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Chapter One - Double Trouble

James Potter was minding his own business strutting down one of the corridors in Hogwarts School on a Friday; trouble was what he was looking for. But trouble it seemed always tended to find him, not the other way around; apparently this was a family trait.


Spinning around James saw a familiar figure step out of a girl's bathroom in front of him. Albus. It seemed that he had trapped Mrs. Norris in the girl's bathroom again, but not just any bathroom, Moaning Myrtle's. Dripping wet from Myrtle outrage Albus ran towards him.

"Get back here Potter! I'll chain you up for this! Mark my words!"

Filch's angry cries bounced off the stone walls, James grinned. While he went looking for trouble his brother always walked into it. Grinning down at his brother the two broke into a run.

"Have you got the map?"

"no, didn't know you'd cause trouble before even breakfast, Al. I was hoping to run off my carbs now I'll just have to run, huh.

"So the room then?"

"That's are best bet"

The two ran to the nearest staircase.

"ha ha!"

Now normally this would not freak them out, but because it was Filch standing in font of them looking the happiest he could ever be. They were scared. For a squib, James thought, he sure knew how to pop up when people least suspected.

"this is it for you two!" he dragged the two boys by the backs of their robes. They exchanged a look, both thinking surely were smarter than getting caught like this?

"Punishment! Pure Punishment. These two are the worse trouble makers of their generation. First it was those 'marauders', then those Weasley twins, will I ever get a moments rest!"

The two boys looked at each other, these 'Weasley twins' were obviously Uncle George and the late Uncle Fred (who had their own momentum inside the school, though it just looked like swamp). But these 'marauders', they had their map, but when ever they asked their father who they were he always replied "you'll find out soon enough".

The same could be said when they asked him why people called him "the chosen one" or "the boy who lived" or more recently "our saviour". Their father had told them the minimum of what had happed in his youth, but they didn't get his hesitation of telling them the whole story.

"And what do you have here Filch?"

McGonagall's voice came out of nowhere, as she came out from behind a suit of armour. James knew that she secretly patrolled the school corridors in her Animagus form, a cat.

"Headmistress" Filch gave her a quick tip of the head while holding tightly the tops of the boy's robes. "I have found these troublemakers terrorizing my cat, again, and causing Myrtle to flood her bathroom again."

Again? James knew she regularly through temper tantrums, but flooding her bathroom meant something pretty bad. After all Albus had found out she was scared of cats, which was definitely the cause of this one, he probably now thinking about threw Mrs. Norris at Myrtle in order to make her flood her bathroom.

"Well hand them over Filch, and I will give them their punishment. While you go mop up that bath room."

The boys watched Filch's face deflate from excitement for being able to punish them personally to moping up a girl's bathroom. His claw like finger released them and he marched off in the opposite direction.

"Now boys." They both looked up at the scowling Headmistress.

"Please Minnie, it wasn't me! I was minding my own business when-"

"Just like your grandfather," McGonagall shock her head. "Well come this way"

They got off lightly, scrubbing trophies. But the boys also found something there that exited them. Awards to their father and uncle, dating back when they were in second year.

"What do you think they did, Al?"

"Dunno, why don't we just ask them?"

"Ask who, what?"

Their cousin Rose and sister Lily stepped out from behind a tapestry.

"Nothing much" James answer seemed to increase the girls curiosity.

"Al, what did you find?" Lily looked towards her more sensible brother knowing she wouldn't get an answer from the other.

"Just Awards, to Dad, and Uncle Ron"


"What for?"

The two girls seemed completely exited about the thought of finding something out about their parent's history.

"That's just it we don't know, were hoping Dad will tell us."

"So you really want to know?"

They all looked at Rose questioningly. She pulled out a thin paper bond book from her bag.

"Mother gave this to me at the start of the year, she said she'll post the others once were done with this one."

"What are you talking about Rose?"

"Well you know how we've been bugging our parents for years for the whole story? Well Mum decided to make a book out of their years at Hogwarts; it's just apparently this is only the first one."

"What so it all stated at their first year at Hogwarts? But how could your mum know every detail about what happened?"

"Well, apparently our parents combined all their memories into this book so that it would be the most perfect biography about what really happened to them. Mums began working on the last one as we speak; apparently they take an awfully long time to make. She's given me the first so we can read them all before she launches them all public, she also thinking of letting muggles read about them, but she has to get the order from the ministry before that happens."

They all looked at her in astonishment.

"Sooooo… can we read it?"

"We have to gather everyone first"

They all knew what this meant, all their cousins, everyone who was counted as family, including Teddy.

"Where are we meeting them?"

"The room, Albforth will let them though."

"When are they coming?"

"Tomorrow. I think we should ask Scorp to come too."

Silence met this.

"Of course!" Albus was the only one apart from Rose who smiled at this.

"Well let's meet there after breakfast tomorrow then?"

note: soooo another new story. i know reading the harry potter books has been done a million times before, i just really wanted a go at doing it. hopefully this will give everyone insight to how i think the future children of our famous heroes would be like. Enjoy!