Chapter 2 – A growing concern

"Waaaaah! Are you trying to kill me!?


"I only took a little, you greedy jerk!"

"Do it again and I will slice you into tiny pieces!"


Yes, it´s food-time on the Sunny, and what could be more normal than Luffy trying to steal the food from his friends? Although, they were becoming more and more experienced at warding off the hyperactive black hole. Everyone was having a great time eating and talking about various different things. Franky and Usopp talked about their usual mechanical endeavors and various inventions they were working on. Brook was having the time of his life watching Zoro fend off the captain's continuous assaults on his food. And Sanji, of course, was busy making sure the ladies had everything they needed during the dinner.

"Would the two angels of heaven care for a glass of wine to accompany today's dish?"

"Why yes, Sanji," Robin said, rewarding Sanji's behavior with a smile.

"Anything for my beautiful Robin-Chwan and Nami-Swan!"

"Oi! Cook-bro! Can I have some more Cola over here? I would be suuuuper thankful!

"And get me some more booze, Curly-cook…"

"Get your own shitty booze, shitty-marimo. And there is more cola in the fridge, Franky. I have to attend these lovely ladies first!"

"It´s okay, Sanji, me and Robin are fine, go help the others."

"If that´s your wish! Hey, Luffy! Stop stealing food you shitty-rubber! There's plenty more on the way!"

The meal went on as expected, but unbeknownst to the rest of the crew and Nami, Robin was having some problems. She was a bit red and was breathing a tad bit heavier than what would be considered normal.

"Hey, Robin, are you feeling alright? You look a little warm," Nami said, slightly concerned.

"Y-yes, I'm fine. I think the heat got to me. But it´s nothing serious, I assure you."

"See, I told you that being fully dressed at a day like this was a bad idea. Your face is all red and you´re sweating all over. Maybe you should take a shower to cool down? Unless you're getting sick of course."

Nami had no idea that the redness on Robin's face was actually blushes slowly spreading across her face. Robin did her best to conceal her "problem", but it proved more and more difficult as time progressed. It had helped quite a bit that to use one of her hands to hide it, but it was starting to feel good. She just had to endure this for a little bit longer, she thought. She straightened up and took away her troubled expression and assured Nami that it was nothing special. Nami chuckled slightly after receiving Robin patented smile and knew that she had no real reason to worry. She did find her behavior a bit odd though, but she couldn´t place her thumb on what exactly. In the end she quickly discarded the thoughts as she just assumed herself to be a bit paranoid, Robin wasn't the only one affected by the heat after all.

On Robin's side however, her "problem" had grown and become a very serious concern for her. The side effect was taking its toll and her hand did the best it could do to keep it suppressed, but she no longer knew if she could keep her mask on. She breathed faster and her eyes were glancing off to places where they usually never visited. She tried to calm herself and eat like she´d normally do, but her hand was trembling. She did her best but her hand started moving up and down her thigh and she found herself unable to stop. Nami had noticed what she was doing; she had been sitting next to Robin the entire meal after all. She tried to be sneaky about and not stare too obviously. But she was really confused to what Robin was doing. She was just running her hand up and down… a bulge in her pants? Nami was really puzzled, but obviously Robin had something big in her pocket that was irritating her.

"Excuse me, I´m going to take a shower. Today's heat has been a little too much for me."

"Oh, okay. I´ll make sure to save some food for you later then."

"That would be so sweet of you, Sanji."


Robin picked up her book she had been holding on to the entire day and held in front of whatever was in her pocket as she rose from her seat. She slowly walked out of the dining room, pressing the book against her. Nami was watching the entire time, something was not right here. She didn't know what, but she decided that it was better to ask Robin later.

After dinner the crew went about their usual activities, or at least they tried. Luffy was causing some mayhem again, but that was beside the point, Nami had to figure out what was wrong with Robin. As if her thoughts were heard, Robin had emerged from the showers, looking just fine. But Nami was hell-bent on getting some answers. But instead of just, you know, asking Robin, she thought the best course of action was to sneak up and spy on her. Nami followed Robin around the ship pretending to be busy with whatever she could find. She was so focused on the Archeologist that she hadn't noticed she was making a balloon-animal out of Luffy. But that was technically not anything new; she did that all the time when he had acted like a retard. I had become natural for her, strangling her captain that is. Ignoring the obstacle at hand, Nami kept her eyes peeled on Robin. Why she would wear the same kind of tight pants after what had happened was outside the boundaries of her understanding. Her top was not out of place, being very revealing and suitable in this weather. Those pants must be extremely warm, she muttered. Maybe the heat wasn't the issue, maybe it was that weird thing she had in her pocket during dinner. She couldn't see it anymore, so she must've taken it out after she left. She dropped the twisted and puzzled remnant of her captain, and followed Robin to the girl's quarters. Enough spying she thought and entered the room.

"Did you see something you liked?"

Nami jumped and yelped as she had not even had time to close the door behind her. She quickly turned around and saw Robin standing in front of her. She had taken off her pants and now held them in front her, folded over her arms. Robin smiled at Nami, quite pleased as she had managed to startle the poor cat.

"It's rude to stare, you know."

Nami froze at the very second the words had left Robin's mouth. Dang it… Robin chuckled at the blushing Nami. How embarrassing being caught peeking at your friend.

"You know, there´s nothing wrong with liking other women, but I do recommend talking to them instead. I think we both would agree that peeping is a nasty habit."

"Ah, you noticed huh?"

"It was quite obvious."

"Haha… Well you don´t need to worry, it's not something I'm going to continue with."

"Oh. Was it unsatisfactory?

"No! I didn´t mean it like that! You are very hot bu… Wait, that's not what I meant!

Robin couldn´t help but to laugh at Nami, she was quite fond at teasing the poor girl. She was really adorable when embarrassed.

"May I ask why you were peeping to start with?"

"Well, you have been acting kind of weird the entire day, the choice of clothes on such a warn day and then how you were during dinner. Is there´s something wrong, Robin?"

Robin knew she couldn´t fool Nami any longer. Hiding it would only cause the little cat to snoop around more and more. It was better if she just told her about it.

"You're right, Nami. I have had… A growing concern the last 24 hours or so, but there is no need to worry as it isn´t something bad, I assure you."

"So… What is it?"

"I think it's better if I showed you."

With that, Robin slowly dropped her arms and let them naturally fall to the side with the arm holding them. Nami's eyes naturally drew themselves downwards towards the shifting scenery. Nami's eyes grew larger and larger as the realization of what she was seeing hit her. There it was, the thing Robin had "carried" in her pants all this time, twitching slightly. She couldn't believe it. Robin chuckled as she saw Nami's face flare up with a bright, red color. There she stood, staring like a moron with her mouth wide open.

"Why, and how, can you have an erection!?"

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