Dybbuk watched the warlock lead Nimrod, John, and Philippa into Ashford castle.

"Excellent." Dybbuk though and smiled to himself. Soon he would have the sword of Taranushi in his possession, and the whole Ifrit tribe would obey his command as soon as they discovered what it was capable of doing to them. Having every ounce of pain they caused backfire at once would do the trick. This solution to the most evil tribe occurred because the et tamen coercitor aka Dybbuk's golden medallionwas a complex djinn artifact and it required his blood in order to enforce his will. The problem with that was Dybbuk chose to be Ifrit, and therefore had Ifrit blood, which made the Ifrit impervious to it's power. Of course, he would have to be careful. The sword could backfire on him. Luckily however he still had the Gesalt slippers witch protected him. He didn't tell this to the warlock. Then the man would've rather died, and drag his wife down with him if he realized that Dybbuk had a genuine defense from the sword. Instead the warlock had hope that Dybbuk was digging himself into things he didn't quite understand. Of course Dybbuk was going to kill the man for thinking such ridiculous things.

Dybbuk smirked as one of his minions opened the passenger door. A cool wind blew into the car. A storm was coming.

"Master. We have confirmed that the Ifrit leader, Buck, and the red head boy were left behind in the shop."

Dybbuk's smirk grew bigger.

"Great. You know what to do."

Dybbuk snickered s the minion closed the door and left to carry out orders. Everything was falling into place splendidly.

The cellar to Ashford castle was dusty and old looking. It smelled of wine and moth balls.

"I thought you said the path to the sword would be golden for us." John said, brushing a cobweb from his shoulder. They were obviously going back to where people haven't been for a while. All the wine bottles were now empty and strewn on the floor instead of being neatly put away, and cobwebs were everywhere with the dust as well.

"Once we actually get to the passage way it will be." Pilton said waving his hand in front of him to get rid of a spider that just came down.

"Well where is this passage way?" Philippa asked.

"Just up ahead here. Ah, do you see those different colored bricks? When you touch those a door way will appear with golden writing. Either saying your doomed if you open the door, or you'll be headed toward a great weapon. Of course we'll get the latter."

The three djinn stopped in front of the bricks Pilton addressed.

"Well judging by how the dust is still settled, I can assume we have beaten Dybbuk to the punch." John said.

"Or it's a trap." Nimrod said. "Wouldn't be the first time we've been mislead by dust." He added, thinking back to China, and how he was lead to the jade pyramid by Iblis and his son with the footsteps in the dust.

"Nor be betrayed by a friend who owns a shop for tourists and djinn." Nimrod thought to himself, also thinking of how the Ifrit had blackmailed Hussein Hussaout.

"Well do you wish to not go Nimrod." Pilton asked.

"I'm afraid we have no choice really." Nimrod said. "After all I'm reassured Buck will know if we don't return before long." Pilton nodded and gestured for Nimrod to touch the wall.

"If only." The Warlock wished inside his head and couldn't help but shiver as golden writing appeared in an arch, uncovering a large and beautiful door in the bricks.

Be warned noble hearted for what lies ahead may leave many dead. Your path will be clear, but will leave others in fear.

Pilton swallowed. The words spoke only the truth.

"Huh, well it's clever rhyming." John said. "So I take it, we won't have a…um what did you call Mr. Pilton? A tainted path?"

"It means exactly what it says boy." Pilton said feeling a little sick. He knew what was about to happen, and he knew, even if his wife was returned to him safe. He will hate himself forever.

"You're doing it for her." Pilton said to himself. "You must only think of Nyla. You only want her safe."

"Well let's not stand around all day." Philippa said. She pushed open the door. A warm light was suddenly welcoming the party in.

"Wow..You weren't kidding about a golden path." John said. The group walked in, and suddenly found the door shutting behind them slowly, then with a soft rumble against the stone. But instead of looking back they were all looking at the long hallway before them. The walls were smooth, and seemed to be made of pure gold. The floor was HUGE! And the ceiling arched, to make it seem like a hallway, yet an entryway at the same time. A golden light, like the kind you see at sunset was coming from nowhere in particular.

"Wow. Amazing." Philippa breathed.

They walked down the large and very long hallway for what seemed like forever until they came to a very large, intricately designed door.

"Wow! What a door!" John said.

"Makes me wish I had a camera." Philippa said, then suddenly snapped her fingers with the sudden realization, and uttered her focus word, hoping a camera would appear. To her surprise, nothing happened.

"Don't tell me…" She groaned.

"You got it. No djinn power." Pilton said pushing open the large door, with the help of Nimrod. Surprisingly when the door was opened it wasn't a glorious room with a sword in the middle, it was a large, vast cavern that smelled of a crypt full of darkness except for the light trickling in from the open door.

"Well that's different." Nimrod said. "Are you sure this is where the sword should be?"

"Well…yes. It should be." Pilton said nervously.

"Well, anyone gat a flashlight?" John asked. "Because it's too dark."

"I…here." Pilton reached into a small backpack he brought along and pulled out a flashlight and turned it on. The warlock moved the strong beam all around the large spacious cavern. The stone was dark, but smooth. Some water could be heard dripping from somewhere, making an eerie echo. The group of four kept their eyes peeled for a sword as Pilton moved the flashlight all over the cavern.

"Maybe we have to go in." John suggested. "Here I'll take the flashlight and look."

"Yes…yes….okay." Pilton's voice was shaking, as well as his hands as he handed the flashlight to John. The young djinn walked into the large cavern. It was practically a large, rocky, dark dome John discovered,, noticing that the floor was perfectly level, and the ceiling made a perfect dome. He walked all around the circular floor, and even bothered to search the walls.

"Nothing!" John said frantically. "Dybbuk must've been here!"

"Im…impossible! He couldn't have! Look harder boy!" Pilton panicked.

"Pilton the sword's not here." Nimrod said. "Either there is a different way and we missed it, or the swords been taken."

"No! Nonononono! There is no other way!" Pilton feel too his knees grabbing his thinning hair with his hands. The sword HAD to be there. Dybbuk had sent him to get it. Sent him so the evil djinn wouldn't have to go through the path made for those with darkened souls. If he didn't come back with the sword, his wife would be killed.

"We'll have to get out of here and find the sword, and Dybbuk!" Philippa said.

"I agree Philippa. Come on Pilton we have to go. Come on John!" Nimrod said, already turning and striding down the magnificent hall.

The three djinn were walking as fast as you could without breaking into a jog, while Pilton was walking as if he was going to his grave. Witch he thought he was. When the group reached the door they came through, Nimrod pushed open the door and quickly ushered everyone out into the cellar. They all could hear the boom of thunder.

"Wow, that storm must've arrived." John said as they hurried out of the cellar. They climbed back up to the main floor. And entered the entry way. Everything was dark, as if the power was out. The only light came from a fireplace with a chair in front of it and someone sitting in it.

"We'll have to go back to the shop and try to find out where Dybbuk is." Nimrod said heading toward the door.

"Oh no need Nimrod!" A voice exclaimed almost gleefully. "I'm right here." The figure sitting in front if the fire stood and turned toward the group.

"Don't bother with djinn power. It doesn't work here."

"Dybbuk!" John exclaimed. The evil djinn looked especially dangerous in the dim lighting from the fire.

"So Pilton where is my sword?"

"What?" Philippa asked angrily, and turned to Pilton who was pale and looked as if he were about to be sick.

"He has my wife." He explained quietly. "I had no choice."

"Not the first time." John said darkly, half hating, half pitying the warlock.

"Where, is my sword warlock?" Dybbuk shouted.

"Why do you want the sword anyway? It'll only hurt you." Phlippa asked aggressively.

Dybbuk chuckled and pulled out his gold medallion.

"This is the et tamen coercitor. It does whatever I will it to do. However to do this it requires a sample of my blood. Little did I know, is that means I wouldn't be able to use this against my own tribe, the Ifrit. So to enforce my will, I've decided to first try loyalty…and if that doesn't work, then I'll need persuasion. Now where's is my sword!" Dybbuk demanded.

"It wasn't there." Philippa said.

"What?" Dybbuk spat turning to Pilton. "You said! You said it would be here! Underneath the castle!"

"I…it was supposed to be there just…it wasn't. But I swear I'll-"

"Shut up!" Dybbuk shouted punching the man in the face. "You failed to keep your end of the bargain, now I'm afraid I'll have to forget about my end."

"No..no! Please, I'll do anything. Please!" Pilton begged. "I…I made sure the boy was left behind! Buck! I made sure he stayed behind to be picked off with the others!"

"What! Picked off? WHAT DID YOU DO?" Philippa yelled at the warlock.

"Me? Nothing. Although I won't say I didn't try. It was those three who've doomed themselves. But let's put it frankly. I'm now the leader of the Ifrit tribe. And since I don't have the sword, I guess I'll have to rely on loyalty."

"It'll fail! The Ifrit will never…never…" Philippa stopped realizing just what she was about to say. Dybbuk laughed, putting together what she was trying to put together.

"Oh yes Philippa! You're last hope, the WORLD'S last hope, lies in the hands of the most evil tribe in the world!"

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