kim shook her head and explained that Max was short for Maxine, her daughter, and that the three year old was as polar opposite from a boy that a girl could possibly get.

The blonde went on to explain that the couple split up after she found out Emily had been unfaithful throughout their relationship, and that, just weeks before the twins' second birthday, the artist was killed in a car crash while she was on her way home from a gallery opening. The driver who hit her had been under the influence, and their children had been granted a fair sum from the trial, but nothing could fill the void that Max and Eli had been left with.

Kerry nodded in sympathetic understanding and could see tears in Kim's bright eyes as she told the story. She knew, however, that they weren't tears of self-pity; they were tears for her children, tears for their loss, and were tears that Kerry knew and understood on a similar level. Kim's love and adoration for her children was clear to Kerry as they sat together, and she suddenly felt as if she'd never seen a more beautiful woman: the maternal pride and love was the most attractive thing she'd ever seen. The feeling overcame her, and the air became thick. With all reserves down, Kerry found herself pulling the blonde towards her and felt her lips crash against Kim's.

The rest of the evening was a blur, but as they lay in bed the next morning, neither Kim nor Kerry really cared; without the exchange of words they both knew they'd share the beautiful experience again and again and again.

Kim turned around gently, lying so her face was only inches from Kerry's. She placed her hand on top of Kerry's side gently, brushing her knuckles upwards against the smooth skin. "Can I say that I love you?" Kim asked, her voice hardly a whisper.

Pink lips turned upwards into a small smile and Kerry nodded. "Always."