Blame it on the Girlmore Girls

Quinn squinted her eyes. "Have you been watching Gilmore Girls again? "

"Hi baby!" Quinn called out as she crossed the threshold of their apartment. She was halfway shrugging off her coat when a little blur of tan and brunette appeared like a mini-tornado.

"Oh, Quinn, thank God you're home! Why did it take so long? Wasn't the class supposed to end at two? Nevermind, you're here now and I really, really, really, really need your help. Are you going to help me? Please, tell me you are baby, I'm hopeless- wait, I didn't greet you properly, did I?" She reached up quickly to peck her girlfriend on the lips for a nano-second. "Much better, right? Now come with me. It's a catastrophe Quinn! A calamity!" Quinn who barely had time to savour the kiss, blinked owlishly at the back of Rachel's head as the petite diva dragged her into their living room by the hand.

She finally shook herself out of her shock and stopped the brunette who looked back at her with her head tilted, questioning wide eyes and a little twitch in the corner of her mouth.

"Baby, relax. Care to explain why the rush?" Quinn took in the disastrous aspect of their apartment for the first time, finally fixing her critical eyes on her girlfriend's semi-naked body. "And not that I'm complaining, but why are you running around in your underwear?"

Rachel opened her eyes even more, a feat that Quinn thought impossible. "Because, Quinn, I am going to be a Broadway star and I won't tolerate anything get in the way of my destiny!" She announced a little out of breath.

"Wha- I know that Rach, but what does that have to do with-"

"I have an audition in three hours, Quinn, three hours!" Rachel empathised her point by holding up two fingers. "For a new off-Broadway show that will surely catapult me to fame. Do you understand? I cannot just go in my normal everyday attire; no, I must look pristine! Just like my talent and my voice. Perfect! I need my brown boots. The ones you bought me for Christmas- that was sooo sweet baby!- because they are perfect and stylish and you know about style and I need to make a good first impression because first impressions last forever! Imagine remembering the main actress as the girl who auditioned like-"

As Rachel went on a tangent about first impressions, talking a mile per second, Quinn disconnected, her frown deepening. It wasn't that she wasn't used to her girlfriend's ramblings, because after three years together, she was. But this twitchy, unblinking, disastrous Rachel… there was something off about her.

The brunette never got this nervous for an audition, much less an off-Broadway one; she oozed confidence, she knew she could do it with her eyes closed since the age of five. And her Rachel was anything but untidy, not to mention the girl wasn't much of an exhibitionist- again, not that Quinn was complaining, because damn, those lacy boy short and matching bra were making her mouth water- 'but so not the time, Quinn, focus!' She told herself. Something was wrong with her girlfriend and she needed to find out.

"…then I thought they might be under the couch, so I had to move the coffee table to lift it, but they weren't there. So then I thought 'oh no! Surely someone threw them in the garbage by mistake' so I had to look into it, but then I got grossed out and I decided to take another shower, but when I was undressing an idea struck me: what if Quinn put them in her desk drawers? And I was on my way to check when you arrived and here we are now and I really need you to help me find my boots."

Quinn's eyes scanned the gorgeous face she had come to love and memorize- every inch, every scar, every freckle- for any sign that told what was wrong. Was she on drugs? No, Rachel wouldn't do that. Was she scared? Panicked?

Quinn bit her lip worriedly, then froze. She licked her bottom lip, then the upper one. Glancing quickly at her girlfriend, she cupped her cheek before dipping in for a kiss. At first Rachel was a little caught off guard but she soon responded accordingly, moaning softly when Quinn licked her bottom lip and her warm tongue invaded her mouth. When Quinn was one hundred per cent convinced, she leaned back, her hand cupping the back of Rachel's neck as she watched her.

"Rachel, baby, did you have coffee?" She asked, already knowing the answer, the bitter savour still strong in her tongue.

"…No?" Rachel mumbled with a little voice. Quinn raised her eyebrow. "Well maybe a sip." Quinn raised the other. "Two cups."

"Rachel!" Quinn groaned. "Baby, you know how much caffeine affects you."

"I know! But I thought that if I was a little more alert and attentive I could make a better audition. I'll be fine! I'm just a little jumpy, that's all."

"You look like you're on crack, Rach."

The girl pouts. "Well, everybody drinks coffee aaall the time and they are fine! Why can't I?"

Quinn squinted her eyes. "Have you been watching Gilmore Girls again?"

Rachel folded her arms petulantly. "They make it look like it's delicious and they are so witty and charming all the time!"

"Did you know that Alexis Bledel hates coffee?" Rachel looked confused. "She drank diet coke while shooting those scenes."

"I didn't know…"

"Besides, do you remember that time in Glee club you took two sips of Kurt's and you spent the day driving everyone nuts?"

"Well I didn't hear you complain," Rachel purred, throwing her arms around Quinn's neck. The blonde blushed, recalling that day and how insatiable Rachel was.

"Uhm…" she mumbled as Rachel nuzzled her neck and started nibbling it softly. She tried to focus on the matter at hand, that Rachel was high on caffeine and she had an audition in three hours and she was still half naked but it was hard, I mean, she was half naked! "B-baby, you have an audition remember?"

Rachel froze, then pushed her off and made a bee line to their room. "Oh my God, Quinn, you're right, I forgot! I still have to find those boots, how could I be so carefree! What are you doing, why are you not looking for the boots? Don't stand there like a statue!"

Quinn sighed to herself, wondering how did she manage to fall in love with the craziest girl in town. She followed Rachel, mentally praying that her high wore off before the audition. Although, now that she thought about it, if Rachel was still acting like a hyper bunny after it, maybe they could continue what was cut short in the living room.

A/N: So that's how it goes! One-shots and drabbles that come to mind and that serve the purpose of helping my writer's block. Some may have more than one part, other's don't. This is a one-shot and stands alone. Just a funny piece. I hope you liked it and review if you'd like :)