Long Live BRUCAS: Thanks, I'm glad you like. Yeah, he was. I think you mean you hope Jimmy didn't get shot.

Brankell: Thanks. Wait and see.


Young Riders belongs to MGM Studios, Ogiens/Kane Company, and ABC. I only own the plot and characters you don't recognize. I use a piece of dialogue from the actual ep.

Hearing the muffled shots, Sam and the Riders turned in the direction the sound had come from and quickly headed towards it. Jimmy, Lou thought anxiously. What if he had been shot? Please don't let us be too late, Sam thought. He wasn't sure what he'd do if he had lost Jimmy. The boy had become like a son to him. Hang on, Jimmy. We're coming, Ike thought. If Jimmy's hurt, someone's gonna pay, Cody silently vowed. Hang on, Jimmy. We're coming, Buck encouraged. As they got closer to the building, they could hear the sounds of a struggle. Silently, they all dismounted, un-cocked their guns, and then ran towards the sound. In the room, Jimmy was struggling against Whitcomb, despite the pain in his right shoulder. He wasn't going to let Kid get hurt.

"You're gonna keep me from my boy? Huh! What makes you think you got the right!" Whitcomb roared, punching the boy repeatedly.

"You're sick," Jimmy managed to rasp out. Kid winced as Jimmy was kicked. The boy grunted in pain. Kid stared as the fight continued. What was he supposed to do? Suddenly, Whitcomb was on top of Jimmy and placed the gun on the boy's chest. Before he knew what he was doing, Kid had lunged at Whitcomb, knocking him off of the other boy. The man stared in surprise. Kid was going to fight him again? However, he didn't have time to react before Kid had grabbed the gun and was now pointing it at the man.

"Get up," he ordered.

"Kid-" Whitcomb started to say.

"Get up!" Kid interrupted angrily. Whitcomb did as he was told.

"You don't want to do this, Kid," he stated.

"Like heck I don't," Kid responded.

"Kid," Whitcomb said warningly. Meanwhile, having heard the fight, Sam and the others hurried to the door, and kicked it down. To their surprise, Jimmy was on the ground and a boy was holding a gun on an older man.

"Jimmy," Lou exclaimed and rushed to her friend.

"I'm all right," Jimmy assured her. She ripped the bottom of her shirt off and tied the pieces around Jimmy's shoulder.

"Whitcomb I presume," Sam said, keeping a subtle eye on Jimmy. That's some mighty quick thinking, he approved.

"Yes. And who might you be?" Whitcomb asked.

"Okay, son. Why don't you just drop your weapon?" Sam advised, ignoring the man.

"No way. I drop it-he kills me," came the response.

"Kid, you'd best do what this man says," Whitcomb stated as Lou helped Jimmy to his feet.

"Shut up," Kid snapped emotionally.

"Sam, Kid ain't done nothin' wrong. He's protecting himself," Jimmy said and Sam nodded that he understood.

"Kid, Lou told me what happened to you. That you were dragged through the streets tied to a horse cart," Sam told him.

"It doesn't matter! They let him get away with it! Sheriff Richards is friends with him!" Kid exclaimed.

"Richards is dead," Lou said.

"You're lying," Kid accused.

"No he's not. I shot him," Sam confirmed.

"Who are you anyways?" Whitcomb questioned.

"Marshal Sam Caine. And I'm taking you in," Sam replied.

"Like heck," Whitcomb snarled. He then rushed for the gun in Kid's hands. There was a brief struggle and then-a shot rang out and Whitcomb fell to the ground, clutching his chest. Kid panted. I-I can't believe it. I just-I killed him, he thought. He had killed his father. Well, the closest thing he had ever had to a father anyway.

"It's okay, Kid. You can drop the gun now," Sam told him gently. Numbly, Kid did as he was told.

"You're gonna be all right, Kid. Sam is a friend of mine," Jimmy soothed. Kid just nodded. He wasn't sure if he could trust himself to speak. "You can ride with me," Jimmy continued as they headed back to the sheriff's station where Jimmy's horse had been tied up and got the animal who nickered happily to see its master.

"Hey, boy. I missed you too," Jimmy said fondly. Looking back, Cody was surprised to see practically the whole town watching them. Seeing a couple, Kid headed for them.

"Kid," Richard said, nodding.

"Richard, Tulsa," Kid greeted.

"You gonna go with them?" Tulsa asked.

"Yeah, I think a change of scenery would be good for me," Kid answered. "I mean, Prosperity's not exactly a place for happy memories," he continued.

"I can understand that," Richard commented.

"You take care of yourself, Kid," Tulsa said. Then, she wrapped him in a tight hug. Kid smiled.

"I'm gonna miss you too, Tulsa," he commented. She leaned in close.

"You're a good boy, Richard. You always have been," she whispered and then Kid continued to Jimmy's horse and climbed on.

"You got the package?" Lou asked.

"Yep. For some strange reason they never took it from me," Jimmy replied as he got on his horse and sat in front of Kid.

"Hey, Jimmy, Kid!" Richard called.

"What?" the boys asked.

"Go to Hell," Richard told them.

"Sorry, Friend. We've already been there," Jimmy responded.

"And we don't aim to come back," Kid finished. Then, Sam and the Riders marshaled their horses and the animals took off.


"Rider comin'!" Jimmy shouted. Then, "Kid, you're up!" Kid hopped onto his horse Katie, grabbed the pouch, and galloped off. As he did so, a grin came upon his face. This was good. This was free. He was grateful for the Pony Express. For without them, he never would've escaped Prosperity.