Edward opened his eyes slowly. He looked around and the wooden ceiling didn't feel familiar to him.

He tried to remember how he got here.

Suddenly he remembered he traveled back to past in his time machine and he was about to die.

'Where am I?' He tried to sit up. A pain crawled up his legs and hit his brain.

'CRAP!' He fell down on the comfy bed again.

'Do not try to get up.' He heard a velvety girly voice from his side 'You are very sick.'

Edward looked to his side and a flash of light struck his eyes. Sunlight was pouring through the window and in his eyes. His hands automatically shot up in front of his eyes.

'Sorry.' The velvet voice spoke again. He lowered his hands and opened his eyes.

That moment he thought he saw the most beautiful sight of his life.

The most amazing brunette hair covering radiating snowy white face with big brown eyes and cherry red lips. Edward couldn't recognize what she was wearing but he couldn't keep his eyes away.

'Edward are you all right?' The angel spoke with her velvet voice.

'How do you know my name?' Edward was a little confused.

She furrowed her brows. 'Edward what do you mean?'

'I mean how do you know my name? and who are you?' He started getting back like himself.

'You mean you do not remember me?' Something in her voice made Edward very sad.


'My name is Isabella. I am your best friend since birth.' Isabella gave Edward a smile. Edward again went into a daze.

'Isabella is everything all right?' Edward heard a male voice coming towards this room.

'Mr. Whitlock' Isabella walked to the door and opened it. She curtsied and then walked over to Edward again. 'Edward is awake. But he does not remember anything.'

Again Edward felt sad and angry at himself for not knowing this girl.

'I shall go seek Doctor Cullen.' The man left the room.

'Who's that?'

'That is your sister's fiancée.' Isabella giggled leaving Edward dazed again. 'Jasper Whitlock. Kind man.' Isabella sat down on the chair next to the bed.

'My sister?'

'Yes silly. Her name is Mary Alice.'

Suddenly it hit Edward. He isn't the Edward this girl was talking about. He has no sister or brother.

This must be some other guy with the same name who looks kinda like him. That's why they're all mistaken him for that Edward.

'Umm...listen Isabella. There's a little misunderstanding. Although I really appreciate what you did for me but I'm not Edward. I mean I'm not the Edward you're talking about.'

Isabella stared blankly at him for a few moments.

'You are not Edward Cullen?'

'No. I'm Edward Masen. I'm from Newtech City.'

Isabella's laughter echoed around the whole house. 'Pardon me.' She said trying to muffle her laugh.

'You think this is funny?' Edward tried to get up but fell back down on the bed.

'Do not try to get up.' Isabella rolled her eyes.

'Listen Isabella and listen carefully. I'm not from here.' He lowered his voice 'I'm from the year 2057. I built a machine that can travel through time by using the Time Equation I solved when I was 21.'

Isabella's face hardened 'Edward please. This is going too far.'

'No please I'm telling the truth. For god's sake I am. I can show you the machine if you want.'

'You are Edward Cullen. Your father is Dr Carlisle Cullen. Your sister is Mary Alice and her future husband is Jasper Whitlock. Their wedding is in two weeks.' She took a deep breath 'and I am Isabella Swan. Our mothers were best friends since childhood and we are also.'

'Three weeks ago you went inside the forest for hunting. You promised you would be back in two days but when you did not return even after two weeks everyone thought you were never coming back.' Isabella bit her lips and closed her eyes. When she opened them they were glistering with tear.

'My father found you in the woods four days ago. You were unconscious and your leg was broken. I have been in here for the last four days looking after you and you say you are not Edward!'

'Isabella I'm not saying I'm not Edward. I'm Edward but Edward Masen, not Edward Cullen.'

She looked away and then walked out the room. A few moments later she got in again and walked up to the cabinet other side of the bed. She took some medicines.

'It is time for your medicine, who ever you are.' She bent over and without saying anything Edward had the of the meds must have been sleeping pill cause Edward soon drifted into sleep.