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Three friends, three will link back to the beginning.

This is before that beginning.

And fortunately, it's almost all comedy.

As the wind blows softly against the golden towers of the Castle before them and through the grass of the immense grasslands of this gentle world, all is silent in the night. The only inhabitants still awake were three teenagers and even they were silent and contemplative.

The teenagers, a girl and two boys, were lying on their backs and gazing up at the night sky in wonder. The two older ones, the girl and the dark haired boy, were smiling gently at the stars, basking in the glow of a beautiful night.

"Hey Terra. What are those?" A soft voice asks as the younger blonde boy stares up at the midnight blue sky. His face was scrunched in confusion and he looked like he was staring at a math problem, trying desperately to figure it out.

"… What's what, Ven?" Terra, the other boy, asks curiously, turning to his friend with an already amused expression.

Ventus, otherwise known as Ven (or sometimes Venny when his friends were in a particularly weird mood), points up to the sky and motions roughly at one of the stars.

"That! Those shiny things!" Ven declares, waving at the stars with that same look of deep concentration. Terra glances over at the girl on his right and she simply smiles in amusement.

"Wanna explain, Aqua?" He asks, flopping back into his original position as the girl, known as Aqua, sits up to explain.

"Well, Ven, what do you think they are?" She asks in a gentle voice, looking down at Ven.

He thinks about it for a second and then says:

"I always thought they were balls of gas burning billions of miles away. Inspiring people from all different eras with their magnificence and splendor. Showing us that we're not alone in the universe, that there is a higher being out there and that all is right and good in the worlds. … You know, something like that."

Both Terra and Aqua jump at this suddenly serious statement coming back at them from the normally goofy and happy go lucky Ventus.

After a few shocked minutes, Aqua shrugs.

"You know, I always thought they were fireflies. You know… that got stuck up in that bluish black thing." She admits in a slightly embarrassed tone, smiling at her childlike ideas.

"You're both wrong. They're the lights of other worlds." Terra states flatly, smiling at his own self assurance that he was right.

They all glare at each other, each defending their own idea.

"Balls of gas!" Ventus snaps, sitting up angrily as he glares at his two best friends and summons up a golden Keyblade which was known as the Wayward Wind.

"No, they're fireflies!" Aqua says in a haughty voice as she stands up quickly and summons up her light blue Rainfell Keyblade in a flash of light.

"You're both being stupid! … They're other worlds!" Terra growls as he summons his dark brown Earthshaker Keyblade.

The normally peaceful trio glare violently at each other, all ready to brawl for their separate beliefs.

"Ahh… my comfy chair, the TV remote… a box of those super delicious ultra-awesome chocolate chip cookies that Ventus made me and a nice quiet night of doing nothing but catching up on my soaps. What more could a Keyblade Master want?" Master Eraqus, the Land of Departure trio's beloved teacher and quasi-father, sighs happily as he sits down on the huge plush plaid chair and puts his feet up, already feeling relaxed and happy. He picks up his remote and clicks on the TV, already anticipating an exciting episode of his favorite TV show.

Then he heard the backyard door slam.

"Oh crap." He mutters to himself, wondering just what was that loud noise and why his apprentices were screaming his name.

"MASTER ERAQUS!" They shout as they reach the TV room and skid into it. All three of them were covered in grass stains and bruises and they each had a furious glare on their faces.

Master Eraqus very calmly puts down his cookie and looks up at them expectantly, appearing as the perfect picture of control and wisdom despite his being dressed only in bright baby blue pajamas.

"WHAT ARE STARS?" The trio screams at him.

Master Eraqus just very calmly looks at the clock on the wall and then at them.

"… What the hell are you three doing up? It's midnight!" He says in a disapproving tone of voice as he grabs the nearest apprentice (which happened to be Terra) by the ear and starts hauling him forcibly to bed.

"OW! Master! That hurts!" Terra wails as he struggles violently with his mentor but unfortunately for him, Eraqus had enough strength to drag him up and down the many stairs of their castle home as much as he wanted to.

"… So glad that's not me." Ventus sighs in relief to Aqua when Eraqus suddenly turns to him and motions for him to come closer.

Naturally, Ventus had no idea what his master wanted so he just walks over.

Just as he had done to Terra, Eraqus grabs Ven by the ear and starts twisting.

"OW OW OW OW OW OW!" Ventus wails, struggling just as violently as Terra was as Eraqus marches through the hallways towards their rooms.

"Aqua, get me some milk from the kitchen, please." He requests quickly as he drags the wailing and whimpering boys away.

"… Yes, Master." Aqua says respectfully, bowing politely at his retreating figure, feeling lucky that at least, she wasn't being dragged too.

"NOW GET YOUR ASSES TO BED! And don't you dare wake up again!" Eraqus finishes up his rant to the boys as he throws them both into their bedrooms and slams the doors on them, flicking off the lights in each of their rooms as he leaves.

He quickly returns to his comfy chair, only to find a fast asleep Aqua sitting in it. He smiles at how sweet and innocent his pupil looked asleep.

"… Aw! So cute!" He mumbles to himself as he quickly covers her up in a blanket, drinks down his milk and heads off to bed, not caring in the least that he wouldn't be able to watch his soap opera until the next day.

"… I wonder what it was that they were arguing about?" Master Eraqus wonders to himself as he notices that each and every single one of his apprentices had a similar stubborn look on their faces.

For then the Castle was completely quiet, except for the quiet murmurs of the sleeping apprentices.

"It's a ball of gas…"


"Other worlds…"