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Message In A Frappé

AU. Quinn is having a stressful day when the light of her day walks through the door.

"Will that be all?" Quinn asks as she brushes her bangs out of her eyes. It's been a long, busy morning and the custumers don't seem to stop coming. The weather is a tad too hot for Quinn's liking and the coffee machine has been acting up all week.

"Yes, that's all."

"That'd be 7,69$ and can I get your name please?"


Quinn smiles as she takes the money from the guy and huffs a breath as she looks around for the marker.

This is definitely not the kind of job she imagined she'd be doing when she came to New York. But Quinn's what they call a "starving artist" and when she realized in the adults world paying the bills is actually a hard feat, she accepted the first job in which she didn't have to take her clothes off. Now that she thinks of it, Quinn guesses it's logical that working at a coffee place in the city that never sleeps would be so stressing.

The Mike guy leaves to get his order, but she barely has time to put her thoughts in order before the line advances again. Quinn puts on her best smile and raises her eyes.


"Good morning, can I please have a Soy Frappuccino? No cream."

"Uhm…" Quinn mumbles stupidly, because she suddenly forgot how to proceed from here. She's supposed to do something. Should she- is that- it has something to do with the computer and the plastic cups. But her eyes seem to be glued to the short, cute girl in front of her.

Hazel eyes rack over tan skin and dark shiny hair and full lips and big, brown, expressive eyes that right now look at bit worried and confused.

Quinn gulps hardly because this- this goddess just came into the cafe and she's sure everyone in the room has to realize it too, because she seems to be sucking all the air in the building. The girl coughs awkwardly and Quinn snaps out of her trance.

"Y-yes, sure, sorry."

She looks down at the keyboard, furrowing her brow at herself, because wow, that wasn't weird or anything. Her hair once again falls into her eyes and she brushes it back again as she glances up at the short brunette, who's fingering the button of her yellow coat and biting her lip and- oh god, Quinn just realized, she must look like shit.

Oh, god.

Not only did she embarrass herself, acting like it was her first day, but actually this adorably dressed, shiny haired, pretty girl had to see her in all her sweaty, stressed glory.

Quinn punches in the girl's order, with her lips pursed. So not fair.

"Will that be all?" She asks suddenly and the girl jumps a bit.


"A cookie maybe? The… uhm chocolate chip cookies are really good."

"Oh, uhm, no, I can't. I'm a vegan, but thank you."

"Oh!" Quinn's eyes widen slightly. She doesn't know why she archives that information so securely in her mind. "That's… really cool. I couldn't- I like bacon too much." She laughs at herself. "I don't think I could live without bacon."

The brunette grins a little and Quinn mentally facepalms. Really, do you think she wants to hear about your obsession with cooked pig?

"There's this thing called facon. Maybe you should try it."

"Facon," Quinn repeats dumbly.

The girl giggles. "Yes, it's like bacon, but… fake. It's a vegan substitute. I actually happen to enjoy it quite a bit."

"Oh," Quinn nods, "that actually sounds… gross." She sends a half grin to the girl's way, to show her she's just joking.

She huffs a little, rolling her eyes good-naturedly "you carnivorous people always say the same."

Quinn's staring at her now with a goofy smile on her face when she realizes that maybe, perhaps, this unnamed goddess and her are actually… flirting?

The person next in line coughs loudly and Quinn smile falls a little. Oh yeah, she's working.

"Okay, so that'd be 5,50$ and can I… get your name?" She licks her lips. "I mean, for the cup."

"Rachel," the girl says with a shy smile as she gives Quinn the money, her fingers tickling Quinn's palm, "my name is Rachel."

Rachel. Quinn likes it, that's a name she can totally scream in ecstasy.

Quinn, focus!

"Alright, Rachel, if you wait over there, they'll have your order in a minute."

"Thank you, Quinn," Rachel says with a cheeky grin.

Quinn does a double take as Rachel leaves. How did she…? Oh. Her nametag, of fucking course. You're dense today, Quinn, god, snap out of it.

The next custumer looks impatient, but Quinn just stays frozen in place, the plastic cup in one hand and the black marker in the other. A mischievous smile grows slowly on her face. She unclasps the marker.

"Uhm, what the hell?" Tom asks amused as he reads the "name" on the cup of the drink he just prepared. He turns to Quinn to ask about it, but the blonde is busy so he just shrugs and turns to the awaiting customers. "A Soy Frappuccino for… uhm a Soy Frappuccino, no cream?"

"Mine!" A short brunette answers. Tom hands her the cup with an amused smile and Rachel frowns cutely. Okay, so maybe he understands what Quinn's motivation was. He has to admit the girl has good taste.

Rachel sips at her Frappuccino and smiles satisfied. She turns the cold plastic cup in her hands, until her eyes catch the long writing stamped in one side. Her eyebrows shoot to her hairline when she reads the message.

'For the prettiest girl I'll see today'

The only signature is two hearts surrounding the line, but Rachel's pretty sure who wrote it. She bites her lower lip to stop herself from grinning like a fool as she looks over the bar, where the beautiful bartender is serving another customer. As if she feels Rachel's eyes on her, Quinn raises her gaze, locking it with hers for a fleeting second before she quickly looks away with a pretty blush extending from her neck to the tip of her ears.

Rachel sighs happily, tapping her fingers to the cup as she sways in place. She shrugs her bag further up her shoulder and makes her way to the streets, already looking for gaps in her schedule to come back tomorrow and have some delicious Soy Frappuccino.

And yeah, maybe see Quinn too.