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Ventus, you have my apologies.

But as with Roxas and Sora, it's just too much fun to mess with you.

"Ven... Ven, wake up." A soft voice murmurs gently into said blonde's ear as he curls up even further underneath his gray blanket. He vaguely seems to recognize that voice, but since he was so sleepy and it was so early, he was having more than a little difficulty pinning the exact person that it belonged to down.

He lets out a soft whimper before burrowing back under his covers, hiding his head from the dim morning sunlight streaming through his window. It was too damn early for something like this, and he was the only one of the three apprentices who would often get up before dawn. He was not in the mood for this, especially since Terra made a fool of him the day before.

"Ven, get up before I hit you, you lazy bum." The voice snarls calmly. Ven's dark blue eyes fly open in a panic, having finally pinned down just who the person that the normally sweet and gentle voice belonged to. Only one thought ran through his mind as his bed went abnormally, freezing cold.

'Oh, crud, not again.'

"AQUA, NO!" Ven shrieks as Aqua holds up her hand, covered in a stiff layer of freezing cold ice magic, ready to place said fist of iciness into his covers. She smirks, wiggles her shiny fingers, which looked like they had been dipped into a vat of liquid nitrogen – or if you were Ven, a vat of liquid diamond – and smiles sweetly. She mimes sticking them onto Ven's skin, which makes him shudder in fright.

Having been Aqua's partner in one too many Wake Up A Stupid Brunet sessions, he knew only too well what her ice magic would do to him. And quite frankly, he did not want to be stuck in his bed for an hour and a half, stripped down to only his boxers and socks, hanging from one of the towers of the Castle of the Land of Departure. It was funny when it happened to Terra, but not funny when he got the same treatment!

"Are you getting up now?" Aqua demands as Ven tumbles out of bed, nearly smacking his head against his bedside table, and starts scrambling for his clothes, which were scattered everywhere beside the bed. He nods jerkily before going back to the task of finding some clean... ish... underwear under his mattress where he kept all of his important things.

"Boys... You'd think they're animals..." Aqua murmurs darkly to herself as she watches the spectacle calmly from Ven's unmade bed. She sighs and shakes her head for a moment before getting up and giving into her maternal impulses, crouching down besides Ven and helping him pick up his clothes by tossing them into a small bag hanging from his doorknob so Terra, who had the job of washing clothes today, could get them later.

Three Hours Later

"Oh my Kingdom Hearts, so that's what my floor looks like. … I have a nice carpet." Ven comments in amazement, nodding at the great deal of improvement that had gone on in his room since his forced awakening a few hours earlier. His window was sparkling clean, his plant had been watered (and replaced), his bed had been made and his collection of random items had been neatly straightened and dusted. All in all, his room was fantastically clean.

"Yeah… It was about time you cleaned your room, Ven. Now come on. It's time for your flying lesson." Aqua says cheerfully, smiling brightly at the room they had just cleaned up. Ven immediately cheers, jumping on the bed in his excitement.

"WHOO! When's Terra gettin' here?" Ven demands cheerfully, bouncing up on his newly made bed in joy. Aqua chuckles sheepishly and smiles gently at him. Almost immediately, Ven stops bouncing and sits down, giving her a wide-eyed and concerned look. This was not going to be good.

"Well, you see, the Master told me to take care of the lesson for today. Terra'll be here in the Castle today. Sorry, Ven." Aqua says apologetically, wincing at the shocked and horrified expression on the younger boy's face. Ven looked like his goldfish had just drowned in front of him.

"… But… Terra's supposed to be the one teaching me…" He says softly, looking absolutely heartbroken as Aqua leads him out of his room.

The Air Duct Above Ven's Room

"… Master, I really don't see what the point of this is." Terra whispers angrily to Master Eraqus, slamming his elbow into the older man's side as he wiggles around in the air duct, obviously very uncomfortable with the little space.

"Shush, they'll hear you, Terra. The echo in here is almost unbearable. Now, move backwards about twenty paces to get to my room, my dear student. They're going to the Courtyard." Master Eraqus commands, motioning over behind him.

"Just how many times have you done this, Master?" Terra mutters darkly to himself as he follows his teacher's instructions and slides down the open vent in his master's bedroom, landing neatly on the bed with a slight thud and rolls over the second that he sees Eraqus's boots coming out of the ceiling.

As weird as he found skulking around in the vents and eavesdropping on people, Terra had to admit that it was useful for spying. Aqua and Ventus didn't even realize that he was there. Though…

Terra feels a twinge of pain in his chest as he remembers Ven's heartbroken expression at not having Terra there to teach him. It actually really stung, seeing Aqua having to do his job for him, even if he didn't like having to teach Ven. …. Wait. Terra's eyes widen as he suddenly turns to his master, about to protest loudly.

"Come, Terra, we'll lose them if you keep glaring at me. This way." Eraqus says as he grabs Terra by the arm and drags him down the hall, humming cheerfully as Terra splutters excuses on why he shouldn't have to teach Ven.


Ven stares at the baby blue object in Aqua's hand, a puzzled expression on the boy's face. He knew what that was, but he had no idea why Aqua was offering the helmet to him. From the neat cursive on the bike helmet's label, it used to belong to Aqua. From the size, it was from when she was a few years younger, possibly Ven's age.

He just didn't know what he was supposed to do with it.

"Ven, put that on. We're going to try summoning up your Glider first." Aqua says encouragingly, giving him a smile. Ven nods, looking at her as if she had suddenly started speaking gibberish. He takes the bike helmet, turning it around carefully in his hands, studying it intensely. He gives her another curious look before balancing it awkwardly on his head, straps dangling past his ears comically.

"… So uh… why do I have a bike helmet?" He asks finally as he played around with it, bopping it up and onto his head like a soccer ball. Aqua chuckles and covers her smile for a moment before putting on a very serious face. From how badly her lips were twitching, this was obviously a great effort.

"Well, Ven, I'm going to teach you to ride your Glider, right? So first… I should show you how to balance on one which means-" At this point, she holds out her hand, summoning her metallic-blue Rainfell in a flash of light, "You have to actually ride on one." She smiles before tossing the Keyblade up into the air.

Another flash of light engulfed the weapon as it rapidly expands somehow, shifting into a bow-like platform vehicle. The gleaming metal contraption looked almost incapable of flight, yet there it was, floating about six inches off of the ground. Ventus's eyes widen and his jaw drops in awe as he reaches forward, gently touching the black metal of the "wings" of the Glider.

"Do it again!" He says eagerly, almost jumping with excitement. Aqua makes a face but snaps the Rainfell back into her hand in Keyblade form only to throw it back up into the air to make it into the Glider. The moment she had done so, however, Ven exclaims: "Do it again!" The moment Aqua created the Glider again, however, Ven shouts for her to do it again.

Aqua sighs. She had the feeling that this would take a while.

And at that very moment, Terra was slamming his hand into his forehead as he watched this.

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