A/N: Anders/femHawke

Prompt: I've loved these days

Anders loves to watch her in the morning. Her skin is soft and supple in the warm light of the sun just starting to make tracks across the floor to their bed. Theirbed. Six years ago he thought this an impossibility—this feeling of happiness that wells inside every time he looks at her.

Justice stirs. The spirit does not ever sleep really, but he has grown accustomed to the needs of a mortal frame and is generally quiescent at night. Anders ignores the feeling and reaches out a finger to trace the gossamer strands of hair framing her sleeping face. Once he'd joined with Justice, he'd resigned himself to the fact that a woman would have to be mad—or well paid—to be with him. But this woman was... different. She had not only invited him to her bed, but to her home; to her heart. The thought of leaving this, of killing the surprisingly fragile thing that existed between them... His hand drifts away. He has no right to such loveliness, such happiness. He props himself up on an elbow, gaze traveling across the room. A sleeve of his coat is hanging out of the closet and he feels another pang.

The ring is still there, inside a small pocket close to his chest. He'd bought it three years prior during a rare tide of joy. But Justice had asserted himself—reminded him of their true mission: what was personal happiness when so many innocents suffered and would still suffer more if he didn't do something?

You know it's true,Justice says inside his head. Anders closes his eyes, ignoring the call. Reaching over, he nuzzles her gently, smiling when she yawns and greets him with a sleepy morning kiss. He doesn't want this to end, not yet. But she is still tired and falls back asleep, murmuring his name.

It is time, Justice says and together they stand, get dressed, and leave the house.