April Food's Day! Yes! The best day to pull off a crap load of pranks and it would probably be an awesome day to be born. To be able to pull off pranks without getting into too much trouble… yeah, I'd definitely would love to have this day as my birthday.

Either that or everyone would torture me with pranks.

Well, either way it would still be a fun day.

I must say that not only has Usopp gotten stronger and braver —more or less— but he's gotten attractive-er. Sorry, but it had to be said.

So ignoring that last statement I love seeing him help out a lot more even when he does panic like he did 2 years ago and like I said earlier he's gotten a lot braver. I (probably a spoiler if no one read the manga lately) really enjoyed seeing him go up against Daruma and I absolutely love all of his Midori Boshi: Impact Wolf. When I seen that I literally jumped out of my seat and had my mom look at me with the WTF look on her face. Honestly, I can say that I wasn't expecting that but that's why I like him even more. And his sniping skills, I'm sorry but not too many have as much accurate aim as he does. That's another thing that had to be said.

For an average human in the One Piece world, he had to make sure that he got better to keep up with his crew —whether it was from accessing the situation before someone screwed things up too much (namely Boshi-kun) to quickly drawing out his weapon(s)— and he made sure that he did get better.

Like he quoted to Heracles, Luffy is gonna need his help in order to become Pirate King.

Also, I'd like to say I can't wait until they reach Elbaf, the homeland of the Giant Warriors. When he gets there, I don't know what's gonna happen but that's something that I'm gonna enjoy a lot.

Unfortunately, I don't have a skit for Usopp this year (Sorry dude) and I completely forgot to do a birthday tribute to both Franky and Shanks (Sorry guys: 9th of March) since I've been too focused on my classes.

Happy Birthday Sniping King. 19 years young, traveling and enjoying life. That's an awesome experience, without all of the "Why do I get myself into these types of situations, oh, it's because of my captain!" but then if you didn't have that then you wouldn't have as much fun. Well, point being I hope you have a Happy Birthday this year and I can't wait to see what kind of awesome skills you have yet to reveal.

~Le. Jester. Vixen.