"So, Bella," Alice asked me. "What are you doing this weekend?"

I gulped. Luckily, I was a much better liar than I let on. "Charlie and I are have a bonding weekend. Sorry, Alice." I told her.

She narrowed her eyes. I wasn't sure I wanted to know what her vision was about. Edward looked confused. "The future is blank. I am not sure what to make of it." she told me. I shrugged.

"Sorry, Jacob and Billy are going, don't worry about it," I told her. Edward and Alice both looked worried. "Don't worry about me, I will be fine." I told them. I hoped.


Charlie dropped me off at the hospital and I walked inside. I went to the cancer section of the hospital. I walked up to the desk and signed in. I was soon called to go in to see Doctor Westing.

"Bella!" he exclaimed, happy to see me. "How is my best fighter doing?" he asked.

I sighed. "Good, but Renee is getting anxious." I told him.

"She has had the tendency to worry since as long as I can remember," he said with a laugh. Which is quite a long time, since they went to high school together. But the thing is, Dr. Westing is a vampire too. I know this and so do the others that have the cancer. Dr. Westing can change his appearance though, so he has lived in Seattle for quite a while. "How is your vampire fiancé doing? Have you told him?" He asked me. I shook my head. "You should, you know. If he really loves you, he won't mind." he told me, handing me a needle.

I considered that. "I will tell him when I feel it is right. But, right now, I can't tell him. I know he won't mind." I put the needle in my arm. See, I don't hate doctors or hospitals necessarily, but I know how to take my blood so I don't like others doing it. The doctors have been teaching me everything they can because my goal since I was little was to be a doctor, and that is one thing they can make sure happens.

"Okay, well, it is your decision. But I know Max has been looking forward to seeing you." he said with a smile. I pulled the needle out and put a band aid on.

"Okay, I will go see the others now. See you later, Doc!" I called running out of the door.

I ran to Max's room. He was like my brother; we had been diagnosed on the same day. He had moved to Seattle a couple of months before me. He had black hair and blue eyes. I knocked. "Hey bro. Hey Leah." I said with a smile. See, Max had run into Leah Clearwater…literally, she had nearly phased then and there, when she had come to the hospital for… I can't even remember. She had imprinted on him, so it didn't surprise me that she was here.

"Hey Bella." they chorused.

I smiled. "How you guys doing?"

"I am doing fine." Max grimaced. Leah looked worried, and I am sure my face mirrored hers. "You better hang in there, kid." I told him.

"I am only a month younger than you." he reminded me. "And I don't have vampire boyfriend who will keep me alive when it gets too close to my death date."

"Fiancé." I told him. "He is my fiancé, not my boyfriend."

"Like it makes a difference." he muttered.

I ignored him. "Where are the little kids?" I asked him.

"All of them are going crazy because Dr. Westing told them he had a surprise for them. He told me, but they are in Diana's room bouncing off the walls. I have to say I have never seen them so excited." he laughed a little.

"I am going to go see them! See you both later!" I called, running down the hall.

"Slow down, Bella!" a nurse called, laughing.

"Sorry, I am too pumped to slow down!" I called, still running. She just laughed.

I got to Diana's room. She was six, with blond curly hair and blue eyes. They thought she would die by the time she hit her teens. I so hoped they were wrong. She was too cute to die. Her parents had abandoned her when they realized she was sick. They paid her doctor bills, but only because they had to. She lived at the hospital. Her and another little girl, Carly, were bouncing on her bed.

Carly had red hair and gray-green eyes. She was ten and was expected to live fully. She didn't have the disease bad and was a tough one. Her parents let her live there, but they visited almost everyday. You could tell they cared for her, unlike Diana's parents.

Playing a card game on the floor that looked more like 52 card pick up, were two boys. One was eight and had extremely dark brown hair and dark eyes. His name is Daniel. He was adorable. His older brother Caleb took care of him since their parents had died in a car wreck. They had the money their parents left them, which was quite a lot, to pay the bills with. You could tell the brothers loved each other.

The other boy was Alex. He had blonde hair and green eyes. He was fourteen, and wasn't doing too good. He had been fighting and been improving, but we were all worried about him. He had a single mom who worked three jobs to pay the bills for him. His dad had been fighting in the war, but had been killed. I know he misses him, but he doesn't like to show it. He feels he has to be strong for his mom.

"Hey kiddos." I said as I walked into the room.

"BELLA!" they yelled and threw themselves at me.

"I missed you." Diana said. I kissed her head.

"I missed you too, sweetie." I told her.

"What about us?" Daniel said, pouting.

"I missed Alex and Carly too." I said teasingly.

"Hey!" he said.

"Oh, and I of course I missed Daniel." I said with a small smile.

"Yay!" he yelled and threw his arms around me.

"Bella, Bella, Bella, read us a story before we go to bed!" Carly yelled.

"Only if you calm down, stop yelling and get ready for bed first." I told them. It was getting late, and they needed their rest.

"Okay." she said happily. They ran off to do so and I dug my books out of my bag. I had brought "Peter Pan," "The Secret Garden," and "Tuck Everlasting" for them to choose from.

Charlie came in then. "I talked to the doctor, he said you are doing good." he said.

"I guess so. I don't see why Renee wanted me to come. I could have told you that myself." I said, a little put out that they didn't trust me.

"Well…" Charlie said, and I knew I wasn't going to like were this was going. "Your mom and I decided that you will come back for the weekend every week."

"Really? Do you know how worried Edward and the rest of the Cullens will be with me going to Seattle every week?" I asked in disbelief.

"Then tell them. I know you don't want to, but it would be better if they knew." he pointed out. I sighed.

"Well, you don't have a choice, so get used to it. I am going to leave. I am staying at a hotel this weekend, but for the next ones, I will bring you and then go home. Okay?" he said.

I nodded, resigned. I wanted to tell Edward, but I didn't know how. I really don't understand how Carlisle doesn't know. I am glad he doesn't, yet frustrated. How do tell your fiance that you have one of the rarest cancers there is? It isn't easy.

When the kids got back, I let them vote. These books were ones I had never read them before, and even though Alex was fourteen, he still liked it when I read to them. I had just gotten through the first chapter of Peter Pan when the younger three fell asleep almost simultaneously.

I looked at Alex and we both grinned, amused. I picked up Carly and put her in her bed on the other side of the room. Her and Diana shared a room Max and I had our own room and Alex and Daniel shared theirs. They were best friends, as was Carly and Diana. I tucked Carly and Diana in and then went to my room. It took me forever to fall asleep since I was so used to having Edward there, but I eventually fell into a troubled sleep of nightmares.

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