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Chapter XVI: More Trouble

Oh, Bakura was in trouble. Big trouble. He'd decided to put some of his devious plans into action, this time, without a partner in crime. And things had quickly gone south.

He'd gotten caught.

Life was cruel.

At least, that's what Bakura thought as he sat in the principal's office, said principal ranting nonstop about something or another; like Bakura would ever even give the gal the time of day. He just nodded every once in a while to keep the woman happy, like he was actually halfway caring about what she was saying.

Damn security cameras… Bakura thought as the principal continued her monologue, How was I supposed to know about their magical powers of recording stuff?

The principal began wrapping up her speech, making Bakura perk up so that he would be able to bolt the minute she said he was free to go.

"… So, with the knowledge that you've been causing a lot of trouble lately, I'd like to have a meeting with your parents after school tomorrow."

"'Parents'?" Bakura spat the word. Genuine terror started to intoxicate him.

The lady nodded, the gesture ringing in Bakura's head like a death bell.


"I'm screwed," Bakura announced, walking into the dorm and finding Ryou and Melvin playing a friendly game of Duel Monsters at the kitchen table.

"What do you mean by that?" Ryou asked his yami fearfully, gazing at him from over his hand of cards.

Melvin teased in a baby voice, "Did the little student get in a little trouble, 'Kura?"

Bakura smacked the top of Melvin's head, chastising, "This is serious!"

"What is?" Ryou asked again.

Bakura simply handed his 'twin' a note.

Ryou clenched the paper in his pale hands and read the words inscribed on them thoroughly. He dropped it onto the table as he concluded it in the simple sentence of: "Well, this isn't good…"

"What isn't?" Melvin questioned, rubbing his head where Bakura had taken his anger out on him.

Bakura informed in a defeated tone, "I got in trouble, and now my parents have to meet with the principal."

The room fell silent-

-until Melvin burst into laughter.

"It's not funny, Melvin!" Bakura smacked the Egyptian again. It was to no avail, though. Melvin continued to cackle.

Ryou inquired, "What are you going to do, 'Kura?"

"Hell if I know!" Bakura sunk into a seat next to his hikari and set his white head down on the table.

"I have an idea," Melvin randomly stated, his laughing episode done and over with.

Bakura glared at the fellow yami from his head's position on the table, warning him, "It better not be stupid."

"Or what?" Melvin challenged.

"Or else."

"That's not a very logical comeback."

"Your face isn't a very logical comeback."

"Your mom."

"No, yours."

"What's your idea, Melvin?" Ryou interrupted their comeback war.

Melvin pitched, "Why don't Ryou and I pose as your parents? Ryou looks like you, and the school has never seen me."

Bakura sat up and mulled this proposal over in his mind.

"Ooh!" Ryou clasped his hands together cheerfully. "I call being 'Kura's mom!"

Bakura facepalmed. He mumbled under his breath, "Please don't say things like that, Ryou, it scares me…"

Melvin snickered, but Bakura kicked his foot from under the table before any snarky comment could pass the Egyptian's lips.

"Abusive," Melvin coughed. He recovered easily and questioned, "Don't you think my idea could work?"

"I guess," Bakura admitted. "But you two would have to dress appropriate for the parts…"

"Gotcha," Melvin agreed, lazily propping his feet up on the table.

"And you have to act the part," Bakura stressed, pushing Melvin's feet off the table.

Melvin grunted but shrugged this off, crossing his arms.

"I can act the part, 'Kura!" Ryou insisted enthusiastically, "I've been acting like your mom for years!"

Bakura kicked Ryou. Not as hard as he had done to Melvin, but the intent was there.

Instead of whimpering like Bakura had predicted his hikari would do, Ryou surprised him by placing his hands on his hips and crying, "Young man, you will not treat your mother this way! I raised you better than this!"

Bakura facepalmed a second time.

Yep, I'm screwed.


"Hello, and you are…" The principal trailed off awkwardly.

"Melvin," Melvin supplied. He was dressed in regular clothes for once. His usual attire of black shirt, beige cargo pants was replaced with jeans and T-shirt. The Egyptian gestured to Ryou. "And this is my lovely wife, R… Rachel," he quickly made up.

'Rachel' shook the principal's hand, saying in a more high-pitched voice (that didn't really change at all), "It's so nice to meet you!" Ryou's wardrobe took a lot more work to complete. Melvin suggested a dress, which Bakura immediately shot down. That'd just be too creepy. So, 'Rachel' was in some casual shorts and a plan light blue top.

"Likewise," the principal replied, signaling the three to sit down in front of her desk. She invited almost too happily, like she actually took pleasure in seeing Bakura's suffering. "Please, sit."

Bakura sullenly took the chair between his 'parents', looking more and more like a squeamish child in- well- the principal's office.

So far, so good, he reminded himself, hating every second he was there and not somewhere else.

The principal sat across from them and explained, "I asked you two to come and talk about Bakura's behavior. Your other son, Ryou is doing a fine job here. Just Bakura is causing trouble."

Bakura caught Ryou wearing a smile from this comment and resisted the urge to kick him under the desk.

The rest of the conference was blocked out in Bakura's mind. He only paid the slightest bit of attention but only to make sure his 'parents' didn't screw up.

And, just when the discussion was about to come to a close, all hell broke loose.

The principal's door opened, revealing Atem.

"Bakura?" Atem was sporting a lovely smirk as he quickly analyzed the situation and took a guess as to what was happening. "It's been a long time since I've seen your parents. We have so much to catch up on, don't we?"

Ra, strike me down now.

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