Jessie's point of view

"SHIT" I screeched as I tried to fix the ruined fabric of what was meant to be becoming a gothic rag doll. There was a knock at my door. "Is every thing okay in there?" it was my flat mate Alicia; she was a really nice person, probably my only friend. I looked at the fabrics and sighed. "Yea I just made a mistake" I said simply. "Okay, well I'm going out to meet mikey now, ill see you later bye" and with that she was gone. I looked at my hand and pulled out a clean razor, and dragged it to my hand. I pushed it into my flesh with full force but I didn't feel anything. I pulled it away and there was no mark, no blood. I sighed. "Still dead stop dreaming Jessie" I mumbled to myself. I got up out of the room and looked at the front door leading to the outside world, "Might as well I have nothing going on" I thought to myself and with that I opened the door and made my way to the grave yard that was down the street. I walked through the graves of the dead; I could hear every one of them screaming in pain. I felt a tear crawl down my cheek as I walked to my own grave. I couldn't hear any screams, my corps wasn't down there, it was up here, still walking like a human, but it wasn't that simple.

Gerard's point of view

"Gee, I'm going to see Alicia now, ill see you soon" the familiar voice of my brother always made me smile. "Yea sure, just make sure you... never mind. Have fun kiddo" I shouted down the stairs. I wanted to warn him to control his hunger for what only the living could produce, but I had warned him to much, and he liked Alicia way to much to kill her. "I will, bye" then I herd the door slam shut. I walked over to the mirror on my wall; all I could see was the black room behind me. I longed to see what I looked like, but I couldn't, I would never be able to again. "AGHHH" I gave out and angry cry and through a load of crap onto the floor. I hated this so much! I slammed my head against the mirror, cracking it. I repeated my action until my legs gave way and my eyes closed.

"Gee? GERARD WAKE UP, PLEASE!" I groaned my head was throbbing. I tried to force my eyes open but they didn't want to budge. I felt a hand softly sweep across my face and my eyes decided to open. I looked around, everything was a blur. I blinked and my eyes adjusted. I was face to face with mikey; he was wearing a worried expression. I groaned again and mumbled something so stupid I didn't understand it myself. Mikey sighed. "Look, Alicia's in the front room, why don't you come with me and we can have a chat?" I nodded and he helped me up. I followed him into the messy living room. I fell onto the cheap leather chair opposite the sofa on which a pretty young lady sat. She had black hair that was just below her shoulders, brown eyes and her clear skin had a slight tan. "You must be Alicia" I said after a minute of awkward silence. I put out my hand for her to shake, and she took it with her own, shaking it slightly. "And you must be Gerard, mikey is always on about you" she smiled and withdrew her hand. I must have looked a mess but she was being polite, I guess she was nice. She flicked a bit of her hair back, reviling her neck. I could see a think blue vain running up it, I could hear the blood run through her system, and I could smell the blood in her body. "Do you want a drink or something?" I was tensing up, I was craving blood. "Could I have a glass of water please" she said with a kind smile. "Of cores" I said. I was so relieved to get away from the human. I came back in, a glass of water in my left hand, a plate of biscuits in my right. "Help yourself" I said taking a biscuit and handing her her drink.

We talked to each other for about two hours, and then Alicia declared she had to leave. Mikey walked her home and I was left on the chair, thinking about blood, her blood. I wanted to kill my brother's girlfriend; there was something wrong with me!

Jessie's point of view

I sat down and lent against the grave and closed my eyes. I was craving nicotine, I need a smoke. I wish I had breath, to breath in the killing substance, I wanted it to run through my system and calm me, but that could never happen. "FUCK" I shouted out load. And sighed, being dead was the hardest part of living. I mumbled to myself. I got up and started walking back to the flat. I was about to open the door when a boy about my age walked out shouting goodbye as he went. "Uhh... hi... are you mikey?" I asked biting my lip. He smiled at me. He had black glasses, really pale skin, cute hazel eyes and sandy brown hair. "Yea and I'm guessing you're Jessie" I nodded to confirm. I tried to get into his thoughts, to read what he was thinking, but I couldn't. I was confused, I had always been able to read the minds of humans, why not him... unless... I looked into his eyes, there was something missing. "So I guess ill see you soon" he said bringing me out of my trance. "Yea bye" was all I could manage before walking into my flat to be greeted to Alicia smiling at me. I searched to find her thoughts,

I hope she liked mikey.

"So, did you like him" she asked gleaming.

"He's cute were did you find him" I giggled "dose he have a brother?" we burst out laughing

Suddenly there was a knock at the door, still giggling I opened it to see mikey.

"I told you I would see you soon" he said "I forgot my wallet" he smiled

"Oh we were just talking about you"

"And your brother" came a shout from the front room. "I was just about to tell Jessie how cute gee looks in skinnies" she continued. "And when I say cute I mean the hottest thing walking this fucking earth" we burst out laughing, and after a few seconds mikey crossed his arms, looking rather pissed with us. Alicia walked up to the door and pulled mikey in. She whispered something into his ear so I wouldn't hear, but I could.

"He's not as cute as you, and besides, only you could do those special things" they giggled and I had to bite my lip to stop myself from laughing. Mikey saw his wallet and picked it up.

"hey, me and the guys are going town tomorrow, why don't you two join us, ill convince gee to wear skinnies, just for you" he chuckled. We agreed a time and place. And he kissed Alicia goodbye and left. I looked at the clock; 9:45 might as well go to sleep.

"Night, ill see you tomorrow" I said walking up the stairs I herd Alicia say goodnight and I dropped onto my bed and thought about how mikey was... different. His skin was so deathly pale, like mine. His eyes didn't have the same glint alive people had, the fact I couldn't read his thoughts. Was he dead? The thoughts whizzed around my head. Until I finally fell in to the relief of sleep.