What if Ronald Weasley doesn't end up with Hermione Granger at the end?

What if he doesn't fight along Harry Potter?

What if he falls in love with someone he shouldn't?

What if they are actually meant to be?

What if it is a forbidden love?

What if she loves him back?

What if he has to do something terrible to prove everybody his love?

Ron walked slowly to defense against the dark arts, his first class of his sixth year.

When he and Harry got there the classroom was half empty, Hermione was already there.

Ron saw Draco Malfoy laughing in the corner of the room, he was with Crabbe and Goyle, and a black-haired girl, at first he thought it was Pansy, but thinking about it, she didn't look like Pansy at all, so he turned to see his Slytherin classmates again. He wasn't sure if he had seen this girl before, he really never cared about Slytherin students.

"Harry? Who's that girl? Next to Malfoy". Ron asked his friend, who was talking to Hermione.

"Elizabeth? Is that who you mean?".

"Elizabeth? Has she been here all these year or is she new?". Ron asked, looking at her again.

"Don't tell me you don't remember her? Maybe you know her by her middle name? Bellatrix?". Ron didn't answer so Harry went on. "Most of the Slytherins and well almost all the school knows her as Bellatrix, she's Bellatrix Lestrange's daughter and Draco's cousin, Sirius told me awful things concerning her" Harry said opening his book.

"Awful things?" Ron whispered to Harry.

"I'll tell you later" Harry said when he noticed Professor Snape was looking directly at them.

"Finally you finished gossiping" Professor Snape snapped. "20 points from Gryffindor". He said turning around.

"We don't even have points, it's the beginning of the year". Ron whispered a bit mad.

"Another 10 points, thanks to Mr. Weasley".

The class was over much to Ron's pleasure.

"Harry, are you going to tell me more?".

"Oh, yeah, I forgot about it, well her parents hasn't been that lovely with her, specially her father, he wanted a son, not a daughter, she has been abused all her life, or that's what Sirius said, she will become a death eater as well, not because she wants to, but because her parents decided that, I don't know if she has become one already, or she will after school, I don't know, what I'm sure about is that Malfoy is one"

"Oh Harry can you forget about Malfoy?" Ron said a bit frustrated that Harry kept thinking that.

"I can't, oh, and talking about Malfoy, he was engaged to Bellatrix".

"What?" Ron exclaimed in surprise.

"You know how all those pureblood families are, but is sick because they are like second cousins or something like that, Sirius wanted to help her to find another man, if they didn't find anyone before school is over they'll get married, she always could rely on him, he is, was her godfather as well, I'm sure her mum regretted that decision".

"That's really awful".

"Yeah, and there's even more, but Sirius didn't tell me anything else, Ron? Why so interested in her out of nowhere?" Harry asked arching an eyebrow.

"Just that, I hadn't seen her before".