Disclaimer: Any characters you recognize from J.K. Rowling's novel were created by her, not me. Do you really think I would be writing on Fanfiction if I was?

This is set near the end of the sixth year. I know James and Lily only got together in their seventh year, but I don't want to set it then because that would make me sad. My friend might continue it when I'm done, I'll let you know if she does.

Lily giggled and turned around as she heard the familiar clang of metal. James had tripped over the trick suit of armor for the umpteenth time. Smiling and rolling her eyes, she walked over and helped him up.

"James, we're in our second to last year. You should know that it sticks it's foot out now."

Smiling sheepishly, he ran his hands through his hair. "It only trips me, I swear! Probably jealous…"

Lily yanked him up before he could finish and winked at the suit of armor. I t gave her a salute and returned to its former position. "So, what were you rushing to tell me?" James gaped at her, and then recovered. "How do you know these things?"

"Well, you were rushing, I was in the direction you were rushing, and the armor tripped you, your chest was kind of sticking out, and your mouth was hanging kind of open." She'd learned the telltale signs after a while.

"Oh. Well, I was coming to tell you about the Marauder's five day finale. Kind of an introduction to the very last year of pranks."

Lily sighed. James, Sirius, Peter, and somewhat Remus were always planning odd pranks on people. She would have thought they'd have grown out of it by now, but nooo. Instead they'd just used their growing magical knowledge to plan even more intricate tricks. James started to tell her about the first prank.

"In the morning, when all the slimy Slytherin gits wake up, every bit of their clothing will have a picture of a lion eating a snake on them. Remus is helping, and he's making it so that if they try to transfigure their clothes or anything, they get a big red pimple on their forehead." He snickered in delight. Lily rolled her eyes once more (the ceiling was starting to look very familiar) and hurried off towards Dumbledore's office.

"Um, Lils? Where are you going?"

"Class, idiot!"

"It's lunchtime. Sirius asked the house elves, and there's steak and kidney pie!"

"I have to go ask Dumbledore something."

Lily hurried into the corridor that led to Dumbledore's office. "Cauldron Cake." Dumbledore had a new food obsession. The gargoyles jumped aside, and Lily dashed up the stairs to Dumbledore's office. She threw open the door and gasped in embarrassment. He and Slughorn were apparently in the middle of a heated discussion. They both looked up and smile.

"Ah, Lily!" Slughorn cried happily. "Do come sit down."

"Oh, n-no," Lily stammered. "I'm sorry for interrupting, I'll just be-" she made a motion towards the door.

"Oh, no, Miss Evans, it's perfectly all right. Professor Slughorn and I were just discussing which was better- Odgen's Old Firewhisky or Madame Rosmerta's mulled mead. Nothing to worry about." Dumbledore's eyes twinkled merrily.

Lily sat down gingerly. "Oh, all right then. James was just telling me that he and his friends were planning some pranks for the end of the year, and I thought I'd better warn you. I mean, It'd blow up his ego, and it's already as big as a dragon. Tomorrow, he's planning to change all the Slytherin's robes to have a lion eating a snake on them, and-"

"Again, Lily?" Dumbledore sighed. "Well, I can't say it wouldn't be a bit amusing, but-"

"Oh, I have a solution!" Slughorn cut in, waving his glass of Firewhisky in the air. Lily moved back a bit. "Why don't you do something too, Lily? Maybe show them that they aren't the only ones who can pull a good prank."

Lily stuttered in surprise. "M-m-me, Professor? And you'd allow it, sir?" She looked towards Dumbledore.

"My, that would be a nice change." Dumbledore smiled. "As long as it doesn't become anything permanent, my dear. We wouldn't want to lose our darling Lily."

"Dumbledore, you really think Lily would do that? You'd better start planning, my dear," Slughorn said with a smile.

Lily thanked them and rushed out. This hadn't been what she'd planned. Far, far, from it. But maybe, she thought, this could be fun.