Rewinding time from the explosion to the small American teen as he raced along on the bike from work Parcel nestled in his bag. It was strange when he was first given it by his boss. A package with Antonio's address on it just arrived on the desk, the person who brought it just left the small brown paper wrapped box and the right amount of money for the delivery on the front desk.

"It's for your place so you might as well take it on your way home"

"you got it boss!" Atomic saluted his boss as he raced out the door. Parking up the two wheeler outside the apartment, he climbed the stairs to the apartment where he was greeted by Amazonia with a plate of cookies freshly from the oven.

"oh Atomic I didn't think you would be back so soon" the brunette smiled putting the plate on the table. Brother was holding his sister who attempted to try and taking the burning cookies at that moment. The American sat down and sighed.

"well the last package was for here so I got to knock off early"

With Narrowed eyes the Swiss male leant over and read the label on top. Suspicious of it as he drew Flora closer to himself "no name…seems wrong" he muttered and the girl blinked looking at it. Now she thought about it who on earth would send them something, no one was meant to know they are there after all.

"well if there is no name it wouldn't hurt to open it" Atomic shrugged and received a smack around the head

"if it's for anyone its Antonio, this is his place after all!" the Hungarian female pointed out brandishing a spoon in his direction.. Flora leant in noticing a smell she was not sure about at first.

"if it's for Antonio I will apologise and give him it"


Brother looked down at the female in his arms and she looked up in panic

"the package smells dipped in gunpowder!" she near shouted

"what!" Atomic cried jumping up and trying to go at the package but Amazonia dragged him back "we need to leave now!" she cried. Brother pushed Flora towards her as he leapt up and dragged down a window. The brunette female dragged the two blondes towards the front door as the intimidating male flung the package preying it made it out the window. Seconds after it entered the air outside the package combusted and exploded sending brother into the group of people in the hallway.

Outside another male joined the Japanese boy on a nearby rooftop. He smiled and pulled up his sleeves "seems my plan was a little flawed" he admitted

"it's ok" the raven haired male replied "they have the scents girl with them…she will have smelt it"

The other boy nodded as the Japanese boy turned to him and smiled "shall we introduce ourselves. The brunette stranger smiled and produced a small explosive form up his sleeve


~Unlocked Potentials~

Antonio sighed as they cleared up for the day looking at the window as his boss smiled packing up her things.

"Are you sure you are going to be alright here alone?" she asked approaching him and he nodded smiling.

"Si si you should go home it's been a long day" and to be honest he had a really bad feeling about tonight. He just wanted to make sure the person who had helped him so much over the years was going to be ok. Soon after she left though his head quickly snapped in the direction of his place, eyes narrowed as an explosion filled the air.

~Unlocked potentials~

Glacier forced himself against the wall as he peered out into the street, turning back he saw Harmonic holding Reflect near himself as they crept through the shadows.

"We have to keep moving come on!" he cried as he rushed out into the street and broke into a run. As the German boy caught up he reached out and grasped the boy to slow him down

"You don't even know if your brother caused this!" he tried to reason with the other but all he was met with was a cold shoulder

"even so" the boy eventually spoke "he is involved somehow and that means he is in trouble and we have to help!"

Elsewhere the American was trying his hardest to concentrate. He could easily blast the assailants but they were moving so fast and control every movement nearly. He'd just end up killing them all.

That just left Amazonia wielding a frying pan of all things! She had panicked when the katana was brandished at her and in that state the weapon she is best with comes out on instinct, however the pan was working up quite well paring blow for blow with the other, every so often he brought up a gust of wind that blew her skirts but she stood firm in those instances. The other boy it turned out could move earth and was doing so with a mixture of small explosives trying to knock them off their feet.

"who are you!" Flora screamed out as the brunette out of the two stood above them on one of the pillars of rock he had created

"me?" he smiled "they called me Mountain back in the lab" the boy from Hong Kong smirked as they looked up at him "and we have like asked to bring you back so why not do it quietly" he raised a hand above his head bomb in hand.

"don't you dare touch them!" she cried smacking him hard over the head. The Japanese male quickly on her tale

"Apologises but your fight is with me" he smiled and she flew forward. Atomic rushed the boy on the ground as he got up both collided and wrestling

"Why are you doing this?" he asked "you have been through the same things we have!"

"Because after a while you realise it's all for the better" was all he spoke as he smirked.

The group were forced against a wall and the two males stood before them. Mountain threw his arms with large sleeves up into the air throwing an uncountable explosives in the air "after you Gust" he smiled and the Japanese male smiled a glint in his eye as he brought up a large wind propelled the bombs at the group.

"Duck!" Brother cried diving on top of them as the explosive broke into the window of the building and exploded showering glass all over the people below.

Atomic stood up growling "you have fucked with me too long I am taking you down!"

"Is that wise Atomic?" the Japanese boy asked "after all your powers will do harm to both sides"

He faltered looking back at the three below. He was right he couldn't do anything.

It was then the flames erupting from the business flickered and warped taking their attention, parting like the red sea to reveal a very pissed off looking Spaniard who came to stand by Atomic, small flame on his shoulder.

"Alright Antonio?" Atomic asked laughing a little nervously suddenly realising what business was now ablaze.

"Oh si I am alright" he muttered darkly reaching up and extinguishing the flame with his hand. "But I think they need to pay, the bill for these damages is going to be steep. Mind helping me collect?" he asked and the other nodded smirking a little.

Glacier cried out in surprise as the large scale explosion and rushed his hands upwards delivering a thick ice wall. Grasping the small Italian, the German dove in the semi igloo shape as the flames flicked passed listening to the evaporating noise of the shelter they created.

They saw the two Asian males rush past the ice in fear and disappeared into the distance fearing they had greatly underestimated their opponent and needed to regroup and attack again another time.

Antonio and Atomic collapsed on the floor as the five grouped up

"Sorry about your friend's café" Flora muttered and the Spaniard looked up at the flaming mess as sirens were heard in the distance

"I'm just glad she is not in here" he sighed getting up and stumbling a little "we need to leave"

"Yeah…but what about the others?"

"we're here" Harmonics voice rang out and they turned to see the Canadian being carried. The American rushed over and looked over his brother with worried expression realising in seconds what he had done. He took the boy from the German and carried his brother himself feeling guilt drive him to make it up to the other.

"where are the others" Amazonia asked as she turned the pan back into a stick

"Briar is still working ve~" Reflect smiled "we saw the shop on the way over and it looks fine but we don't know of anyone else…"

"but I sent Mirror home ages ago" the Spaniard muttered worried

"don't worry" Flora spoke holding Brother's hand "I am sure he is with Summon and Beast"

~unlocked Potentials~

Mirror dropped to the floor like a stone sparking a little and his body shuddered

"that moron" beast growled on all fours in his human mode "he can't heal himself!"

Summon agree and sending forward a dog to push back to the two assailants so they could get to the Italian. Scooping him up they heard him groan and cough

"fucking blind sighted me" he complained as he was lifted up

"Look Mirror I need you to be ready to heal me if this goes wrong ok?" the British boy asked as Beast supported the boy


"I am about to make their nightmares before their eyes" he smirked and turned to Aqua and Static "Time to show you what I learnt when you were away!"

The two Asians looked to one another as the English teen stepped forward and raised his arms, the Italian hooked a hand on the boy's clothing. Suddenly a deep dark aura erupted from the male who groaned at the use of power already as it sapped his already injured body of energy.

"shit!" Mirror grumbled as he realised what the other wanted and was quick to try and heal the other. The two assailants seemed stuck in their tracks turning pale but not moving.

Beast growled and turning into a lion pounced at the two ripping and biting at them as they snapped from their stupor and fled with the lion on their tail.

Summon and Mirror collapsed onto the floor panting. That was a harsh battle on them considering their abilities. Summon dragged himself up having a bit of the energy and went over to a collar left behind as the Albino returned.

"what's that?" he questioned as the blond turned it over in his hands

"Something that nullifies…so this might be our answer for moving around in public" he smiled a little.

Mirror looked up at the two and blinked sleep slowly overcoming him in the moment of tranquillity now the excitement was over. Suddenly he felt someone grip his hand and the strange surge of power within him as he tried to look at who it was vision blurred. Another hand took its place on his forehead and the cooling sensation pulsed through him as his eyes slipped closed as he heard.

"It's gonna be ok fratello"