Mikey's POV

Breakfast was silent. It wasn't long after I declared I was leaving that Jessie stormed out and Gerard went after her. I finished the rest of my tasteless breakfast and got up, snatching my jumper from the kitchen side. "Where are you going?" Alicia's innocent voice asked as I walked to the door. "I don't know." It was a truthful answer. She gave me sad eyes. "Your not coming back are you." It wasn't a question but more of a statement. I sighed, suddenly losing the ability to speak. She must have got the hint because silent tears fell down her face. That's when Gerard ran in. his hair sticking to his tear stained face. He breathed my name the wrapped his arms around me and nuzzled my neck. I hugged him back. "What's wrong?" he raised his head and looked at me. "Grand ma, i-i she..." he put his head back into the crook of my neck. I felt warm fresh tears go through the thin fabric of my shirt, but I didn't care. "What about her?" there was a hint of worry in my voice. When Helena had died Gerard went through curvier depression, drinking every night, doing drugs, and even through he had gotten better he was still very fragile. "Follow me." He took my hand. I looked back at Alicia who was still silent. "I promise I will come back and explain." She nodded and I closed the door, following Gerard down the street.

He led me to the old grave-yard where we found a silent Jessie hugging her legs on the floor. "What am I missing?" it's all I could say.

After Jessie showed me her grave she explained she could still contact our grandma, the closest person to Gerard and me, she was the only one who knew what we really were and helped us through it. Jessie took my hand and led me to the familiar grave of my grandma. "I can tell you what she's saying." She smiled comfortingly. Gerard walked up from behind us and lent down to run his hand through the soil on the grave. "I'm back." He smiled sadly down to the ground. "And I brought mikey."

"Hi." I whimpered at the thought that I had missed all this time if we could still contact her. "She's pleased you came." I smiled. I didn't know what to say, and by the looks of it, nether did anyone else. "Gerard, she wants you to sing, and mikey you to play bass." Jessie said softly. I got up and bolted back towards my house, wasting no time. I unlocked the door to my house, not caring that my legs were burning from running so far. Although I could run much faster then humans, it hurt like hell. I legged it up the stairs to my bedroom and grabbed my bass. I ran back down the road as fast as possible.

When I reached the old grave yard I could hear my brother's soft voice sing an unfamiliar song. Jessie was looking at Gerard, gobsmacked. Much like I was the first time I herd him sing. I walked towards them a bit more then started strumming note's in time with Gerard's song. We weren't that bad considering I had never heard this song before. We played for about a minuet until the song ended. I smiled weakly at Gerard who smiled back. "Look I have to go and sort some stuff out." I said before the silence could become too awkward. I ran back home to find ray sitting on the couch hugging a sniffing Alicia. "Its going to be okay." He cooed in her ear. I closed the front door and they both looked up at me. Ray stood up and before leaving the room said to me, "you better talk to her man."

I took rays place on the couch and draped an arm around Alicia, pulling her into my chest. I kissed the top of her head then sighed. "Look, I just have to get away from here for a bit. I'm going to move to England for a few months, just to get my mind of things." I announced. I felt her warm tears seep through my shirt. I had never seen her cry properly before and never wanted to. I only wanted her to be happy. "okay." She sniffed then got up. "Need help packing?" she asked. I smiled reassuringly at her. "That would be great." We walked up stairs, hand in hand.