Mix up: What happens when two very busy people send two clueless people to pick up their babies from daycare? Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are in for a rough day but it may just have some nice repercussions.

Character pairings: Edward and Bella the whole way
Rating: M for fun times
Disclaimer: While I love Twilight I do not own it, however the little cuties that star as the babies are all figments of my imagination.
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"Ms. Swan, I have all the folders for tomorrow's meeting ready for tomorrow." Angela, my assistant, stated looking nervous.

"Well, I would hope you had the folders for tomorrow's meeting ready for tomorrow Angela, otherwise we would look very stupid in front of the partners, wouldn't we?" I asked, not looking her in the eye as I read through a proposition for a new building.

I was CEO of Chicago's biggest architecture firm, Dwyer Holdings. Having stepfathers in the right places gets you very far in life, not that I didn't have some of my own attributes that I contributed to the job.

My 'take no shit' from employees' stance worked well in the office for one.

"Yes Ma'am" She squeaked.

"Was that all?" I asked.

"Your four-thirty is here." She added.

"Send him in." I told her "You can go now." I dismissed her as she hovered in the doorway. She looked relieved and I heard a stifled sigh as she went back to her desk and sent my four-thirty appointment in.

"You can go in now, Mr. Cullen" I heard her say as I glanced back down at the file on my desk.

I heard someone clear their throat from the door and I looked up.

"Yes?" I asked.

"Ms. Swan, my name is Edward Cullen."

"I am aware, Mr. Cullen. I did my research before I confirmed the appointment." I told him, gesturing to him to sit down "Please shut the door." I said giving me a moment to gather my thoughts.

Edward Cullen was a budding architect in this part of the world; he had designed houses for the stars. All eco-friendly and all cost effective, two phrases celebrities loved and so did I. Granted, he had made the appointment, but let's just say I wasn't upset he had darkened my door way.

Besides from being just what this firm needed he wasn't harsh on the eyes.

"I like a woman who's prepared." He said sitting down.

"I like a man who knows his boundaries and keeps to the point. Maybe our likes can join together, no?" I asked. I was never one to chit chat.

No matter how pretty the chit chat instigator was.

"Of course" He said. "Where to begin..." He began opening his briefcase.

"It's pretty simple, Mr. Cullen. I heard you just finished building a house ten minutes outside of the city that you aren't selling, which means it's for yourself, so you're settling in Chicago?" I asked.

"You really mean business, don't you?" he asked.

"It's why I get up every morning and put on my pretty suit with the clicky shoes." I said staring him down. His vibrant emerald eyes were easy to get caught up in had I had the time, but I had a more pressing appointment to get to after this and I wasn't going to be late for it. "You want to work for the firm?" I asked.

"I want to keep my own company but have the luxury of a bigger company." He stated.

"Having figured this would happen I have talked this over with Mr. Dwyer and he is fine..."

"You talk personally with Mr. Dwyer?" He asked, looking shocked.

"Working here you'll find I have a lot of pull with Mr. Dwyer. As I was saying, he's fine with you incorporating with the company, you keeping yours as a boutique company under our masthead; it means less competition for us and you're the new black in regards to architecture." I told him.

"That's... great. Thank you so much, Ms. Swan."

"Now, let's talk figures. We would want forty percent of your final payment and we would be willing to give you fifteen percent of the company's shares."

"That sounds reasonable." He said.

"I'll get a contract drawn up and we'll schedule for you to meet with Mr. Dwyer sometime next week. If you'll excuse me I have another appointment to get to." I told him.

"Hot date?" he asked smirking.

"Not that it's any of your business, but no." I told him.

"Does that mean you would be open to going to dinner with me?" he asked and I looked at him, shocked.

"That's... It wouldn't be right. Plus I'm not in the position to date right now." I told him.

"Fair enough Ms. Swan, but if you change your mind you have my number." He said.

"Not likely" I told him, extending my hand for him to shake.

"We'll see." He said shaking it, and I had to ignore the jolt that went through my hand.

"Goodbye, Mr. Cullen." I said before he walked out. I waited a minute and brushed off the last part of the otherwise great meeting before I grabbed my coat and bag from my closet. "Angela, I want the rest of the arrangements for the meeting finalised tonight and emailed to me on my Blackberry. Then have all the Starbucks orders that are saved in the computer in the room when we walk in. A lot is riding on this, if I look good, you look good, got it?" I asked her.

"Yes, Ms. Swan." She said.

"Goodnight, Angela."

"Goodnight, Ms. Swan" She said as I walked towards the elevator. As I got in I checked my phone for messages before the doors shut. Once I was in my car I drove quickly to my penthouse in the uptown part of Chicago.

When I walked in the door I kicked off my heels and coat before walking into the living room. I smiled as I saw my babysitter holding my most precious possession to her.

"Hello, Doris." I said as I walked towards them. As I did, my favourite person in the world looked all around the room until he saw me.

"Hello, Dear, how was work?" she asked me.

"Pretty good" I said as he stretched his arms out from her grasp and reached for me. I plucked him out of her arms and kissed his cheek. "Hello, Handsome, how was your day?" I cooed at him.

"Bella, he was an angel all day." She said looking wistfully at him, today was her last day with us and I knew she would miss us both. But her doctor had told her that she needed to stop working, what with her back being out.

"Did you miss your Mommy, Connor?" I asked my son who smiled up at me, at just one year of age he was already such a charmer. God help me when he's a teenager.

"Of course he did" Doris said before standing up. "I best be going." She said and I nodded, standing up again holding Connor to me.

"Thank you so much for all your help Doris, and if you ever feel like defying your doctor you are welcome to come here and hang out with our little man." I told her and she nodded.

"I'm just happy I had the privilege to get to spend time with this little man." She said. We had already said our proper goodbyes yesterday; this was just the final one. We hugged briefly and she kissed Connor's cheek before heading out the door.

Once we were alone Connor looked up at me with a big smile.

"Maa-Maa" He called out and I smiled.

"Yup, Momma" I told him as I brushed his curly hair out of his brown eyes. He was all mine and that never ceased to amaze me.

I put him in his bouncer and got changed into some pyjamas before giving him a bath.

He always conked out after his bath. Laying him down in his crib I flicked on the glow light before leaning on the side and watching him sleep.

"I love you little man." I told him kissing his forehead.

After watching him for another little while I headed to bed, tomorrow was a big day. I was going to need all the sleep I could get.


"Daaaaaaa" She called, banging her little hands on the tray of her high chair.

"You called m'lady?" I asked, kneeling down on the ground in front of the chair. "Who's the prettiest baby in the whole wide world?" I asked before tickling her.

Maybe I was biased in saying my baby was the prettiest but I didn't care, my opinion was the only one that mattered.

"Edward?" I heard my mother's voice call.

"In here." I yelled and she walked into the kitchen.

"Hello Lily." Mom said picking my daughter out of her high chair and kissing her cheek. "How are you my Darling? Edward she is just so precious."

"I made her myself." I said with a smirk and Mom laughed.

"One of your better accomplishments"

"I think so." I said, taking my baby out of my mother's arms and cuddling her to me. "What's up?" I asked her.

"Well, your brother is coming home tomorrow and we're setting up his wedding party."

My older brother Emmett took off for six years to Australia after he graduated from college, out there he met the blonde bombshell Rosalie and became hooked. They had recently gotten married but due to a lot of the family not being able to get to Australia, Mom was throwing them a wedding party here.

"Do you need me to get anything?"

"No, but I won't be able to pick Lily up from day care tomorrow. Emmett said he'll do it, it's just that Rosalie and I have an appointment for the cake at that time."

"I don't know, Mom, Emmett's never met Lily before. You know how she is with strangers. Remember the first time we dropped her to day care? I was positive they weren't going to let her back in." I said as Lily smiled as if somewhat proud of her tantrums.

"Oh he's her Uncle, she knows family." Mom said and I looked down at Lily.

"What do you think, Kiddo?" I asked her and she blinked up at me. "Yeah you're cute now, until I get a phone call from Uncle Emmie saying that you won't shut up."

"Lily is so well-tempered Edward you've got nothing to worry about." Mom said and I sighed.

"Okay, don't you think he'll be a little tired, though?"

"He'll have her for two hours before you get home. She sleeps for most of that." Mom explained and I nodded.

"Did you hear that, Gorgeous, you and Uncle Emmett have a date tomorrow?" I told her and she smiled, probably due to my tone more so than spending the day with my brother. I know who my money would be on.

"Great." Mom said "So how did the meeting go with DH?" She asked.

"I got it, apparently the CEO has been keeping her eye on me because she's already talked it over with Mr. Dwyer and he's all for it." I explained.

"That's great, Edward; I really hope all this goes well for you." Mom said smiling sadly at Lily. "After everything that has happened to you and Lily things have to get better don't they? Speaking of getting better, there is this lovely young girl at the country club who I think would be..."

"Mom, no, you are not setting me up." I told her.

"But you need to get back into the game." She said.

"I asked out a woman today." I told her and she beamed at me.


"Bella Swan" I told her.

"At Dwyer Holdings?"

"Yes, if that is any of your business mother."

"Aw, a young corporate couple, I love it." Mom gushed.

"She turned me down."

"Why?" Mom asked looking confused. She was too proud of her kids.

I hoisted Lily up as she wriggled against me.

"I don't know, but I like her. I might give it another go in a week or so. She seems like the kind of person you need to talk into an idea more so than just going with the flow."

"Well look at you, Mr. Man with the Plan" Mom teased as I put Lily back in the high chair.

"Well, I need to start looking, don't I? This little lady needs a Momma and I need to start weeding out the 'contenders' and the 'never gonna happens'."

"Oh, and do you think Bella Swan is a contender?" Mom asked.

"She might just be, I don't know. She seems strict, but she's hiding something. And she's not the only person who's been keeping her eye on people for awhile now." I told my Mom who nodded.

"Edward Cullen, you smart man, I'll leave you to your planning ways." She said kissing my cheek and then the baby's.

After she was gone I finished feeding Lily before getting her ready for bed. Once she was down I looked at her and smiled.

"Night Precious" I said kissing her forehead before going into my bedroom.

I don't know why but I got the feeling tomorrow was going to be a very long day.

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