Antonio sighed and stretched forcing his hands to the air. Today felt different, he couldn't put his finger on why that was. He had worked in the café and nothing unusual had happened. Not even after that old woman was apparently trying to hit on him. Never trust an old lady who asked you to pick up her fork from the floor. He rubbed his behind. That woman hit hard.

He sighed and looked to the orange skies as the sun was descending from his home once again. As he walked the way home he stopped by the entrance to the park. Something began pulling at him. He knew that taking the street was the shortest route but something was telling him to take the park route. A sweet smell seemed to be coming down the path and before Antonio knew what was happening his feet had moved him onto the gravel path. He seemed to notice no one else had noticed the sweet smell but it didn't stop him from moving towards the source. As he came to the fountain in the centre he noticed a group of men surround the water's edge. They seemed to be the source of the odour. Antonio managed to regain enough control to just stand there, resisting the urge to run over and demanding to know what the smell was. He felt so weird, he was addicted to it and yet he had never smelt it before in his life. He fidgeted and twisted his café apron that he held in his hands. Damn! Whatever was making that smell better be worth it!

He never noticed the small blush developing on his face, if he had then he would have noticed one of the men turn to see him and see his reaction. Whispering to the man next to him the leader of the group looked over to see Antonio, fidgeting and swaying a little as he tried to remain in control of his mind. A wide fang like smiled graced the man's lips. He broke away from the group and walked with purpose to where the teen stood. Snapping back into reality Antonio looked up at the man.

He wore a dark suit and sunglasses, his hair was combed back and he had a powerful aura about him. Antonio tried to speak but still under the influence of the never ending intoxicating smell instead he stared at the man with clouded eyes. The man reached a hand to the boys head and ran his fingers through the Spaniard's hair. Antonio wanted to question the man, he knew he was overly fond of affection towards others, he tended to frighten people and get scolded because of is. But someone else doing it was very rare

But instead he found himself purring. Which was strange since he didn't know how to purr. He saw the man's smile grow wider as his eyes closed and he leant into the man's hand. What the hell was wrong with him? Why was he acting like a house pet? Even for him this was weird

"You like that don't you?" the guy was even talking to him as if he was a pet…was this role-play?

"…Yes…" Wait, what? Antonio couldn't believe he just said that, it was like the words just fell out without thought. The man laughed and he felt a sting and something pricked his ear. He jumped away and brought a hand to his ear, there seemed to a stud in it now but he felt his hand pass over its shiny surface, he glared back at the man.

"Don't be alarmed…once we can accommodate you, I will come to collect you" He smiled and then his eyes wandered over to a tree. Antonio followed his eyes, hand still clamped protectively over his ear.

By the tree gripping to the bark was a teen boy a little younger then Antonio, blond hair and green eyed and had a blush to his cheeks, he had a look of regret on his face, it was only seconds later when the Spaniard noticed the boy had cat ears…and a tail that seemed to twitch behind the boy's back. He seemed to be wearing nightwear in the form of shorts and a vest. The man walked over and Antonio watched in interest. He noticed his head cleared as the smell disappeared, happy to be in complete control, he wondered if it had been used to lure that boy in.

"Well, hello Summon, we finally found you" he hovered over the boy who coiled away around the tree "You knew you couldn't escape…but I commend you for making it further than anyone else"

At that the man reached inside his suit and produced a canister with a face mask attached. The boy went wide eyed in horror

"NO! I don't want to go back!" he yelled, his accent British. He tried to defend with his arm but got pulled into the suited man's body, the mouth piece forced over the boy's mouth and nose. Antonio went to move, he wanted to help the teen but he felt another hand clamp onto him. The other members of the suit gang were going to make sure he didn't get involved, all he could do was watch and he hated it. The boy seemed to hold his breath for as long as he could but eventually he was forced to breathe in. The wide eyes full of fear suddenly relaxed and began half lidded, the green iris swirled in a dreamlike state, a small smile appeared upon his lips and he began to breath more deeply trying to get the gas into him.

"Good boy, Summon…" the man led the boy's hands to the canister so he held it voluntarily and then placing a hand on his back, encouraged him to walk, which he did without complaint.

Antonio was thrown to the ground and the gang left with the boy. The Spaniard was confused, the boy was human right? So why the cat ears? Why the tail? Why had he been escaping and from where? It confused him to the point of migraine, so shaking it off he looked up to gaze at the first few stars and decided to head for home. His ear throbbed like mad but he smiled through it, no use being sad even if the images of that boy played in his head and he wanted to see what that bastard in the suit had done to his precious ear.

When he reached his apartment he raced into the bathroom and hung over the sink to look in the mirror. In his right ear was a large red stub that was clamped in place, placing his finger on it he hissed in pain. What the hell was this thing? It looked like a tag…

"I am not a cow!" he felt himself screaming, finally let out all the frustration from the pain he had held back in his smile "What the hell!"

Growling and infuriated he shook his head and breathed deeply let all the anger slip away, he felt a lot better and smiled at himself in the mirror then yawned he dragged himself to the bedroom and crawled on the bed. He blinked a few times before he fell into a deep sleep

A few weeks had passed since the incident in the park and Antonio went on with his life. It was Saturday so it was time for him to work in the café again. But there was a carnival on the other side of town, so things were pretty quiet. Antonio sat on one of the stools by the counter and drank from his glass. The day was warm so he was allowed to have water so he didn't pass out, he liked the peace and quiet but he had to confessed he was getting a little bored. The bell on the front door rung to alert the café to the new customers

"Good day, I need a table for 3 please" the voice caused the hair on Antonio's neck to stand on end. He turned and the suited man was talking to the hostess, as she turned to show him to their seats, the Spaniard noticed the gang seemed to be staring at him. He shivered as he knew they were up to something.

A couple of hours went by and the suits seemed to have tried everything on the menu. Antonio stood by the table gripping his tray, watching them go through the menu for the 12th time. They were pushing it now. He knew they were doing it on purpose to provoke him, they kept noting his expression like they were kids poking an animal through the bars at the zoo. He remained smiling, ever helpful and ever polite

"What can I get you?" Antonio asked again. At least the large order meant he would be paid more, he could finally fix up his apartment and make it look nice.

"Oh, I don't think we will have anything else" he smiled. The same smile that Antonio remembered from the event weeks ago. His hand rose subconsciously to his ear where the stud still lay. The man noticed.

"Would you like the bill?" Antonio remained polite, he wanted the men out of his life but they were still customers, they still need to be treated with respect. The man shook his head and the companions with him rose from the table.

Antonio tensed, were they going to skip out on the tab? The suited man then rose from the table and put a hand on Antonio's cheek; Antonio flinched a little surprised and saw the man raise something to his left ear. He was up to something! He knew it!

"I want you…"

Antonio didn't have time to take on the words as suddenly there was an ear splitting pain in his ear. The Spaniard pushed away and hit his back on the counter. His head throbbed, he gripped his ears and tried to block out the sound but he couldn't, his head was swirling, the noise was disrupting his brain pattern so it was hard to think, it was making him disorientated. The two other men roughly grabbed him and dragged him from the café. The suited man clicked the off button on the black box he was holding. He looked around as the hostess came back from the kitchen.

"Oh…where is Antonio?" she asked confused. The suited man smiled as he walked to the entrance

"He is helping my men with a problem with our car, he should return soon" and with that he left.

Antonio awoke lying on the ground; he sat up and found he was surrounded by the black suits. Why him? What had he possibly done to these people?

"Hello, you're awake, good…we can begin" the man Antonio had come to despise, walked over to him

"Get away from me!" he growled, trying to hit the man. He smiled and pushed the teen away. Antonio began to breathe deeply; his head was beating so hard he had snapped without thinking. But that seemed to be what he wanted…why?

"Good…get angry…it will make this easier" he laughed "Want to know a secret, Antonio?"

He went to open his mouth but instead he growled. Did the guy get his name from the café?

"I'll take that as a yes…so here it is" he grinned his fangs at the boy "You're going to help humanity evolve"

"What?" Antonio cursed his curiosity

"You know what magic is right?"

"Fairytales…" Antonio looked away, he believed in them mind you, the idea of happy fairies and colourful creature was nice

"Yes, very good…but did you know that it is real?"

"Haha" the Spaniard laughed " that would be nice then I could wish for some nicer company who wouldn't drag me into a dark alley for who knows what" he smiled cheerfully as the idea brightened his mood

"You can use it…or at least you will use it…once we awaken it"

"Can I go now?" Antonio wasn't going to be made a fool of, or at least not after the time a boy pushed him off the roof after claiming he had found magic dust and threw it over his hand. And yet…ah…good times..Antonio laughed. One of the gang moved to a van parked nearby

"Oh no…not until we find out what power you hold…we brought along one of our other recruits to help us…for you see, what better way to unlock someone's power than by fighting them with another?"

Antonio looked up as the doors on the van were opened and a teen was laid on the floor. It wasn't the boy from the event weeks previous, but the boy was also blond, the cat ears and tails drooped low. When he was pulled from the van he protested, the men grabbed at the plain t-shirt he wore and threw him in front of the leader. Looking up seeing the man before him he scrambled to his feet shaking with fear. The suited man turned the boy to face Antonio. His eyes seemed to try and tell Antonio apologies, his large violet eyes were terrified, his blond hair framed his face and a few strands few in front of his face in a strange curl. He shook more as he felt the suited man's hand on his shoulder

"Remember what will happen if you disobey me, boy" he told the boy then turned to Antonio "This is Glacier…he will be showing you his power…" and with that, Glacier was pushed forward.

Antonio rose to his feet. He looked at the teen who took a breath

"I'm sorry…" he whispered and threw his hands to the ground. The ground shook and then much to Antonio's surprise, walls of ice shot up around him

"What the hell?" Antonio screamed taken by surprise. The walls closed around him leaving him in an ice prison. It was cold…but bearable.

Outside the suited man turned to Glacier.

"You'll let my brother rejoin us if I force his power out, eh?" he asked, turning to the man. He nodded and Glacier sighed. He began to make the ice thicker.

Clutching himself in an embrace, Antonio began to shake violently, the temperature was dropping and the walls were closing in. He just wanted to be warm…he would do anything for it. The top of his head began to burn as did the small of his back. Why? Was he going mad? But it was warmth; he begged it to envelop his body. And it obeyed to his surprise, his body began to feel so warm, he smiled

"What is this feeling?" he asked out loud. His body shimmered, the temperature around him began to rise, he closed his eyes and let it take over, the area in his control grew and grew and the ice melted away. Glacier stood dumbstruck as the structure he built turned to water. The Spaniard was stood in the middle, his arms still holding his chest, his head tilted back and his eyes closed. He was glowing a pale yellow.

"He can control heat?" the suited man smiled "Wonderful" he grabbed Glacier and threw him to one of his lackeys. Antonio opened his eyes, the burning in his head and back were gone, he stumbled a little, suddenly exhausted. The suited man was in front of him. He grabbed Antonio's head and the boy let out a yelp, for what he grabbed wasn't his hair, they were ears, he was confused and reached up to inspect them, he no longer had human ears and instead, pointed ears rested upon his head, his heart jumped and a little scared he reach to his lower back and squeaked. His hands ran along a new limb from his lower back, he guided it to his front and in his hand twitching away was a tail. HOLY MOTHER OF- he had a tail! A tail! How the hell did he just sprout a tail! I mean he wasn't complaining but tails had bones in them right? Didn't bones usually take months to heal? So imagine how long it would take to grow them? It was the same colour as the hair on his head. He suddenly realised his head was swirling, exhaustion hit him like a wave and his fell into the man's arms

"Your name is now Solaris" he heard the suited man speak as he drifted off. Like hell it will be, he thought.

Antonio awoke to the sound of an engine, his eyes opened to see familiar violet ones looking down at him

"Are you ok, Solaris?" he asked

"My name is not Solaris…" Antonio groaned a little confused then he felt a whip across his chest and he screamed out, Glacier grabbed his hand and allowed him to squeeze out the pain.

"You will only respond to Solaris!" a man barked, gripping his whip. Antonio growled, he hated things like whips

"My name is Antonio!" he cried and received another lashing

"Looks like you need to be broken" a dark grinned broke out across his face as Antonio was pulled away from Glacier, who went to protest but stayed quiet.

Suddenly every minute was noted in Antonio's mind as the torture began

"What is your name?"

"Antonio!" he screamed as he was pinned and lashed across the back several time

"What is your name?"

"Antonioooo" they pulled at his tail and forced his head to smash into the floor of the van

"What is your name?"

"Antonio!" then he felt fire rush through his body as a cattle prod was produced and forced into his back.

This tennis match went on for an hour. Antonio lay on the floor of the van staring at Glacier who stared back, his eyes saying he was sorry over and over.

The constant torture made Antonio's head go funny. Was he Antonio? He was beginning to question himself as time went on the name Solaris began more and more pleasing, that name meant no hurt no pain, he was sick of hurt and pain, whenever he thought his body was to go numb they found a new way to inflict him pain to divert the process. Tired and shivering, the man raised the whip again.

"What is your name?"

"Anto…." He began, the name no longer held familiarity, it made his body rack with pain because his mind had become used to that emotion upon hearing it.

"What is your name?"

"Solaris…" he sighed. A smile across the man's lips, he put down the whip and stroked Antonio's hair

"What is your name?" this time the request was softer more pleasing

"Solaris" Solaris was purring a little. Now they were playing a different game. Now every time Solaris replied, he was rewarded, his re-education was almost complete. Another hour passed before they let Solaris go back to Glacier. He flopped his head on the blond boys lap and remained silent


"Yes Glacier?"

"I'm sorry…"

"I know Glacier…"