I'm dedicating this to Katie, my fellow Klaine shipper. Get better soon!




Three words. Three little words. Three teeny tiny words, and yet, they meant so much. They accomplished so much.

It's not like it was a declaration of undying love. No, it was much more. To tell a person "I love you." is a big deal; but it was simple in comparison. It had been done before; it was necessary in any serious relationship. Love, it was a big deal, but finding the actual words to share your feelings? It wasn't even a chore. "I love you." You've been saying it since you were a child.

Now Blaine's words, "you move me," they meant so much more; because he not only said them, but because he chose them as well. Blaine Anderson was moved by Kurt Hummel. He wasn't in love. He wasn't star-struck. He was moved.

The very tilt of his world had been altered, changing the way he would live, how he would see, do, and hear things forever.

And it was all because of Kurt.