by Oatis

Santana opened the door to her apartment and threw her keys on the small table by the door and felt a rush of satisfaction as she always did when greeted with the view her penthouse offered. She moved to her spacious living room that overlooked all of Boston, which was decked out in its best holiday colors, and stared out at the lights flickering to life in the approaching twilight.

The phone rang snapping her out of her brief moment of calm. With a growl she snatched it off the end table.

"What?" she snapped.

"Don't 'what?' me Lopez you know what," came Puck's exasperated voice.

"I said I would take care of it didn't I?" she said, irritated.

"You did, and it's still not taken care of."

"I haven't even seen him since last week! Besides it's Christmas Eve he won't be able to do anything for you until January anyway."

"Santana I really, really want to land this gig," he pleaded.

"No you really, really want to sleep with your potential co-stars."

There was a silence, "Yeah, but I also need the work."

She laughed, "Really? So the second house you bought in Hawaii was all poor people money?"

"No, ok I'm doing fine, but please understand how bad I want this. This movie could launch my career to new heights."

"Noah you are already a superstar and to boot Slayers sounds like it is going to be one steaming pile of shit, but because you are my best friend I will put in a good word with Miles. Like I already said I would," she put extra emphasis on her last sentence.

"You are the best! So how are you spending Christmas?"

She shrugged to no one, "Just going to stay in, don't feel like watching all of the sappy specials on TV so I think I'll just live it up with some herbs and truly chill if you follow."

"You aren't going to Miles' family's house?"

"You are aware we aren't married and his mother would skin me for living with her son out of wedlock."

"I think you're exaggerating."

"No, she called me on the phone and told me that exactly. She doesn't get that neither of us wants to be married, it's a practice for only the most insecure of people."

"What about your mom?"

"What about her? I'm not a child I don't need my mommy on Christmas, I'm a grown woman and anything I want I have Miles buy."

"You should at least call her, you know in the Christmas spirit."

"You're Jewish what do you care about the Christmas spirit?"

"I mean I don't celebrate it like everyone else does, but I can appreciate the idea of having a time of the year to be with the people that matter. Keep in touch with family and friends and stuff."

"Well my mom doesn't approve of me living like this so it would just be an argument, and I am talking to my friend now so I consider my bases covered."

He sighed heavily, "Fine. Thanks again for the recommendation in advance. Don't forget Santana!"

"Bye Puckerman," she said sweetly as she hung up the phone.

She looked at it and shook her head, he was a great guy, and was truly her best friend, but whenever she talked to him it made her feel bad. As a result of this she rarely saw him in person and kept phone conversations short. Though deep down knew why it hurt her so to speak with him, it was because he reminded her of what she had torn down to build her life the way she wanted it...

That bit of introspection had the door slammed on it the moment it was cracked, she refused to go down that road ever again. Instead she thought of calling Miles, but the thought didn't really appeal to her. He wasn't a person she had ever looked to for any sort of comfort or love, their relationship was one of convenience and it was truly convenient. He was rarely home for more than a day at a time and then he would travel the world on business trips retuning with piles of gifts for her. They had occasional sex which was more a way to pass the time between two people who had nothing in common than it was about pleasure. She knew he saw other women and was sure he knew she saw other men. Her only job was to be on his arm at any and all events where he needed an escort and occasionally pretend to be his wife if there was an investor that had strong convictions about that type of thing. She lived the life of luxury and didn't have to do a damn thing, she had her own money, actually she had more than enough to live on thanks to various lucrative investments, but she relished the idea of not having to pay for anything. Furthermore she could get favors for her friends, like Puck who wanted in on a movie Miles was the financial backer for. Her life was everything she had known it would be, though she did wish, on nights like this, that there was someone she could rely on to keep her from feeling like a leper on Valentine's Day.

She took a shower and changed into her most revealing negligee for no reason other than she looked hot in it and wanted anyone peaking in with binoculars from any of the surrounding buildings to know it as well. She sat on the couch, wine glass in hand, wine bottle ready for refills, and attempted to watch television, but as she expected there was nothing on but sappy holiday nonsense so she moved to the bookshelf full of movies she never watched. Her fingers danced across the spines of the DVD cases trying to find one with the appropriate mix of horror and comedy to balance out all the Christmas shining in at her from the window. She stopped on one that had no label, her hand hovered over it for a moment then she pulled it out curiously. It was a blank DVD case and when she opened it she found an unlabeled DVD. She would have written it off as a poorly hidden sex tape, but Miles kept those on display in a spare room off the bedroom, he had no shame when it came to those types of things so what in the world was this?

She pushed it into the DVD player and sat on the couch, waiting in anticipation knowing that in all likelihood it would be something simple, like a presentation that got mixed in with the movies or, worse yet, blank.

The first thing she saw was a man sitting in an empty room, he had a strong face, striking pale green eyes, and snowy white hair that accented his pale completion. He was looking into the camera as if he was staring through it at her. Then he began to speak slowly and deliberately, "You do realize this is sad right? This right here, what you are doing is sad."

Santana frowned. Was he talking to her? No, that was absurd. Since Miles was backing Slayers maybe he had requested a few of the auditions. Yes, that made far more sense.

"I've seen people in denial before, but you are like the poster child of repressed feelings." The man continued, "The best part is that you have convinced yourself that this is okay, that all of this," he gestured to the empty space around him, but from her position Santana couldn't help but feel it was aimed at the inside of her home, "is okay. It's not, you're not. It hurts, and you are screaming so loud even I could hear it. I hardly ever interfere like this, but I see a rare opportunity here to pull off a two birds with one stone move. So sleep."

And she did, better than she ever had in her life.

Santana woke up immediately knowing something was wrong, an intuitive function also found in employees who wake up knowing they are three hours late for work without even glancing at a clock. She had been on the couch last she could recall, now she was in a bed and, from the somewhat suffocated feeling she was getting from her legs and arms, wearing different pajamas. To her right there was a slight shuffle and she relaxed a bit; Miles had come home. He had seen her passed out on the couch and had brought her to bed… and for some reason changed her out of her negligee, maybe he felt he couldn't get any sleep if she was wearing it. She smiled into her pillow, and sat up. Then her mouth went dry. Who's house was this?

She scrunched up her face trying to remember what the last thing she had done was. She remembered the weird video and then… nothing. The wine! She must have drank it all and blacked out… that didn't follow either, it took more than a bottle of wine to floor her. Okay she drank the wine and decided to finish off their liquor cabinet. That made more sense, so she drank a ton and left the penthouse to come here. Where was here though?

The person next to her shuffled again and Santana nearly leapt out of her skin, she had forgotten about the person she was now quite sure wasn't Miles. Whoever it was had curled up under the covers and she reached for them feeling a weird sort of fear, she had no earthly clue who it was she had decided she had to see on Christmas Eve, or moreover what sort of person would have seen her in a clearly blasted state and slept with her. Her fingers gripped the fluffy peach comforter to reveal the mystery. At first her brain didn't even register it, she knew this person, quite well but instead of recognition the information just read; beautiful, blonde.

After a blank moment her brain rebooted, it was Brittany.

Her heart did odd flip flops seeing the other woman for the first time in…how long had it even been? High school. So roughly ten years… How had this happened? Brittany was in Boston?

Just as her brain began to feel less like buzzing bees and the walls slowed their spinning the doors burst open and two little girls ran in, one jumped on the bed screaming, "It's Christmas, it's Christmas! Wake up!"

Brittany was forced to when the girl dove right onto her stomach, she sat up with a loud "Oof!" and grabbed the offender.

"Good morning Violet," she said happily and gave the giggling child a kiss.

Santana found a peculiar sense of peace in the numbness that had taken over, she watched this exchange with the blank expression of one watching a movie that had yet to explain itself. Though in her mind a steady chant of 'What the Fuck' was being blasted. She noticed the girl called Violet looked no older than eight and was a miniature version of Brittany, blonde hair, blue eyes and a warm infectious smile. The other girl was… Santana turned her head to try and spot where the other one was only to realize she was standing right next to the bed staring back at her with a level gaze. Santana would have screamed if her lips were working. The other girl was maybe a year younger than the first and looked like… well like her… a lot like her. The main difference was the child had hazel eyes, however she had the same complexion and hair and her bone structure was identical to Santana's in her youth. THIS, more than any combined number of events that had happened so far, unnerved her. It spurred her into motion, she jumped out of bed panting in a rising panic and began backing towards the door.

"San? Honey what's wrong?" Brittany asked, real concern in her eyes.

Santana turned and bolted out of the door, she found herself in an unfamiliar hallway and sprinted down it into a living room that had a huge Christmas tree rising up to the ceiling surrounded by presents. She hardly gave it a glance as she spotted a door on the far side and dashed for it, the door burst open and she was suddenly very aware of just how underdressed she was for the outdoors in the winter. She was wearing a flannel pajama set, no shoes and it was snowing hard, all of the houses were covered although the roads were passable, but just barely. The thing that really caught her attention was that the city was gone, there were no skyscrapers here or in the distance that she could see off into due to the ground being level for miles. She wasn't in Boston at all. She quickly dashed back inside and looked around frantically.

Brittany peaked in at her looking concerned, "San you're scaring the kids," she whispered coming closer, "What's wrong?"

Santana found a large coat hanging not too far from the door and scrambled to put it on and jammed her feel into the first pair of sneakers that looked like they would fit her.

"Brittany where am I?" she asked stopping her mad scramble suddenly.

Brittany frowned in the way she did when she felt she was about to give a depressingly wrong answer to an obvious question, "At home?"

"No!" she said sharply, "Where are we? What state? Where in the United States are we?"

She smiled, "Where we have always been silly, Ohio."

Santana's mouth fell open, "Lima, Ohio? Are you fucking KIDDING ME?"

"Language," Brittany said seriously glancing over her shoulder at the two girls who were now leaning out of the hallway to see what was wrong.

"I need to borrow your car."

"But it's Christmas. We have to open presents together…"

"Brittany I need you to loan me your car like right now. I don't know how I got here or what you think happened last night but-" she slid her hand down her face, this was a pointless discussion she didn't even know what happened, Brittany probably understood better than she did at this moment, "Just give 'em."

The taller woman looked frightened and hurt as she moved into the kitchen, grabbed a purse off the counter, and handed her a set of keys, "But why don't you just use your car?" she asked as she handed them over, "We have to visit my family later and I know you don't like me driving yours."


How fucking drunk was I?

"I mean the keys are in your pocket." She said shyly.

Santana reached into the jacket pocket and pulled out an abnormally large key ring with about ten keys attached. She couldn't think of ten things she owned that were locked. The ring did include a car key however and regardless of whether or not this was something she had done in a drunken stupor that was reaching legendary status or if this was to some random persons car she didn't care. She took it and flew out the door. She dashed to the driveway to see two cars that were both somehow the exact opposite of hers.

"Dammit Brittany," she growled, leave it to that woman to mess up something simple like knowing an expensive Ferrari from a broken down Honda Accord and Geo Prizm. It was relieving, however, to know she hadn't somehow shipped her car here overnight. She jammed the key into the Geo and found it didn't work so she dashed to the Honda, unlocked it, and backed it swiftly onto the road thankfully leaving that nightmare behind. Though to say she hadn't wanted to stay in Brittany's company would be a lie she had apparently spent too much time there already. And who were those kids? Who would trust Brittany with children? Of all her pets only one had survived to the one week mark!

She drove quickly and recklessly down the empty streets and soon found herself in familiar territory. She knew exactly where she was, not only was she in Lima, but she was close to home or what used to be home. Brittany was one daffy woman, but maybe her mother could help, since she had clearly come here to resolve some things maybe her mom would be able to tell her what had gone down. She drove with new determination and soon wound up in the last place she had wanted to be on Christmas.

Parking sloppily she ran up to the door pounding wildly, praying that her mother was actually home.

The door opened and there stood Carla Lopez looking alarmed and then confused, "Santana? What are you doing here? I'm coming to see you remember?"

She had opened her mouth to say all the things that had been slamming around in her head since she woke up, but when she heard her mother the only thing she said was, "Huh?"

"Where are Violet and Ella?"


Her mother gave her an incredulous look, "Come on in, mija."

She walked in the door feeling far more confused than she had been all day. She immediately smelled a big feast being cooked and felt her stomach growl. She ignored it, her current situation took priority, she had to get this mess straightened out. As she followed her mother to the kitchen she found she had to fight off waves on nostalgia as well of memories of Brittany that had been laid open like a wound.

"Mom how did I get here? Do you remember?"

"You drove," she laughed as she bustled around the kitchen tending to the various parts of the meal she was preparing.

Stupid answers, she expected them from Brittany, but not her mother, "I'm serious how did I get here from Boston?"

Her mother gave her an odd look, "Boston?"

"Yes! Boston! Where I live!" she shouted, feeling her fuse shorten with every non-answer she got.

"Shouldn't you be home with Brittany and the girls? Why are you here asking about Boston?"

"I don't know who those kids ARE! And I haven't seen Brittany since high school mom! Last night I was at my penthouse IN BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS watching a movie on Christmas Eve, next thing I know I'm somehow here and everyone is out to make me think my whole life there NEVER HAPPENED!" she yelled her chest heaving from rage and panic.

Her mother nodded in placating manner, "I see. Well, all the same, you worked so hard to get everyone's presents in the house without Brittany seeing so I think you really should go home and enjoy opening them with your family. Whatever this is will pass."

"My famil… are you listening to me at all?"

"Yes Santana you are from Boston, you lived there until last night when you somehow booked a flight from Massachusetts to Ohio on Christmas Eve, flew here in a few short hours, found Brittany, who you have not seen in years, and convinced her to marry you, move into a house with you and raise two random children. Oh yes and I am somehow in on it," she said simply.

Her mouth fell open, when it was said like that it made her story seem even crazier. Let alone the children and the house and the rest of it, getting a flight anywhere from Boston on Christmas Eve while off your ass drunk was flat out impossible. Even if she had called Miles and requested he ready a private plane it was still impossible. Her mind stopped it's crazed buzzing and settled into a lull of disbelief, there was no way…

"I know you have been feeling a little restless lately, but this is going a bit far."

"And you're okay with this? With me and her?" she asked still stunned.

"You know how I feel…"

"For my sake pretend I don't."

Her mother gave her a look and shook her head, "At first I didn't approve…"

"Figures," she snorted.

"But then I saw how happy you were when you were with her. When I saw you two I was watching you be happy like I hadn't seen since you where little. What mother wouldn't want that kind of happiness for her daughter?"

Her mother continued to pull things out of the oven and wrap them in plastic as Santana stood there, still numb, trying to soak it all in.

"Come on, help me load all this food into the van and we can go back to your home together."

She did as she was asked without a word, her mind was coming up with feeble attempts at logically explaining what had happened. The food loaded, she followed her mother back into the unknown part of town where she shared her life with Brittany and their two kids. The thought made her head hurt. She hated children and she had worked her ass off not to be gay, she hadn't even slept with women back home even though Miles wouldn't have given a flying fuck either way. She had buried that part of herself deep down next to every feeling she had ever felt for Brittany and now here it was, all on display.


A/N: You may have noticed this is a take on a demi-old Christmas film, I would be shocked if anyone saw, much less, remembered it. If you do then you have a vague idea of where I am going with this. I am also aware that gay/lesbian marriage is not legal in Ohio, but hell a DVD can't transport you through time/space so lets just let that be part of the fiction XP Next chapter up soon please Review