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Lucy twirled the strawberry shake on the counter as she stared at Natsu and Lisanna practically attached to each other by the hip. Fighting back the jealousy that threatened to overcome her she turned to stare at Gray beside her who was simply eating Heavenly Hash ice cream oblivious to anything but the bowl in front of him. I'm supposed to be his girlfriend thought Lucy solemnly he looks like he would rather kiss that ice cream than me .Lucy sighed and turned back to stare at Lisanna and Natsu.

"They are not a real couple." Lucy said out loud continuing to stare at them, as they continued unaffected by their stares. Like us thought Gray staring at Lucy.

"What makes you say that?" Said Mirajane, who was passing by cleaning the counter.

Lucy looked up at Mirajane before replying. "I said that I bet I could get a boyfriend before he did and he said 'No I can'. Which means technically he should have gotten a guy instead of a girl."

Mirajane and Gray turned to stare at each other and both of them laughed.

"That can't be the real reason, you think they're not a couple." Gray exclaimed in between laughter "You've gotta be kidding me."

"Idiot, remind me why I choose you out of all people." Lucy grumbled looking at Gray as if he was the largest idiot on the face of this earth.

"Well, we can break up right now if you want." Gray replied silently hoping Lucy would take the bait without realizing it.

"Oh no," Lucy replied causing Gray to sigh. "You are so not getting off this easily."

"Why don't you just get a real boyfriend," grumbled Gray "There are so many guys who would happen to jump at that chance."

"And you are not one of them," Lucy replied looking at Gray "Why not. Do you like someone else?"

Much to everyone's surprise Gay flushed scarlet and turned away from Lucy attempting to hide his unmistakable blush. Mirajane watched silently as Lucy continued to pester Gray about who he liked if he didn't like her.

"Well" Mirajane said taking a pause to catch their attention and let them know she was still there. "Why, don't you four go on a double date?"

Mirajane smirked as she watched Lucy smile and Gray bang his head repeatedly on the counter. Lucy quickly stood up, grabbed Gray's hand and dragged him to Natsu and Lisanna.

"Hey guys," Lucy said smiling an immensely creepy smile that would have caused Gray to run had she not been holding his hand. Everyone murmured a silent hello somewhat disturbed by the look on Lucy's face.

"Gray and I, were wondering if you guys would like to go on a double date with us." Lucy said as she watched Natsu shake his head no. "That is unless you guys are I don't know…not a real couple."

Natsu smiled and nodded "How about we meet at the bistro at 7."

Lucy smiled and agreed ushering Gray out of the door. Gray looked back over his shoulder and shot the guild his best puppy dog face but they just smiled and shook their heads.

Lucy towered over Gray hands on her hips as she looked him over. "Gray I don't know how to say this nicely but…if you take off any piece of clothing tonight I will make sure you lose the ability to have children. Capish?"

Gray nodded looking at Lucy. "So what's the plan, boss?"

Lucy rolled her eyes. "Speaking of plans we need to make one. Let's see we began to like each other on a mission where I couldn't take my eyes off of you and you admired my beauty and my compassion for my spirits. Okay?"

Gray continued to stare at Lucy only managing to blink a couple of times.

"Gray." Lucy said trying to snap him out of it. She walked up in front of him only to receive no reaction from him.

"Gray" she repeated slightly louder but still received no answer from him. Finally she sighed and screamed his name as loud as she could.

He finally moved breaking down in laughter clutching his stomach tears running down his face. Once he was able to speak again he looked at her and gasped between laughter. "I can make magic Lucy not miracles. Do you honestly expect them to believe that?"

Lucy nodded. "It's not like they can come up with anything better."

Gray looked at the sceptically "Did you forget that they are childhood friend."

Lucy turned to look back at Gray her eyes wide so much it was almost comical. "Shit!"

It's been forever since I update this story, I have somewhat lost my inspiration for this story. It was supposed to be a one shot. I hope that you like this new chapter. I kind of rushed it.