Edward Cullen started the machine with shaky hands. He pressed the synchronized buttons and with a shake his machine started working. The lights started to flash and the powerful engine got ready to break the space time continuum.

Edward carefully strapped himself to the chair and brushed his hand lightly over the control panel. He built this ridiculous looking time machine with his own two hands. He couldn't believe he, off all the people in the world, did this.

He had built a time machine.

It took a lot for him to come to this point. Although being a child genius and getting a college degree in applied physics at the age of 15 helped him a lot.

Edward took a deep breath and entered his fingerprint and DNA in the main computer.

'Good Afternoon Mr Cullen.' Edward's long time companion computer CDC spoke up.

'Good afternoon CDC.'

'Congratulations. You have done it finally. After two years of finishing the 'Time Equation' you have built a machine which can travel through time.'

'CDC are you sure of the results?' Edward asked.

'Like the other three hundred fifty seven times I've answered this question, yes I'm sure. The calculations are accurate and all leads this way. Because of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principal there is no way of knowing when or where this TM-1 will take you.'

'Thanks CDC.' Taking another deep breath Edward pulled the liver. His toy looking contraption jerked up and shook heavily. Reflectively Edward closed his eyes.

The most powerful Delta engine of the year 2057 started and shook Edward to the core. A unbelievable rate of G up to 4G pounded oh him when the machine started doing its work. A red curtain hung over his eyes and finally he lost his consciousness.

Edward slowly opened his eyes. He looked around and nothing came in his mind. There were smoke everywhere and a red light lit up the place. He couldn't remember anything. He tried to get up when he realized he couldn't feel his legs or anything.

'Mr Cullen please do not try to move' Edward heard a metallic voice and he remembered he is a physicist who built a time machine and tried to travel through time.

'CDC let me free' he ordered it.

CDC removed the safety strap and Edward sat machine was on it's side.

Edward crawled out the machine and stood up falling back down again. He finally felt the pain creeping up to his brain. He sat up grabbing his leg trying to find if it was broken.

'Aahhhhhh' he let out a scream of pain. He was never an outdoorsy person and his experience of pain was just paper cut. So the pain overwhelmed him.

'Sir you have sever bone damage.' CDC turned off the red light and turned on a white spot light on Edward. 'You hit your head on the metal frame of your chair but there should not be any pain.'

'Any pain! Huh...' Edward mused. 'Is there anything in the emergency medical kit for this CDC?'

'You may have a painkiller but that will only make you forget the pain. It will not help your leg. Sir you must find a medical robot before you damage your leg further more.'

Edward tried to get up holding the machine's body. He screamed when he tried to put weight on his broken leg.

'Sir there is an exit right up. You must seek for help.'

Edward got the emergency bag out and stripped his shirt and tied it around his leg. He didn't tried to stand up this time. Instead he dragged himself out the path CDC was showing and there was a door. It looked rather old and Edward never seen anything like this before.

'You have to push the door sir.' CDC advised.

'How old is it?' Edward tried to push it but it didn't open.

'It looks more like a Nineteenth Century door sir. There should be a liver or a lock that has to be turned somewhere at it's side.'

'So we traveled to past?'

'It seems so sir.'

Edward found a wooden lock. He removed the stick and pushed the door.

He got out in open daylight and dragged himself out. He looked back to see the landing site and it was a very old rusty looking shed. Edward looked around trying to memorize the place so he can come back.

'HELPPPPP!.' When he thought he was a safe distance he started screaming 'someone help me' He screamed again. When he thought no one will ever find him and he will die here he heard something from his left side. he looked over and tried to drag himself to the source.

'Hellooo... anyone?' he screamed and looked straight that way. He hurried and without looking he fell right down on a large pit and rolled to the bottom. His head hit a rock hard and for the second time that day Edward lost his consciousness.