Disclaimer: saddly Harry Potter doesn't belong to me, if it did Fred wouldn't of died :(

note: This happens in book 6 after Quidditch practice. Harry/Ginny.

Broom Cupboard

"Oohh Harry"

He pushed her against the wall, while still attacking her mouth.

Griffindor had won again. Quidditch. What started their relationship and what brought on this moment of passion.

They were in Griffindor's changing room, the rest of the team was sure to arrive in any moment, and it would be over.

Grabbing his hair she unwillingly took her mouth off his.

"In there"

She pointed to the broom cupboard that their brooms were meant to be held.

Harry dragged her towards it, egger. She giggled.

This was it, a real (normal) high school experience and memory. It was just SO NORMAL. Her head felt light at the thought and her heart soared.

Opening the door they crept inside and shut it behind them. And then they were in the dark. Suddenly she felt a figure rise above her and place their arms either side of her face, blocking and caging her between them.

Though the dim cracks of light though the door she could see Harry smile, he leaned towards her and his mouth fell on hers.

He tasted of sweat and sunlight and something else. Cinnamon? Whatever it was Ginny felt she couldn't get enough.

Her hands wondered up his chest and into his hair pulling his body against hers. She wanted to be closer, much closer. Magic helped her, they (the ministry) might call it accidental magic, but right then it looked like the universe was helping her. It lifted her up until she was able to wrap her legs around Harry's waist.

Their kissing creased when they heard footsteps outside the door.

"Harry? Are you there?" Hermione's worried voice floated towards them.

"Ginny!", now Ron's voice came with his heavy footsteps, he sounded exited and a bit worried.

Ginny decided it was best to not come out.

"Let's wait for them to go."

Harry's whispered into her eye, it tickled.

Their moment was over.

She unwrapped her legs from his waist and took her hands out of his hair, and sat down on the floor...

Staring at the door for a minute Harry joined her. Moving onto his lap Ginny looked at the door in front of her while Harry run his fingers though her hair.

Distracting herself from his touch she looked closer at the wood, marks were all over it, not like the normal wood marks these ran in strange patterns. Words. She read some to herself.

Sophie and Tom 4 Ever

Alice (heart) Frank

Phillip Loves Cathy

James-Lily will you marry me? Yes

Sam –

Ginny backtracked, James? Lily? Harry's parents must have sneaked in here, just like what they were doing right now, history had repeated itself.

"Harry" she whispered.

When he didn't answer her she said his name again.

He looked thoughtful when she turned around to look at his face.

"Yes, Gin?"

He smiled crookedly at her, she blushed.

"Look at this" she pointed towards the carvings on the door. Harry leaned forwards to get a better look.

"James – lily will you marry me? Yes… MY PARENTS!" Harry's face shone, egger to see some more proof his parents had existed.

"Yeah, amazing right?"

She smiled at his happiness. But a frown seemed to have caught his face.

"What?" she asked, worried that he would get upset with this.

"THAT'S HOW HE PROPESED TO HER?" disbelief coloured his voice, and Ginny giggled leaning into his chest. His arms wrapped around her and he kissed her forehead, while chuckling.

Even though their team mates and friends were beyond the door, all Ginny could think was, you never know what will happen in a broom cupboard.