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Chapter Twenty Four


The Doctor had never been so panicked in his life. He couldn't for the life of him work out a way he could save Amelia Pond from…

He couldn't bring himself to say the world, shutting it out of his mind. She might stay alive though, but half of her memories were missing, luckily he was still in her memories…

The memories must be stored in the small monitor somehow.

God knows how, though, the Doctor thought glumly.

What the hell could he do?
The monitor was still showing Amy's dreams, they weren't changing much. He saw himself there still, and suddenly a thought struck him.

He could make her dream of all the memories she lost? By using the monitor he could stream all the thoughts into her mind…and if something is forgotten but then remembered, it can come back. So it might work? He thought desperately to himself how he could channel the memories into her dreams, taking out his sonic screwdriver and hacking into the screen.

There didn't seem to be a way…

He looked over to the centre of the room, smacking his head to think faster. The Dream Lord had used the cracks to take the memories…harnessing the energy from them…so…

There was still a crack in her mind! He could close the crack forever and the memories would return to her because they would have nowhere else to go.

And everyone else's too.

Jumping into action he looked over at the object in the centre. It was a large power lead, with a small flashing screen that read "SYSTEMS WORKING."

He had to destroy the systems to close the cracks.

He dug out a large piece of hard material from under the power lead box, and began smashing it, hard, trying not to think about Amy's pain at this moment in time.

Red lights began to flash and a "SYSTEMS CRITICAL" beeped out on the screen.


Something was happening. Thoughts seemed to be pouring through my head and suddenly flashbacks were teaming through my mind, confusing me. Was this the end? Was my life flashing before my eyes? No…wait…something different was happening…As if the pain was…slowing…it was leaving me, I could feel it.

The crack in time!
I could remember it all now, the crack in time, the Dream Lord…everything…It all seemed back in it's proper place…

The pain was reducing more and more and I began to feel more relieved.

The Doctor.

It must be. He's saving me. Even now I could feel my heart glowing, my faith in him blazing through me. The Doctor would never let me down.


The Doctor watched as each of the figures flickered and disappeared faster than lightening, Amy's projection still taking some time.

Needing to get out before the crack closed, he jumped through the hole and began running down the stairs and into the living room.

Rory was still sitting over Amy, looking pale and frightening. The Doctor knelt down next to Amy to see a soft smile on her face.

He took her hand and the smile grew, "Is she okay?" asked Rory.

"I think it's working…"
"What is?"

The Doctor didn't answer, to engrossed in watching whether Amy would make it. His heart began pounding. Please, please, please.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes.

Feeling as if he was about to faint from relief, he fell forward and gave her a bone crushing hug, stroking her hair and almost near to tears. The fear he had previously felt vanished when he realised his Amy was okay. She survived, she had made it.

And so had everyone else.

Clutching her harder, he listened to her quick breathing, leaning back to look into her eyes and brushing a few stray hairs away from her face. "Doctor…" she whispered quietly. She looked deeply into his eyes and she didn't even need to ask what had happened. She knew he had saved him.

Not caring that she hadn't caught her breath properly, her head was spinning and her throat was dry, she grabbed his neck and pulled him towards her, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss. Rory couldn't but smile at the pair, realising how much they meant to each other. Amy ran her hands through the Doctor's hair and he laughed into her lips, exploding with happiness.

"Ahem…" grinned Rory finally. The pair pulled apart, blushing slightly and smiling at him. Amy reached forward and hugged her brother like friend tightly, "Thanks for watching over me, Rory." She told him gratefully.

Rory shrugged, "I am a nurse!" he laughed.

Amy smiled at him, then took The Doctor's hand. Finally feeling normal, she looked back at Rory. "Right, Doctor, we need to go back to that base." She said.

"Why?" asked the Doctor.

"Because Rory needs to pick up his woman!"


Rory was extremely relieved to see Christina alive and well. They hugged each other awkwardly, Amy smirking at them.

Rory turned to Amy and ran a hand through his hair absent-mindedly.

Amy grinned up at him, "Stay with her." She whispered. She knew that Rory didn't want to leave Christina. He wanted to start something with her, and Amy could see that Christina did as well.

Rory looked bemused, "..what?" he asked.

"Christina. Stay with her. I realise you don't want to leave her. The Doctor and I don't mind…we can visit you sometime."

Rory broke into a smile, "Really?"

Amy nodded. He smiled again, "Thanks, Amy."

They reached forward to hug each other, patting one another on the back, then turning to see the Doctor and Christina bidding their farewells.

"I'm guessing I'm still not allowed in that box then?" Christina smiled.

"You've got a life here, now. And…I think I can see…a man…" the Doctor winked at her, then went over to give Rory a hug, leaving Christina gaping.

"I'm sorry for what I did to you. To you and Amy." The Doctor said quietly to the nurse.

Rory smiled brightly, "I forgave you a while back. Amy and I were meant to be friends, nothing more."

The Doctor smiled back, very piece of hostility between them vanishing, before going over to Amy and slipping his arm around her waist.

"We'll see you two again sometime!" he said.

Christina and Rory suddenly exchanged glances. "He's staying?" asked Christina, unable to keep the joy out of her voice.

Rory nodded, "You might need a nurse here…"

Amy and the Doctor grinned to each other before waving goodbye and stepping into the blue box, leaving their two lovebird friends behind.


Amy leant against the TARDIS railings, smiling as she watched the Doctor running around the console, taking them wherever they could go.

She took in his amazing appearance, making a mental note to tell him more often how good looking he was.
She felt her heart glow at him, remembering he was hers. The Universe was theirs. Time was theirs. Everything.

The Two Ponds, travelling together through the stars. What more could the Universe want?

The Doctor finally caught her gaze and stopped running around, pressing a lever to make the TARDIS fly automatically for a while.

"Miss Pond, you seem to be staring at me…" he said in a cheeky voice, slowly coming towards her.

Amy blushed… "No…I was just…thinking…" she stammered, realising he had her where he wanted her.

Finally reaching her, he bent his head low so that his breath tickled her lips, teasing her. He grinned when he saw her gulping.

"About me?" he asked softly, snaking his arms around her waist, pinning her to the railings with no escape. Amy's stomach swooped when his skin brushed against hers.

"Who else…" she breathed, her words lost as the Doctor bent his head lower to capture them in a kiss. Their lips began to move in sync, a slow sweet kiss that showed one another how much they cared.

Finally breaking the kiss, they rested their foreheads against each-others. "I love you, Doctor." Amy said quietly.

"I love you too, Pond."

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