Chapter 2: Zell/Quina: Hot Dogs & Frogs

Cycle 1

When fighting the Warriors of Chaos and their various summoned servants, it was no surprise that large amounts of at least decently cooked food was provided for Cosmos's soldiers. So on the first day of the war, Cosmos asked if one of her warriors would like to become the chef of their large group.

Quina jumped at the chance.

So, whilst the various Warriors of Cosmos worked on missions, Quina usually stayed in the cafeteria of their base, which was in fact one of the Gardens from the world of Squall Leonhart and his allies. Cosmos transported it there because it suited all their needs; it was spacious, enough sleeping quarters and equipment, and could be moved if necessary. Quina had no problem making enough for food for all her allies with what he/she was given.

So, Quina spent most of his/her day in the large cafeteria, waiting for any Warriors of Cosmos to enter, wanting a bite to eat. On this certain day, Quina had yet to see many people. So far, he'd only seen the charming pirate Balthier, who always complemented his/her looks on the seemingly 50/50 chance Quina was a girl, and Cloud Strife, who usually seemed uncomfortable and unsure on how to talk to Quina. Quina liked the shy type.

A few hours later however, and from the entrance came the blonde, spiky haired youngster with a strange tattoo on his face known as Zell. Zell was one of the few martial arts specialists amongst Cosmos forces, and despite his age could hold his own against the likes of Yang and Tifa. When he saw Quina at the front, he gave him/her a smile and a casual salute "Yo Quina! What's shakin'?"

"Zell. Nice to see you. Nothing shaking at moment" Quina replied in her usual tone of manor. Zell was about to point out what he meant by that phrase, but he decided it wasn't worth it and simply walked up to the counter.

"Right, right. Well then Quina, I'll have two Hot Dogs if you don't mind!" Zell asked, pointing up two fingers for emphasis.

Quina bobbed his/her head to side, his/her tongue flapping with it "Hot…Dogs?"

"Um…yea, two Hot Dogs please!"

Though his/her expression never changed, it was clear to see Quina was confused "We Qu never heard of such delicacy. Much less make them."

Zell sighed sadly "so you…don't have any Hot Dogs?"

Quina shook his/her head "no Hot Dogs. Have Hot Frogs though."


"Yes. Hot Frogs. Just made new batch" Quina ducked under and lifted up a sizzling tray holding the cooked frogs, all lined up in rows of four. Zell looked down at the tray, and seemed to go purple at the sight of the cooked frogs.

"Yuck! No way am I trying those! What else ya got?"

"Well…we have Frog stew, Frog sandwich, Frog soup, Frog pizza, Frog ice cream and Frog pudding." Quina recited.

"…Do…do you have anything that's not got frogs in it?" Zell asked nervously

"…I can make toast."

"GAAAH!" Zell screamed, holding his head in his hands as he screamed. He threw his fists on the counter and leaned forward "this is insane Quina! You can't just give everyone frogs! Heck, I've had hot dogs at the Gardens before! Hell, they're real easy to make!"

Quina was silent for a moment, before replying, "Do you think…I could make Hot Dogs?"

"Sure!" Zell said enthusiastically "you're a great cook Quina, and Hot Dogs are a piece of cake! It would be like taking candy from a baby for you!"

"Hmm…" Quina considered this for a moment, before looking at Zell and nodding "very well Zell. I shall make Hot Dogs. Come back later and they will be ready."

"Awesome!" Zell roared, pumping his fist into the air "I can't wait! I'm sure they're gonna taste great!"

2 hours later…


Zell turned around as he saw Rinoa Heartilly running up towards him. When she caught up to him, he knelt down, panting heavily as if she'd been running all around the Garden. Zell had been heading for cafeteria, but he stopped to talk to her "hey Rinoa. You okay?"

"Have…you…seen…Angelo anywhere?" Rinoa asked between breaths, referring to her pet dog "I can't find him anywhere…I think he might've gotten…lost."

"Sorry Rinoa, I ain't seen him" Zell replied. He rubbed his chin in concentration for a moment "hmm, maybe he's following that Freya chick, since she kinda looks like a dog. Or maybe-"


Both Zell and Rinoa turned to the entrance of the cafeteria, where the crash had come from. Quickly, the two ran to the entrance to see if everything was okay. However, what they saw left them both gaping and speechless, and made Rinoa go pale.

Quina held Angelo in his/her hands, and was trying to force the moaning and fidgeting dog into the Oven.

"Be still dog!" Quina growled "Quina spent long time trying to catch you! Must cook you quick to make Hot Dogs!"