Chapter 1 – The calm before the storm

"This is certainly unexpected. How long would you assume these effects could last?

"I don´t know for sure... The amount and type of ingredients used creates a very volatile substance that reacts in a very chaotic way. It could well last between a couple of hours or days, even weeks at worst," Chopper said all puzzled.

Chopper found himself in a bit of a predicament. Robin had asked him if it was possible to modify his rumble ball to suit the powers of other fruit users, herself more specifically. The process of making rumble balls had become second nature to Chopper, but the idea of creating a new ball for Robin was going to prove difficult.

"Then I guess there´s nothing more to it then. It might be a little different, but I don´t see any reason why it cause any major problem."

"But what about the others? Shouldn't we tell them about this?"

"They´ll find out sooner or later. But I think we should keep it a secret between the two of us until we have it working as intended," Robin said with a reassuring smile.

Chopper tried his best not to blush too much and for some unexplained reason the blushes seem to project themselves even on the outside of his fur. He was just happy that Robin believed in him so. Robin adored the little doctor and his cute antics. The conversation went on as Chopper explained all the possible side effects Robin could get from consuming the ball. He had to make sure she knew everything there was if he were to help her if anything happened.

"I´ll be fine, Chopper. If it becomes too much, I will just have to find something to cover it, right?"

She left the little reindeer's office with a slight chuckle as she closed the door behind her. Poor Chopper scratched his head and wondered what he could have done wrong with the formula. He was positive that he had mixed it properly. Even though he had made a mistake, it had remained a small one. Chopper did his best to stay confident; in the worst case he could always drag her back for more studies or make frequently checkups on any unforeseen developments.

The day was a very bright and sunny one. There were a few clouds and a couple birds, even a school of fishes who were joyfully mocking the ships sharpshooter by jumping beside the float of his fishing rod. They aptly dodged the provocative words that were thrown at them as a response. Franky had suggested they could try his new invention which he had obviously named after himself. Otherwise known to some as "The Shitty Machinegun" after momentarily seeing what the commotion was about. Sanji swiftly returned to swooning the fair maiden before him and kept showering her in many different delicacies. This of course earned him a snarl from the ship's more serious member. Zoro watched as everyone did away with all their concerns of more pressing matters. He knew that his nap, at least, was more than justified. He had recently overcome his previous record for the number of "Upside down, thumb push-ups" he could do. Zoro dropped his thoughts and tried to drift away into his sleep once more. This, unfortunately, wasn't going to happen.

A massive, thunderous boom filled the skies, as if the world itself had ruptured and been divided by a single cataclysmic event. The sound pierced the air, splitting the sea and shattering the very fabric of space and time. Luffy had been struck by what could only be described as the apocalypse itself. The fist of God had descended upon the heretic with unrivaled fury, no doubt judging the foul being and its atrocious actions towards everything good and just. The connection of fist and face had no doubt been the origin of the sound. And the Captain found himself being "projectile'd" backwards with a ferocious force. A thin line of smoke rose from the fist, assuring its spectators that "The smack" had been laid and thoroughly brought to the required level and beyond. This would of course be the way Usopp would have told the story to any person who had not witnessed what had actually happened.

"******* BAKA!"

"Why did you hit me, Nami!?" Luffy winched, rubbing his swollen face and glared at the orange, blurry thing in front of him.

"Why would I NOT hit you? You ate my money!"

"I only ate a little!"

*SMACK* "What the hell made you think, even slightly, that eating MY MONEY would be a GOOD idea!?"

"But I´ve never tasted money before..." Luffy tried his best at making the most adorable puppy face he could.


"Yohohoho... Going for pink today, Nami-san?"

Nami didn´t care much for Brook's comment. She was way too busy pummeling the "rubber" out of Luffy.

"Stop ogling Nami-swan, you rattling pervert!" Sanji's comment caused Zoro to heighten his right eyebrow at the chef, what a hypocrite.

"You´re the one to talk, ero-whirlpool..."

"Eeh, looks like the shitty rail-decoration grew enough IQ to speak" Sanji retorted

"You wanna fight?" Zoro replied, veins popping up on his forehead.

"Bring it, moss-head!"

Just as the two were about to charge at each other, no doubt ending with the entire crew ducking for cover, Robin decided to intervene.

"Oh look at the time, isn´t it time for dinner soon, Sanji?" Robin asked with a seductive smile.

"FOOOOOOOD! Oi, Sanji! Is it time for food?! I´m hungry!"

"Shut the hell up, Shitty-Rubber! But more importantly... YES, ROBIN-CHWAAAAN! I´ll get to work on preparing the most captivating feast possible for you two beautiful ladies! You shitty men can eat too."

Robin chuckled slightly at how easy it was control the situation. It had become a minor hobby of hers, playing a little with the heart-shaped chef and her meat-eyed captain. The added bonus was saving Luffy from certain death as Nami could be quite scary when provoked. Luffy, undeterred by what had just happened to his face, was now found bugging Usopp and Franky while eagerly waiting to stuff his face full of food. Nami sat herself down beside Robin and took a bite off of one of the many cookies Sanji had left them earlier. She seemed a lot calmer after venting her frustration and had most likely put the captain in debt for the rest of his life for eating her money.

"Aaaah, that idiot... He never learns. Doesn´t matter how many times I try to beat it into him, he still does stupid things."

"You shouldn´t be too hard on the poor captain, he´s just curious," Robin chuckled.

"I know, but he should know better than to EAT. MY. MONEY. And you know what they say about curiosity. By the way, Robin, how come you´re wearing pants at day like this? It´s way too hot to be wearing anything like that."

"Oh? It hadn't occurred to me, but I can go change into something lighter if you want?" Robin said, winking at Nami.

"Haha! I couldn´t care less if you ran around naked on the ship, whatever makes you comfortable!" Nami responded, slightly blushing at the idea of a naked Robin.

"I´ll remember that next time I´m faced with indecisiveness when picking clothing."

"But please consider the crew first. Could you imagine how Sanji would react if he saw you all naked!"

"I'm pretty sure, Sanji wouldn't complain," Robin smiled.

"There wouldn't be many who'd complain at that."

"Would you?" Robin said with a smirk.

"Of course I wouldn't!" A drop of sweat came down Nami's forehead when she realized what she had just said. Robin gave off a hearty laugh, Nami was too cute.

The time passed on the ship like any other day, it was filled with laughter and joy and the occasional beatings of course. Dinner time grew closer and the crew grew weary, fearing what would come. They knew that they couldn't let their guard down, not even for a single moment; otherwise that vacuum cleaner of a human would steal and consume all their food. It was always like this before any major event where food was presented in large portions. Both Nami and Robin chatted away in peace, both unaware of the events that were about to unfold before them.

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