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What day is better?

March 31

Sideswipe clicked the TV remote simultaneously in the rec room. Seriously, must there be so many channels? He was already in the 20,000's, and there seemed to be no end. Was there a conspiracy to bore him to death? Was he going in a channel circle? He was so engrossed in the flicking lights of the screen he didn't notice the two humans walk in.

"But, I'm telling you, son! If we tell Sideswipe about…tomorrow, then the Ark'll be in shambles! Prowl might just offline from the pranks!" Sparkplug stomped his foot in front of his son, who just smiled and waved his hand.

"Yeah, that's basically the point. It'd be hilarious to see what he'd do!"Spike reasoned with the elder Witwicky, as he had been doing for the last 3 hours.

Sparkplug just grunted, finally ending the conversation with an "I don't really care anymore…"

Spike smiled and went over to Sideswipe.

"Hey, Sideswipe, I need to ask you something." Spike waved his arm in front of the television to get the warrior's attention.

Said mech put down the controller. "Yeah, Spike?"

"You gonna do anything for tomorrow?"

"Why?" the red mech wondered out-loud, "Some human holiday again? It was just St. Patrick's day three weeks ago…"

"Oh, you're gonna like this holiday a lot more than the last one…It's called April Fool's Day." The human smirked.

"And…why should I care? What's it about?" Sideswipe asked.

Spike put his hands on his hips and leaned forward like he had a secret before answering. "Pranks."

And the devilish smile that grew onto Sideswipe's faceplate might have sent Unicron running for cover, screaming like Starscream.

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