Bridge Collapses 21 Dead, Reasons Unknown

The disturbing headline ran across Nimrod's Paper.

"Do you think it was an Ifrit, I say could it have been an Ifrit?" Groanin asked

"I would not be surprised Groanin." Nimrod replied "In fact I would be pretty sure of it but…" Nimrod set the paper down and thought for a moment "I think we should go and investigate just to be sure. Maybe even find out who did this terrible crime." He stood up and looked at Groanin

"Do you want me to get your coat sir?" Groanin asked already putting his on

"That'll be most appreciated Groanin" Nimrod stated

Groanin came in and handed Nimrod his coat and in about fifteen minutes they arrived at the scene where many investigators and search dogs were investigating the ruins. As well as many civilians standing bye and chatting away excitedly

"Talk about London Bridge is falling down, I say talk about the London Bridge is falling down!" Groanin gaped

"Yes…" Nimrod answered "Well I won't be long you should wait bye the car" I don't want to end up with a missing body, that would be most unpleasant." Nimrod added

"Of course, sir." Groanin said still looking at the fallen remains of the bridge

"Wish me luck." And just like that Nimrod slipped out of his body into spirit form.

"Hmmm" Nimrod wondered looking over the bridge, not sure for what he was searching for completely when suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder.

" Wha…" Nimrod started to turn around wondering how some djinn could have possibly found him in spirit form when he suddenly saw a very bright flash of blue and went unconscious.

Summer had to be John and Philippa's favorite time of year. Not just because school was out but because it was actually somewhat warm in New York, so their djinn powers were set in motion. It was their first day of summer when Mr. Groanin called. Layla, their mother was the one to answer the phone

"Why hello Mr. Groanin, what a nice surprise". John was not paying close attention watching cartoons but Philippa was listening to the conversation.

"No I cannot say I've heard from my brother… Really?... Odd… I'll ask the children. John? Philippa? Have you heard from your uncle Nimrod?" John suddenly came to life and asked why

"Is he missing or something?" He looked at Philippa

"I can't say I have heard from him" Philippa shrugged.

"Well John, yes, by the sounds of it he has gone missing…" Layla put her ear on the phone receiver and told Groanin the news.

"The children haven't heard from him ether Mr. Groanin… Well…. I don't think…. Maybe…. But I'm not really sure if that's a good idea… well fine, I'll ask them. Children would you like to go to London for a little while?"

John and Philippa shot up.

"Of course!" They said together.

Their mother sighed

"They would love to… ok… They'll be on the first possible flight Mr. Groanin… don't worry… ok bye."She hung up the phone and looked at John and Philippa and explained what's happened.

"Mr. Groanin said Uncle Nimrod went to go investigate the fallen bridge in London in spirit form, and he hasn't returned to his body, and it's been two days day. He's really worried." She turned and put the phone on its receiver.

"I would go and investigate too but I would not be much help sense I vowed not to use djinn power again. So you two better go and pack."

John and Philippa bolted up the stairs

"Time for another adventure!" John whooped pulling Philippa's and his own suitcase from the upstairs closet. "

"Do you think Dybbuk has something to do with this?" Philippa asked thinking about their fallen friend "I mean it was just last summer that… well…" the topic was still a touchy one for her and she still had trouble thinking about it. And knowing her sisters feelings about it he just shrugged his shoulders and went to go pack.

Then In no time at all, or so it seemed John and Philippa Gaunt were on the first flight too London England with no idea what adventure awaited them.